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Waco bölgesindeki en iyi barlar

“Cameron Park is Waco’s hidden gem! Acres of green and trails for walking, jogging or bicycling. You can take it easy on the flat river trail or venture into the wild on one of the many more adventurous trails. Be careful some are for bikes only so keep an eye out for signs. You can park at Redwood shelter and walk to the River Trail trail-head. Or just keep driving into the park for a tree lined drive. You’ll find several mini parks with parking and trail heads along the way. It’s all beautiful so just take a chance on any of the trails :) Don’t forget your phone for finding your way around the park - even the trails are on Google maps.”
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Furniture / Home Store
“A one-stop dining and shopping experience from the Gaines family, of Fixer Upper fame! The market is a short 6.9 mile drive from Century Oaks. ”
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“Not just for kids! The zoo is the perfect size...you can quickly see it all in an hour or take your time and make it last 3! I have been taking my kids to this zoo since 2010. Our favorites are the howling gibbons, the playful otters and the beautiful orangutans. The zoo is literally a stones throw away from our ABnB. You might just hear the lions roar at night!!”
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Place to shop
“Pretty much the main Waco attraction these days! This area has the Magnolia Shop, food trucks, the Magnolia bakery and new coffee shop. There is a large faux grassy area for kids to run and play, and adults too! Several food trucks - burgers, hot dogs, pizza, gelato, sweet tea. Our favorite is Club Sandwich is the back corner! The name is deceiving though, no sandwiches served there, haha. They now serve what everyone loved from the original menu which was once called trash can salad I believe. Pick your meat served on shredded lettuce and rice, mix in onions and carrots. Top with cilantro lime sauce or siracha or both! The gentleman that owns the food truck is super friendly and always offering samples!”
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Amerikan Restoranı
“Located off the famous Waco Circle this is obviously a must visit when in Waco! Still super popular the lines can be long! And the last time for seating is 3pm....check their website! Another option is curbside/to go orders! The restaurant is NOT walking distance from Magnolia Silos ”
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“Birthplace of the greatest soda there ever was! It’s more than just DrPepper history...it’s also Waco History! There is also a soda shop on the grounds that you can visit separate from the museum.”
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“Entertaining for both kids and adults. There is a kid “side” to the library as well as a natural science/history “side”. Perfect indoor activity for all ages. They typically have a special exhibit that changes every few months. ”
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History Museum
“Go see the Texas Ranger Museum and I don't mean the baseball team. See what a real Texas Ranger is made of. ”
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“This is just 5 minutes up the road from the AB&B so if you have an hour or two and any interest in mammoths, paleontology or just want to get outside for a bit check this national monument out! It’s a fairly small exhibit so it doesn’t take long. You’re basically going to see the mammoth bones still laying where they were discovered! If you would like to go I highly suggest you look on the website and find a time for the ranger guided tour!”
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“This is our alma mater so we are partial. But the campus truly is beautiful! Lots of old trees and buildings; a few fountains and statues. Plenty of open space to walk, jog, ride a bike or throw a frisbee. You can find free visitor parking behind The Student Life Center. And be sure to say hi to our live mascot while there! ”
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Amerikan Restoranı
“Beer is served in a frozen fish bowl sized goblet. Get your chicken fried steak smothered in gravy with homestyle veggies. Tasty bar food or huge salads if you want to save calories for more beer. If you know Pat Green this is the bar he sings about! ”
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Alışveriş Merkezi
“Just go! Haha But seriously this is a shopping dream because there are 50+ venders under one roof! 90% new items but a few booths have vintage things”
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“Live Music Capital of Waco. Tour busses line the street most weekends with legendary and up and coming artists. Always easy to see the stage and plenty of bars scattered around so the lines are never too long. Check out their calendar on-line for upcoming acts. The food is really good. Try the chicken strips. (the batter has frosted flakes in it)”
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Kahve Dükkanı
“Drinks and Coffees. Go late with your adult friends and enjoy an Old Fashioned!”
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“Get out and see what Waco has to offer. Some of our favorite vendors are Waco Cha: Boba Tea, Sabor Brazilian food, and Sergios.”
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“Go see a movie, catch a concert or (my favorite) have a cold beverage on the rooftop bar.”
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