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URS44 Dadaocheng Story House

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44 Section 1, Dihua St
Taipei City, 103
Web sitesiurstaipei.net

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July 07, 2016
這座始建於1924年的洋樓建築,經過古蹟活化後,新穎又不失原味, 裡頭說的正是大稻埕的故事,從原來一望無際的農田到後來逐漸發展 的商業活動,訴說著大稻埕過往的繁榮與興衰。 This western-style building completed in 1924, which has gone through revitalization, embodies the spirits of both the new and the old. Inside, you can find the story of Dadaocheng – how it came from endless fields…
December 24, 2015
台北城區發源地。南北貨;道地小吃林立 A local historical and cultural center that tell the story of Dadaocheng since it rise in the 1850s.
June 26, 2015
"Da Dao Cheng" used to be an important port in the 1900's. The whole area still remains its ancient buildings, traditional chinese medicine/ingredience market, fabric market. Takes you back to time.