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San Nicolas bölgesinde yapılacak şeyler

Şehri, yerel halkın gözünden keşfedin. Yapılacak en iyi şeyleri, yemek yenecek en iyi yerleri bulun ve burada yaşayan insanlardan paha biçilmez tavsiyeler alın.

“Baby beach is the most tranquil places to visit and enjoy this beach looks like a big pool. You can snorkel and see sometimes turtles 🐢 ”
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Natural Feature
“From Aruba.com’s website: "Try the local flavor of a hidden gem amongst the best beaches in Aruba: Rodger’s Beach, offering clear swimming water. Rodger’s Beach is a narrow powdery white strip close to famous Baby Beach, yet has a more authentic feel to it as fishermen anchor their colorful boats here, protected by the calm waters of the bay. During the week Rodger’s Beach is very quiet and perfect to read a book or indulge the crystal clear Caribbean; on weekends this Aruba beach is often populated by local families. If you want to stay away from the crowds you'll find on Palm Beach and Baby Beach, this is a great, quieter alternative. Adjacent to Rodger’s Beach is a local dive shop offering snorkel and dive gear rentals, a shower and a restaurant. If you want to explore the fun, bars and underwater world of Baby Beach you will get there in a minute's drive. Fun fact: Rodger's Beach was named after the British Captain Rodger, who opened Aruba's first oil refinery in San Nicolas, Aruba Lago Refinery in 1928. With captain Rodger at its helm, the refinery brought prosperity to Aruba. The refinery can be seen from Rodger's Beach."”
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Bira imalathanesi
“An island tradition since 1941, a visit to Charlie’s Bar is filled with fun and camaraderie. Come and enjoy the great food and unique atmosphere of this famous bar in Aruba filled with decades of international memorabilia. The menu boasts surf ‘n turf, churrasco, tenderloin, burgers, fresh Caribbean catch, steamed shrimp and sautéed scampi as well as burgers, soups and appetizers. Be sure to stop at this popular bar in San Nicolas when touring the other side of this Caribbean island for a bit of local color and a lot of laugh”
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Karayip Restoranı
“To get to Baby Beach you will need to travel across the island as this bay is located on the southeast end of Aruba near San Nicolas. Baby Beach is also accessible by bus as the last stop on line 900 departing from the San Nicolas Bus station. The water in this picturesque bay is warm, shallow and is sheltered from the rough seas by a man-made break-water. This beach is popular for sunbathing and snorkeling and the perfect hang-out for families as the water level is generally between knee and waist deep. Snorkeling at this location is great for children and travelers new to snorkeling as the water is calm and very clear. ”
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Point of Interest
“this is one of my favorite beachs. I like it because there are not too many waves.”
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Natural Feature
“From Aruba.com: "Take in the spectacular jumps and loops of local kite surfers at Boca Grandi, on a long stretch of white sands. Steady trade winds and challenging waves make Boca Grandi a Caribbean beach paradise for advanced kite surfers and enthused spectators. The current is strong here; swimming is strongly discouraged. This beach attracts the most advanced and adventurous kite surfers, locals and visitors alike.Beachcombers have the time of their life here, discovering all kinds of driftwood, corals and curiosa the ocean brings to shore. Recently a quaint beach bar was added to this area, providing chilled drinks. Boca Grandi Beach in Aruba is a perfect stop on a drive to famous Baby Beach. It’s only a 5 minute drive from downtown San Nicolas, the second largest city in Aruba. A bright red giant anker marks the entrance to Boca Grandi Beach in Aruba. Don’t forget to take advantage of a picture moment as Boca Grandi Beach makes for a gorgeous backdrop of this unique landmark."”
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“Here you will find a piece of our history in regards to all the industry past and present that were or are available on the island.”
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“Beach Restaurant - Great for lunch & cocktails! Downstairs restaurant is family friendly....Upstairs is "adult only" with infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Their frozen drinks are scrumptious!!!! ”
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Semt Barı
“Full Service Dive Center & Shop- they have you covered whether you need to rent or buy snorkel equip, dive gear, learn to dive or book a dive! ”
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“Delicious Trinidadian Restaurant & Bar - Eat in or take away! Excellent Curries!!”
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Meal Takeaway
“Delicious local food, fast and very nice people. One bag is just enough for two persons. ”
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Point of Interest
“Best Phot Op & it’s on the way to the Villa. Originally, it was Monument in memory of the seamen who lost their lives when an oil tanker wrecked nearby...now it is in memory of all lost seaman of Aruba”
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Grocery or Supermarket
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Bus Station
“There is a bus stop at the end of the block. Ask the Big bus driver for their hours. There are also small busses. The San Nicolas area is very neat and safe for walking and biking. There is a park at the end of the hill with exercise equipment.”
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