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“The Rustaveli State Drama Theatre name is revered in Georgia and abroad. Long associated with high artistry and serious theatre, its talented actors and pioneering producers together continue to collaborate on inquisitive, inspiring, and modern productions. Outside of Georgia, it is often called “The Theatre of Stars” in honour of its actors’ gifts. Distinguished by its youthful vigour and constant quest for new theatrical directions and forms, for more than a century the Rustaveli has been the epicenter for Georgian national expression. Then and now, the theater's ethos has always been to stage work that is socially engaged and profoundly creative. The Rustaveli Theatre was founded in 1879 by a special dramatic committee made up of famous Georgian actors and writers along with cultural and political figures. Since that time the theatre has had a romantic but sometimes trying history. Shortly after the theatre’s foundation in 1882, David Eristavi’s play The Homeland was performed in a production that soon became a national event. Witnessing a play where the set decoration included national flags, and where Georgians celebrated the glory of their indepent past while speaking their native language, spectators began to make spontaneous peaceful demonstrations mid-performance. It also became a great cause for concern in the eyes of the Russian imperial government, and so almost immediately after its inception the Rustaveli was at the centre of current affairs. One of the key figures of the theatre’s past is the political playwright Kote Marjanishvili, whose plays championed social reform. Akhmeteli, another luminary in the history of the theatre and a celebrated pioneer of conceptual directing, directed his script Fuente Ovejuna (1922), Antonov’s Sun Eclipse in Georgia (1923), and Hamlet (1925) with a light but incisive style that was firmly grounded in the Georgian national character. Akhmeteli’s dazzling productions were distinguished by a sense of civic consciousness, restraint, and by his own exacting nature. His most renowned shows are Lavrev’s Disorganization (1928), Shanshiashvili’s Anzori (1928), Robakidze’s Lamara (1930), and Dadiani’s Tetnuldi (1931). The Soviets later executed Akhmeteli as a nationalist and enemy of the people in 1936. At that time they also executed, punished, or exiled a number of actors and other theater employees. ”
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“Rustaveli National Theatre is the largest and one of the oldest theaters of Georgia, located in its capital Tbilisi on Rustaveli Avenue”
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“It's a great idea to enjoy a cup of coffee here in the morning. You may want to have a short walk to Galleria Mall afterwards.”
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History Museum
“Museum extends on 52 hectares and includes 14 traditional architectural exhibits from different regions of Georgia. Along with the architectural monuments, there are presented more than eight thousand ethnographic exhibits including Family - Household items; different tools; textile, ceramics and also precious collections of Sioni Cathedral Basilica and tombstones. Venue: G. Chitaia Open Air Museum of Ethnography, 25 M. Berdzenishvili Str. (Turtle Lake Road). Tbilisi, Georgia. ”
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Gece Kulübü
“The venue is a distinctive building from the 1950s, turned into the night club called Mtkvarze since 2012. It is a prominent venue for electronic music, mostly house and techno. The club has two rooms, hosting international and local artists.”
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“The newest bridge in Tbilisi, opened in 2010 is made of steel and glass, it is pedestrian so called Peace Bridge. Nowadays one of the controversial symbols of "modern" Tbilisi. ”
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Giyim Mağazası
“The best place to drink some beer and wine, smoke nargila and enjoy a good dinner in the nice old city ambiance. It is very nice place to spend the night. Lot of people restaurant activities best for couples. Cafes layout are very nice. ”
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“One of the best parks in the city. In the center there is small cafe, go there and drink a cup of tee. ”
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“Vake Park is the biggest park in Tbilisi and is used for a variety of events and gatherings. It's huge - 200 hectares - and was opened in 1946 as a prime example of a Socialist Classical park. The nature here is beautiful. In The north Vake park and Chavchavadze avenue are connected with each other by means of a wide stair case that is disposed on the main axis of the park and it is followed by the number of fountains ending with the memorial of glory located on a terraced slope. The round pool and fountain are disposed in the center of the park. The red sand covering the paths adds more charm to Vake park. Open air movie theater , children city, cafes, bars and restaurants are disposed in the park, at the end of Vake park the Locomotive stadium is located. There's usually one at the ethnographic museum, which is directly above it - about a 20 minute walk through a forest. Vake Park it's a terrific place for exercise.”
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“You should go to Rooms Hotel Tbilisi to mix and mingle with travelers and Georgians alike in a very vintage but stylish environment. The Hotel is housed in a reclaimed eight-story Soviet-era publishing building that now has a whole new façade. There is an on-site nouveau American restaurant “The Kitchen” concocts a delectable weekly menu using locally sourced ingredients.”
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“Ezo means courtyard and this restaurant is located in a charming one. The food is good and the ambiance is nice. ”
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“the main street of tbilisi, there are building of parliament, theater of shota rustaveli, theater operas and ballets named zaqaria paliashvili, cinema -shota-rustaveli, large and modernized shopping center ,, galerea tbilisi"( here are many brand shops, cinema, theater, cafe and bars.”
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“According to legend, the first church on this site was constructed by King Vakhtang Gorgasali in the fifth century and has been rebuilt several times since. Its three-tiered church tower was constructed in 15th century and renovated in the 18th century. Its walls are covered with beautiful frescoes. Visit on a Sunday morning and enjoy the signing of the boys' choir. ”
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“Rezo Gabriadze, famous Georgian screenwriter, painter, sculptor and puppeteer, made all the details of his cafe by himself, investing not just his time and talent, but also his soul in it. And this is the thing you feel. The prices are above average, but cafe is usually full. The interior is so awesome that you can spend a lot of time not eating, but looking around. The food is delicious, though. ”
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“This is the oldest building in Tbilisi (VII century) set in a picturesque street and neighboring Gabriadze theater tower, another must see..”
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“One of the most iconic theaters of Tbilisi, it is admired because of its influence over vast majority of Georgian actors and directors also because of it's rich history and distinct architectural style.”
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