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Vale Refuge - Furnas
Tüm konut · 4 misafir · 2 yatak · 1 banyo

Vale Refuge - FurnasVadinin Sığınağı, buraya gelen tüm turistler için zorunlu durak konumunda bulunan bir konaklama yeridir, furnalar. Müşteri konforunu ve alan kalitesini her zaman yükseltiyoruz.

Zanaatkar Evi
Tüm konut · 4 misafir · 2 yatak · 2,5 banyo

Zanaatkar EviZanaatkarlar Evi, 2021 yılında büyük bir kaliteyle halka açıldı. Mavi denizin muhteşem manzarası, geniş yeşil bir özel arka bahçede. İki geniş süit, iki özel banyo ve bir misafir tuvaleti. Ahşap sobalı mutfak ve oturma odası, harika manzara ve mahremiyet. Yüksek hızlı internet (fiber optik). Açık hava alanı çok geniş, açık hava şöminesi ve barbeküsü var. Görüntüler kendilerini anlatıyor…

Casa de Pedra - Garajau T1
Tüm konut · 2 misafir · 2 yatak · 1 banyo

Casa de Pedra - Garajau T1Casa de Pedra'da açık yüzme havuzu ve deniz manzaralı bir balkon bulunur. Yatak odası, banyo , ortak oda ve 4 ocaklı ocak/ocak, mikrodalga fırın, ekmek kızartma makinesi, buzdolabı, elektrikli su ısıtıcısı ve kahve makinesi ile donatılmış küçük mutfaktan oluşmaktadır Mülk genelinde ücretsiz WiFi mevcuttur. Nevresim verilir. Kiralamaya haftada iki kez nevresim değiştirilen oda temizleme dahildir

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São Miguel Island konumunda diğer harika kiralık tatil yerleri

  1. Tüm bungalov
  2. Ponta Delgada
Moinho das Feteiras: Mó de Cima
Gecelik $183
  1. Tüm kır evi
  2. Mosteiros
OceanView Casa n'Arriba
Gecelik $103
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. São Miguel
Havuzlu ve bahçeli daire
Gecelik $50
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Ponta Delgada
Chez Lúcia
Gecelik $82
  1. Tüm konut
  2. Achadinha
House on the hill
Gecelik $51
  1. Özel oda
  2. Sao Miguel
Bahçeli ve havuzlu süit
Gecelik $29
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. São Roque
Wave Apartmanı (Azores'te Ev)
Gecelik $153
  1. Özel oda
  2. Furnas
Furnas Oda Kahvaltı
Gecelik $22
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Ribeira Grande
Casa do Horizonte
Gecelik $96
  1. Tüm misafir süiti
  2. Ponta Delgada
Casa Alta - Quarto Jasper
Gecelik $65
  1. Tüm kır evi
  2. Feteiras
“Casa do Milhafre” - Villaverde Guest Houses
Gecelik $82
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Achadinha
Casinha do Monte (RRAL No. 2396)
Gecelik $33

São Miguel Island bölgesindeki en popüler deneyim ve etkinlikler

Yerel uzmanların ev sahipliğinde, kalitesi onaylanmış benzersiz etkinlikler

  • São Miguel East Full Day Tour
    A member of the team of Pure Azores company (an expert in history, nature and culture of Azores) will meet you at your accommodation at 09:00 am. Following pick-up, start the drive to Furnas. Enjoy beautiful scenery along the southern coast of the island until you get to the historical town of Vila Franca do Campo. Here, reach a secluded chapel in the mountains, Senhora da Paz, to enjoy a spectacular view of the town and small island before continuing to Furnas. In Furnas, walk along geothermal fields and observe smoking volcanoes Watch as your lunch, the famous local cozido, is pulled from the cooking holes in the volcanic soil. We allow about 1 hour for the thermal baths. The thermal pools are optional, therefore the entrance is not included in price. You have two options: Poças de Dona Beija (6 euros/entrance) or Parque Terra Nostra (8 euros/entrance). In the afternoon, get to the top of the volcanic crater at the viewpoint of Pico do Ferro, which offers views of Furnas and its lake. Next, head to the northeastern side of the island to see the coast of high cliffs and waterfall of Ribeira dos Caldeirões. Make your way back to Ponta Delgada along the north coast of the island with a final stop at the Miradouro Santa Iria. Book together with São Miguel West tour, to guarantee seeing the absolute best of São Miguel in just 2 days!
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$77/kişi
  • Night thermal pools & food experience
    Be prepared for most typical Azorean experience. Two in one, typical food & thermal pools. One of the great experience on the island is the thermal pools, you don't want to miss them. At night is when the place is more quiet, the air temperature is more adequate and the atmosphere is magical. I want to take you to the one most iconing thermal pools from the island, Poça da Beija. This experience will start in the end of the day until around midnight, be prepared for the best evening of your trip. So far seems good, there is more, before the thermal pools we will visit where locals cook the famous "cozido"(stew) using the heat from the volcano and this is what you gonna get for your dinner. On the top of all that you can have a cup of local tea made in one of the natural hot springs before we return home, all this surounded with a mysterious atmosphere created with the steam coming from the boilers of valley of Furnas. For better understanding you have to come... Starting from Ponta Delgada at 18h00-18:30 pm. Pick up at any place situated inside the city of Ponta Delgada. Bring towels and swimsuit for the Hot Springs baths. Recommend camera or video camera – the photo oppo Other things to note For go in this experience the weather makes no difference, just imagine be in 40 cº water having only your head out ;) Just bring comfortable clothes, swimming suit and towel.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$77/kişi
  • Canyoning - An EPIC day in Azores
    As you know, Azores are known for the incredible wild nature, and the best way to explore it is with us doing CANYONING... Rapelling, jumping and sliding into natural pools it's simply EPIC and unforgetable. Starting from the bottom part of the stream, we put on the gear (wetsuits, harnesses, helmets, boots...) then followed by a short hike to the top of the stream, and after that is where all the fun starts! Don't worry about not bringing your phone... We offer amazing photos and videos for you to never forget this EPIC experience! Other things to note After booking we will need to contact you in order to finalize the booking
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$89/kişi
  • Magical Hot Springs Under The Stars
    Witness and bathe your body in the geothermal hot springs (39 Celsius/ 102.2 Fahrenheit) of Furnas Valley at night, during some kind of enchanting romantic grand adventure under the stars. Also, in the region of Furnas district take pleasure in an old-fashioned exclusive, yummy but healthy recipe, prepared beneath the ground utilizing water vapor originating from Furnas volcano geysers (Cozido das Furnas). The adventure begins around 18:00 - 18:30 and I will pick you up in any Hotel, Guesthouse etc in Ponta Delgada or outside the city. I cannot guarantee the stars shining at night but I can assure you will experience one of the best nights of your life! Come and create unforgettable memories with me! Outras observações -Passionate and cautious driver with a local guide. -All admission/site fees & taxes. -Dinner included
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$75/kişi
  • Taste Baleia Gin - Meet the Creator
    Visit the world renowned Gin Library, housing the world’s largest private collection of gin, and enjoy a Baleia Gin & Tonic, expertly prepared for you by its creator Ali Bullock. Named after the Portuguese word for whale, Baleia is distilled overlooking the never-ending Atlantic Ocean on the island of São Miguel. Blending traditional botanicals such as juniper, citrus and rosemary with seaweed sustainably sourced from the waters around the island. Baleia gin has an exceptionally smooth flavour, mixing a touch of sweetness with the salt of the ocean. Every bottle and drink sold supports marine conservation projects in the region, through a donation to The Ocean Azores Foundation. This experience is held at the Gin Library at the Solar Branco Eco Estate come rain or shine. When the weather is nice, the library doors are open, bringing the beautiful views of the green hills of São Miguel to the ocean beyond. For rainy days, we have comfortable seating inside. Your experience is hosted by Baleia Gin creator and Gin Library owner Ali Bullock, who will teach you to make and enjoy the perfect Baleia Gin and Tonic. Your experience includes one drink. Additional drinks are available to purchase. Please note: This experience is only available for adults over eighteen.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$22/kişi

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