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Tüm kiralık konut · 4 misafir · 3 yatak · 1 banyo

1 - TERAS ve KANAL MANZARALI ST MARK SQUARE YAKININDA3 dairelik küçük bir binada birinci kat daire. Çok sessiz ve aydınlık, ünlü gondolları görebileceğiniz küçük bir kanala bakan, teraslı

Organik Çiftlik - Meyve Bahçesi ve Biyosuna Penceresi
Özel oda · 2 misafir · 1 yatak · 1 özel banyo

Organik Çiftlik - Meyve Bahçesi ve Biyosuna PenceresiTogonegro, Marostica'ya birkaç dakika uzaklıktaki tepelerdeki gizli bir vadide, ancak ormanın kenarında gizlenmiş küçük bir çiftliktir. Togonegro, 2016 yılında geleneklere ve enerji öz - yeterliliğine saygı duyarak tamamen yenilediğimiz eski bir taş çiftlik evidir. Ancak Togonegro, her şeyden önce bugün yaşadığımız ve misafirlerimize olası bir alternatifin deneyimi olarak sunduğumuz daha doğal, somut ve olası bir yaşam tarzı seçimidir.

Corte Laguna'da Rustik
Tüm kiralık konut · 4 misafir · 1 yatak · 1 banyo

Corte Laguna'da RustikKarakteristik San Zeno di Montagna bölgesinde, Corte Laguna'daki Rustik daireyi bulacaksınız. Yakın zamanda düzenlenmiş olması, göl ve dağ arasında bir tatilin tadını çıkarma imkanı sunuyor: evden ve özel bahçeden muhteşem bir Garda Gölü manzarası. Covid -19 ve ötesi: temizlik hizmetimize yardımcı olmak için odaların OZON (O3) ile sanitasyonu

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Veneto konumunda diğer harika kiralık tatil yerleri

  1. Özel oda
  2. Canova
Organik Çiftlik - Biosauna'lı Eski Orman Odası
Gecelik $77
  1. Tüm site içi daire
  2. Venedik
Ca' San Piero Bienali, gerçek Venedik'teki eviniz.
Gecelik $93
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Venizia
Teraslı ve manzaralı SAN MARCO
Gecelik $120
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Venedik
Mucize gibi.
Gecelik $131
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Venedik
Oda NO. 5 - Tasarım ve kanal görünümü.
Gecelik $177
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Venedik
Casa Chiara - chic accogliente e luminosa a Mestre
Gecelik $62
  1. Tüm site içi daire
  2. Meran
Meranosuites, Garden. Neues Apartement.
Gecelik $154
  1. Tüm konut
  2. Carmignano di Brenta
Mike ve Mo'nun Villa Prosdocimi'deki dağ evi
Gecelik $53
  1. Özel oda
  2. Marosi-prandi
Suite OLIVO Agriturismo Antico Borgo
Gecelik $50
  1. Tüm kır evi
  2. Caorliega
Venedik'in Kırsal Bölgesinde Büyüleyici Çatı Katı Tarzda Ev
Gecelik $100
  1. Tüm misafir süiti
  2. Villaga
Podere Cereo - Nefes alın ve...
Gecelik $59
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Venedik
Gecelik $97

Veneto bölgesindeki en popüler deneyim ve etkinlikler

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Mask Workshop in a Secret Garden
    The workshop starts with a brief explanation of the history of masks in Venice, focusing on the historically most significant models: the Commedia dell’Arte masks, the “Bauta” the “Moretta” and the “Dottore della Peste”. After this introduction into the incredible world of Venetian masks, we pass on to introduce you to the main techniques we use in our craft when decorating the masks. We will give you the right tips and inside knowledge, so that you can pass on to test your skills as the perfect mask maker. Our expert mask makers have prepared a wide range of paper-mache masks for you to choose from; traditional venetian masks, modern carnival masks, commedia dell’arte, big, small, we will be there to help and assist you to choose the model you would like to work on and advise you on which technique that fits best. There will of course be time to ask all the questions you would like, and we are happy to share our knowledge and introduce you to this antique venetian craft. Explanations will of course be adjusted according to age and interests of the participants. Our friendly expert team will accompany you to get the most out of this experience, and to make a beautiful mask Other things to note Five Minutes to Palanca Boat Stop
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$66/kişi
  • Islands Tour Torcello Burano Murano
    During this half-day trip, I will accompany you discovering the most beautiful Lagoon's islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello on board of the most strange typologies of bus around all the world: the Vaporetto! best friend of every Venetian since 1905, when was starting its unbeatable service! At first We will visit the world famous Murano, where the last 20 families are still producing our amazing glass masterpieces since and like 1000 years ago! Thanks the friendly collaborations of the Mazzucatto's family we will explore their Glass Factory and Gallery seeing Masters working! At what about the second amazing trip to Burano, the fashinating colorful town, fishers community famous for its millenial lacemaking industry? You will see one of the last Lace Factory called "Da Martina" where the last old lacers are still doing this very ancient handmade tradition! I'm sure: You'll love them! Finally We'll explore Torcello, 17 century ago the first Venice community. Today the last 9 locals are still living inside a "dark ages city" where everything is like a lot of centuries ago.. Inside their Romanic Basilic you will enjoy a stunning view of the same Universal Judgment mosaic saw by Dante before his "Comedy"! PS: I really suggest to take your lunch time in Burano, where is made one of the best sea-food cuisine of Europe ;) (24h VAPORETTO TICKET IS NOT INCLUDED _ IT IS COSTING 20e)
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$60/kişi
  • Venetian Photoshoot - La Dolce Vita
    I’m Elisa, a Venetian girl! The reason why I decided to propose this experience, as well as my passion for photography is that I’m part of the group of young Venetian people who wants to show that Venice is still breathing and it has is own soul. I want you to live and feel Venice with and as a native. This want to be a 360 degrees experience, not only pictures, that are necessary to capture unforgettable moments of your time in Venice, but also you will go back home with a little bit of knowledge about my beloved city. So we will have a photoshop walking in the most beautiful know and hidden Venetian places and we will alternate pictures with some good talks! please, NOTE the photoshoot always last between 1 hour and 1h and half Notes: - In case of rain we can try to find an agreement for another time/day, if we don’t, we will have the photoshoot - you will definitely dance under the rain - or in the other case you will provide deleting the experience. - For couple you have to book for two. - If you are a solo and you want to be just you and me you have to book the private slot. - If you don't find the availability you want in the calendar, just write me! - If you want your photos taken on the gondola, we can do it! Just remember that the price of the gondola ride is up to you
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$75/kişi
  • Workshop Vetro di Murano
    I workshops consistono in due ore di lavoro e divertimento divisi in due parti. La prima prevede l'uso di una piastra trasparente in vetro dove gli ospiti realizzeranno una figura con pezzi di vetro di Murano, chiamati graniglia, che verrà poi cucinato in forno. Il vetro si fonderà e la figura realizzata rimarrà all'ospite. La seconda parte, consiste in una fase dimostrativa da parte del Maestro e successivamente una prova pratica degli ospiti della lavorazione del vetro di Murano. Gli ospiti lavoreranno il vetro con la fiamma e proveranno la piacevole sensazione dell'antica lavorazione a lume. I workshop sono ideali anche per famiglie con bambini sopra ai 6 anni, che adoreranno la magia del vetro. Altre cose da tenere a mente I lavori terminati nella prima parte del workshop, verranno cotti nel forno per circa 6 ore e consegnati il giorno stesso o successivo in accordo con i clienti, mentre per la lavorazione a lume le creazioni potranno essere ritirate il giorno stesso, dopo circa 2 ore dal termine. Durata Workshop: 2 ore.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$60/kişi
  • Legends, Ghosts and Ghouls of Venice
    The now tranquil streets of Venice where not always so. Have you ever walked down a street alone and felt eyes watching you? Maybe a shadowy figure moving in the distance? Join me as we visit the locations of those local spirits that you've felt and seen in the dark foggy nights. Learn the story behind each one and if they are friend or foe! Other things to note Please note that Venetian folk lore like many is from a time far before ours. To tell the stories at full effect how they are told among locals, some details might be considered graphic. Please bare this in mind when booking if you are accompanied by children.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$27/kişi