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Santa Clara bölgesinde yapılacak şeyler

Şehri, yerel halkın gözünden keşfedin. Yapılacak en iyi şeyleri, yemek yenecek en iyi yerleri bulun ve burada yaşayan insanlardan paha biçilmez tavsiyeler alın.

Alışveriş Merkezi
“Westfield Valley Fair is a shopping heaven. 1) Luxury Brands: so many to choose from 2) Food Court: more interesting that at a basic shopping center 3) Nordstrom: this is my favorite store to shop anywhere ”
Yerel halktan 159 kişi öneriyor
Football Stadium
“The home of the San Francisco 49ers is a place where you can view the 9ers when in season, or catch various concerts. This stadium is only located about 20 min from us.”
Yerel halktan 126 kişi öneriyor
Theme Park
“California's Great America is a 100-acre amusement park located in Santa Clara, California. Family friendly, young group will love this place.”
Yerel halktan 75 kişi öneriyor
“Great 49ers Museum and Stadium Tours as well as 49er's games and other events. GO NINERS!”
Yerel halktan 89 kişi öneriyor
Grocery or Supermarket
“The closest big grocery, it's better to take a car there, 4 mins drive or ~30 mins walking distance. There is pharmacy as well.”
Yerel halktan 33 kişi öneriyor
“This is Tammy's Alma Mater - Enjoy the art museum, the peaceful gardens and go into the Mission near the front altar and enjoy the plump angels and saints smiling down upon you.”
Yerel halktan 30 kişi öneriyor
Elektronik Mağazası
“Apple park has amazing design, it is one of the most miracle buildings in the world”
Yerel halktan 17 kişi öneriyor
Convention Center
“Close to convention center, especially convenient commute via Uber or Lyft.”
Yerel halktan 28 kişi öneriyor
Science Museum
“Learn how the silicon chips of silicon valley are made, function, and surround us through interactive exhibits for kids and adults. ”
Yerel halktan 17 kişi öneriyor
“The Bay Area's leading theme park is loaded with fun activities for everyone”
Yerel halktan 16 kişi öneriyor
Falafel Restoranı
“World Famous Falafel. Seen on Drive-Ins, Dinners and Dives. Usually a long line most times of the day. ”
Yerel halktan 23 kişi öneriyor
Amerikan Restoranı
“Great place to grab a beer and watch sports. Lots of beer on tap and screens with every game on. ”
Yerel halktan 19 kişi öneriyor
Büyük Mağaza
Yerel halktan 7 kişi öneriyor
Burger Restoranı
Yerel halktan 4 kişi öneriyor
Japon Restoranı
“Great japanese food is always tricky to find, but this small izakaya does it right. As with all good japanese, the bill can quickly add up but the food is fresh and well made. This restaurant is about a 8 minute walk, right across El Camino.”
Yerel halktan 10 kişi öneriyor
Grocery or Supermarket
“Closest grocery store. Not a huge selection or variety but decent for the basics. ”
Yerel halktan 13 kişi öneriyor