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Quiet cottage between Schull and Ballydehob
Tüm kır evi · 2 misafir · 1 yatak · 2 banyo

Quiet cottage between Schull and BallydehobA comfortable cottage for two, between Schull and Ballydehob in a quiet lane. It's an ideal location for exploring beautiful West Cork. The cottage has a bath in the bedroom where you can look up at the stars or out to Mount Gabriel.. It's a peaceful location with no children in the main house but we do have 2 well behaved collies. There is a sauna for guest use in the courtyard and an outdoor dining area. We will be on site if needed.

Lasair Choille Apartment Lovely cosy new apartment
Tüm site içi daire · 2 misafir · 0 yatak · 1,5 banyo

Lasair Choille Apartment Lovely cosy new apartmentLasair Choille Apartment is set at the foot of Mount Gabriel on the Wild Atlantic Way. It is in a quiet residential area only 1 mile from the beautiful town of Schull. You will have your own private entrance, private parking and lovely private garden with bar be cue and seating.

Küçük Siyah Kulübemiz - Farkla parlıyor
Küçük ev · 2 misafir · 1 yatak · 1 banyo

Küçük Siyah Kulübemiz - Farkla parlıyorİki kişilik romantik bir kaçış, uzaktaki Baltimore'daki Heir Island ve The Beacon manzaralarıyla övünen kendi özel iskelenizle deniz cephesine kuruldu. Küçük Siyah Kulübemiz, ferahlatıcı doğal yaşamı arayan çiftler veya bekarlar için mükemmel bir kaçış noktasıdır. Wi - Fi, TV ve elektrik eksikliği sizi doğaya geri götürür. Arada fark olan bir kıyı molası verin. Yelkenlerinizdeki rüzgar tamamen düzelmiş olarak eve geri döneceksiniz. Skibbereen ve Ballydehob'a 15 dakika uzaklıktadır.

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Haggart House - 19c Farmhouse + Sauna+Hydrospa
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Ellie'nin Kulübesi
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Sea Front Apartment on the Wild Atlantic Way.
Gecelik $132
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BURALI BİRİ GİBİ YAŞAYIN! Waterside Cottage -- kasabaya yürü
Gecelik $229

Cork bölgesindeki en popüler deneyim ve etkinlikler

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Fishing / sightseening in Cork Harbour
    I will meet you at the marina on the Hugh Coveney Pier in Crosshaven. For those interested in doing a fishing trip I will supply all the necessary equipment. If you are keen sea angler your welcome to bring along your own gear and bait. I will supply bait, mackerel/rag worm. We will fish in or close to the harbour entrance depending on weather conditions. The fish we can expect to catch mackerel, pollock, dog fish, conger eels, thorn back ray, codling, whiting, etc. Guests will have at least 4 hours fishing. For harbour sightseening trips we will leave Crosshaven pier and head our the right side of the harbour out towards Roche's Point and back in the left side of the harbour. I will stop along the way telling you about the history of the various places of interest. There are old forts, Spike island prison, Cobh town, Monkstown to be seen and talked about. I will provide a nice cup of tea / coffee and nibbles when we stop at some place along the way. Both of these trips will be very personal and informative. I will try to answer and help you any way I can. I can assure my guests that they will really enjoy this experience. Other things to note This experience is suitable for adults or children over the age of 8. I'm sorry but I don't have access on to the boat if your a wheel chair user. Check out youtube clip klozme fishing with fergus for an idea what this experience will be like.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$95/kişi
  • Shepherds Farm Walk- Dingle Peninsula
    We will walk around the farm for about 2 hours. This is a hill farm so involves a bit of hill walking. We will see our sheep and feed them if winter time (they live solely on grass in the summer time), You will most likely see our Chickens if they are not busy doing other chicken stuff. You will also see some wonderful scenery on the walk. We will visit the Peat Bog where we used to cut turf for the fire. We have a number of Archaeological sites on the farm which we also visit. We will see our Fairy Fort and our Standing stone. If you like this experience but the scheduled time and date does not suit, please message me and we might be able to schedule a time that does. Other things to note Walk is on a hill sheep farm so we don't allow dogs. The walk is on average mountain land sometimes wet, good walking boots/shoes and raingear needed. Be prepared to walk up to 2 hours. Enjoy !
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$21/kişi
  • Alpaca Trekking Through A Magical Forest
    Alpacas take to trekking quite easily. They walk in a line, one behind the other on a head collar and lead rope. Our guided treks start at the alpacas' barn and ascend into the forest. Each trek lasts about 1.5 hours. The walk itself is at a very leisurely pace, and is not at all strenuous. When you arrive on site, the alpacas will be grazing, and we will call them in using their yellow food bucket! Simon and I will introduce you to the alpacas whist getting them ready with head collars and leads. We will have a brief health & safety chat, as well as give you some idea of what to expect and some pointers so you can interact with your alpaca. We will also introduce you to all of their individual quirks and personalities. Alpacas are not able to carry packs or people, so they will accompany us as we walk the forest trail. We try not to let them stop to nibble grass for long periods. Half-way around the walk, we release the alpacas in an enclosed area, so we can feed them treats, and you can get very close and intimate with them. They will love you when we give you the apples to feed them. There will be plenty of photo opportunities throughout your visit. Our spinning demonstration and luxury fibre display after the trek may not possible during Covid.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$46/kişi
  • Sheep Herding-Authentic Farm Experience
    PLEASE USE THE “REQUEST AN EXPERIENCE” FEATURE TO GET A HERDING AT A TIME THAT SUITS YOU. In this unique and intimate experience, you will see Irish farming shown exactly as it is. Highs, lows and everything in between. You'll view Rose the sheepdog in action, herding up a flock of wild mountain sheep. Once she is finished, you'll get the chance to be close up to the sheep. This is a fantastic photo opportunity! Sinead and Timothy provide interesting facts and an authentic insight on the day-to-day life of a local in Ireland. You'll witness first hand how much farmers really love and care for animals, and realise that their comfort and welfare is top priority. It’s a hard way of life but so rewarding on so many levels. You will gain a lot of knowledge about life on an Irish farm, and Ireland in general in this experience. You can also try to understand an entirely different lifestyle than your own. Other things to note **GROUP DISCOUNT AVAILABLE-message host to avail** You’ll be on a farm with farm noises, farm smells and farm terrain!
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$18/kişi
  • Kolektif Fikir Deneyimi
    Our day will begin with a meet-and-greet; where I will run though the safety aspects of beekeeping. Stings are rare when safety is well considered. Now, it's time to get nerdy. We will discuss what happens within the colony, the social structure and the roles each honeybee has to play within the superorganism of the hive. The importance of the honeybee to our own lives; and to the world at large cannot be underestimated. The more that we know, the more that we can do to affect a change. Apiary tour: this is where we watch the bees at work. We find out what plants they are foraging, and why, on that specific day. By now you should be confident enough to get your bee suits on (provided by me of course) and do some beekeeping. With my help, you will be guided through the basic steps involved in a hive inspection. All of what we have learned during the day will be put into practice for what I promise to be an inspiring journey into the world of the Northern European Honeybee, Apis mellifera Mellifera. Other things to note Bees can and do sting from time to time. I need to know if you have an allergy, and how severe it is. Guests must arrange their own transportation. The bus from Cork stops close to the house.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$60/kişi