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San Francisco bölgesindeki en iyi restoranlar

“Millennials love to stand in lines. Go mid-morning on weekdays to avoid long lines. But, the food is well worth it! Riches beyond your wildest dreams: butter-golden pains au chocolat, cappuccinos with ferns drawn in dense foam and croque monsieurs turbo-loaded with ham, two kinds of cheese and béchamel. Don't be dismayed by the inevitable line out the door – it moves fast – but be aware that lolling in Dolores Park is the only possible post-Tartine activity.”
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Alışveriş Merkezi
“In central SF - and near SF MOMA, Metreon and Yerba Buena park so you can split up and do a variety of things and come back together for lunch and dinner.”
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Yeni Amerikan Restoranı
“Great for dinner or weekend brunch: NOPA. A favorite. It is crowded and hard to get a reservation, so book in advance, or have a drink while waiting for a set at the bar. Simple, natural cuisine and great mixed drinks. They serve dinner until 1 AM. ”
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Burrito Mekânı
“One of 2 best Taquerias in San Francisco to get Burritos. The other one is El Farolito which is very close to this one. Which is better? You decide!”
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Yeni Amerikan Restoranı
“One of the first "gentrified" restaurants in the area. Best fried chicken. Really strong chef. Movies projected in the back.”
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Amerikan Restoranı
“Even if you don't eat at the restaurant, stop by to see the camera obscura perched behind the building. ”
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“Small Cinima with the best new releases, along with some great arthouse and classic films. Serves food and booze to your seat all movie long. Located in the renovated New Mission Theater.”
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Thin-crust pizzas and cocktails in a neighborhood spot
“Cocktails are the best. Ask for the Field Guide to Birds menu. Get there early and sit outside unless you're already hearing impaired. Inside the music is loud and guests shout to be heard. ”
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Kahvaltı Noktası
“French, delicious, always crowded so expect a wait. Very popular for brunch. ”
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Kokteyl Barı
“Best Bar in San Francisco. Crowded at bar hours (late) great food and we own it!”
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Kahvaltı Noktası
“Bomb breakfast place. The rosemary potatoes are incredible. They don't take reservations. Be prepared to wait., it's worth it.”
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İtalyan Restoranı
“Hard to get into but well worth, get there 10 minutes before they open and you’ll get in!”
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Bira Bahçesi
“Less than a five-minute walk, you will stumble into this casual beer garden, on the corner of Valencia/Duboce, that is always lively and has a large selection of beers and drinks.”
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Burmese Restaurant
“One of the best Burmese restos in SF. Long lines - call to put your name on the list, then go get drinks.”
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Latin Amerikan Restoranı
“We love to come here in the afternoon for a drink and a bite. It was beautiful views of the city and nice music and environment.”
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