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Prague bölgesindeki parklar ve doğa

“The most famous bridge in Czech Republic with very rich history. Some tourist attractions are located on the bridge during your walking (e. g. picture painting of your face). In the morning is the best time you can visit :) Breathtaking view to Prague´s castle as well.”
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“Dancing House (Tančící dům) is set in a fine location by the Vltava River in Prague. Its design is unique, and especially striking in the city centre because it is a modern building surrounded by historic architecture. Dancing House was constructed between 1992-1996. It has daring, curvy outlines, which led its architects Vlado Milunc and the American Frank Owen Gehry to initially name it the "Fred and Ginger Building", after the legendary dance duo. The top floor of Dancing House is the only part of the building open to the public, and is home to one of the city's leading restaurants.”
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“You get a beautiful view on Prague from Hanavsky Pavilon. Great for running, in-line skating,cycling.”
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“One of the two most beautiful parks in Vinohrady with panoramic views of the historic city center and pleasant garden restaurants.”
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Anıt / Kent Simgesi
“Unique panorama 360°view will be your unforgettable memory from Prague. Apart from observatory, you can also visit bar, restaurant, and a bistro. Just bellow there is a big garden restaurant with great cuisine and amenities like minigolf, etc. ”
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“Former seat of Czechia, Park inside the fortification, wonderful 360 * view on Vltava river,bridges and Prague castle- good for taking a photo . Visit Basilica of st.Peter and st. Paul and cemetery (famous czech composers Smetana and Dvořak are burried there).Only 1 metro stop from the apartment .”
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“There is a famous copy of the ​Eiffel tower with an amazing view of the whole city.”
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“The park is relaxed and has a path that winds through it. There are many trees and shady areas to sit under and there are typically a few runners and dog walkers. In the park there is a cafe, a pavilion near the villa and a historical vineyard gazebo, all perfect places to get a coffee or a glass of wine. ”
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“A large park I would recommend is Stromovka, which is also very big and nice, and closer than Divoká Šárka mentioned below. You can get there by walking to the station Jiráskovo náměstí (3 minute walk to the right when you leave the apartment) and take the 17 to Výstaviště Holešovice (15 mins), where you will see the entrance to the park.”
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“Kampa is an island on the Vltava River in Prague's Lesser Quarter, from which it is separated by the Čertovka mill. The area of the island is 5.2 ha. The earliest mention of Kampa Island is in the foundation charter of the Hospitaller Church of St. John of 1169. The island's present appearance was modified by the terrain and the Čertovka riverbed.”
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“You can feed swans here - so don't forget to buy bred! Also there are a lot of cafes, bars, life music and other attractions :)”
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Hockey Rink
“This is a beautiful and large park in the city center, there is a good garden café and a beer garden restaurant where you can watch sports matches. It is the best view of Prague Castle from here. Take a tram 22, or 6 to I.P. Pavlova, then walk.”
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“As mentioned above, Franciscan Garden is a great connector between Jungmannovo and Wenceslas Square, which is a good enough reason to come here. The garden is not very large and it is mainly designed for relaxation. You can sit on one of its many benches, eat ice cream that you bought in the adjoining Pasáž Světozor and watch people. There is also a small children's playground with a sand box and swings. ”
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“ The best place for jogging or just have a walk with you dog and friends. Also good for picnic!”
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“A romantic place hidden in the shade of mature trees in the heart of city under the Legion Bridge enchants visitors with its old-time atmosphere and exceptional views directly from the surface of the Vltava River. Occasionally, celebrations, concerts, and open-air festivals are held here.”
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“A romantic valley in the northwest of the capital city is among the most rugged and picturesque areas within Prague and genuinely lets you forget you are – actually – still in Prague. Its territory is considered unique nationwide, from a geological, archaeological, botanical and zoological point of view. It is a landscape of steep rocks, upland plateaux, grove, meadow, and grassland habitats, dramatically sculpted by the Šárecký brook. Marked trails traverse the valley, but a good pair of walking shoes isa must as the paths are not paved.”
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