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“Pilgrimage destination - romanesque into gothic cathedral with a very long history. The front plaza , surrounding museums and streets in the old city are all wonderful to visit on a day trip.”
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“Museum of the Galician People. The former Convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval, situated on a hill outside the walls of the historical city, beside the road used by pilgrims to enter Compostela, now houses the Museo do Pobo Galego (Museum of the Galician People), which, by means of a wide-ranging and varied collection of pieces, provides a general view of the most representative expressions of Galicia's own culture. Its permanent rooms display different aspects of costal life, traditional trades, the country, traditional costumes and architecture. It also includes sections of Galician archaeology, painting and sculpture. Different temporary exhibitions are regularly organized on a variety of ”
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“Located in Santiago, it is the biggest shopping center filled with all types of stores and restaurants. Also has movie theatre. ”
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“Really great market. The second most visited site in Santiago after the cathedral. Get your food and have it cooked for a fee at one of the restaurants in the market ”
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“Buenas vistas de la ciudad, un jardín con mucho encanto. Good view of the city, a really charming garden.”
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“The Alameda park is the most important reference point as regards Santiago residents´ walks and leisure; it is a very pleasant area, a kind of natural lounge. Its privileged location, bordering part of the old town, with a magnificent perspective of its west façade (the most monumental one), makes it the city´s main garden. It also stands out because of the variety and size of its trees and ornamental species, such as its oak grove (`carballeira´ in Galician), magnificent eucalyptus trees or the pergola with views formed by the horse chestnuts in Paseo da Ferradura. ”
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“Really nice park with great views of the city once you climb up to the seminary ”
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“This place is very large and has 4 different sections, one of them being an outdoors section. Normally a younger crowd but very cool”
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“En las afueras de la ciudad, hay transporte publico. Lugar interesante por la arquitectura de las edificaciones diseñados por el arquitecto Eter Eisenman. ”
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“Bar situado a escasos metros de la catedral con mucha historia en la vida nocturna de Santiago. Tienen música en vivo casi todas las tardes en verano, con música folk de Galicia como protagonista. ”
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“Opción moderna para comer y tomar una caña en un lugar privilegiado del mercado de Abastos Modern option to eat and take a beer in a privileged place of the market of Supply”
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“Una descripción de las distintas épocas de peregrinación y los caminos para llegar a Compostela. Junto a la Catedral.”
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“Moderno gastrobar con una cocina fusión entre japonesa y la gallega. Fusion Japanese and Galician cuisine. Modern. www.casamarcelo.net”
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Sanat Galerisi
“Open since 1993, and holding a stable programme since 1995, the Galician Centre of Contemporary Art is located in the limits of the Old Town in Santiago de Compostela, within a space considered magic by Galician people. With its activities CGAC aims to point out at the artistic guidelines of the last few decades. The Center has held retrospective shows of internationally acclaimed artists. The Centre aims at becoming, first and foremost, an active space. Therefore, lecture series, artist workshops, open discussion between artists and critics, a video platform programme, are part of its daily practice, and so does the information about our activities available on the Internet (www.cgac.org).”
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Bus Station
“Estación de autobuses de Santiago de Compostela, con salidas diarias a toda Galicia y principales ciudades de España. ”
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“es la entrada principal de la catedral y la mas emblemática de Santiago de Compostela”
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