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Porto bölgesinde parklar ve doğa

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“The city's lungs, a place to walk, run, socialise and meditate that was only created in the 1990s but feels like it's been here for millennia. Sidónio Pardal's plan involved filling the area with trees and running paths between them, with refreshing lakes and an appearance that changes with the seasons. There's a rural section with old houses where you can try a delicious Soundwich and visit the organic market on Saturdays. Estrada Interior da Circunvalação, 15443 Porto (Foz) PHONE: 225 320 080”
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“The Cristal palace it's where you will find beautiful gardens and some nice views to the river ”
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Anıt / Kent Simgesi
“the most iconic historical building in Porto. Great views from above the tower.”
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“This bridge spans the river and is just iconic. Take a walk on the top part of the bridge for the best views.”
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“Great Gardens and Art Exbhitions, First Sunday morning of the Month is Free!”
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Diğer Harika Açık Hava Mekanları
“Is one of the most typical places of the city Porto, occupied by people with a lot of money.”
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“Covering 4 hectares, this is a captivating place for plant lovers, with endless species of beautiful plant and flower. Author, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen refers to this park in several of her books. There is also a gallery within the park definitely worth a look.”
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“This beautiful park has several platforms of garden, all facing the river with astonishing views.”
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Gözlem Yeri
“Visit the Chuch and Fernandina Wall, after that go down to Mouzinho da Silveira Street and Flores Street, have lunch in one of the many typical restaurants, visit St. Francisco Church or cross the D. Luís I bridge to visit the Port wine cellars.”
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“A joy for the aimless ambler, this 19th-century garden is flanked by graceful old buildings and dotted with willowy palms, sculptures, fountains and a bandstand that occasionally stages concerts in summer. Listen to the crash of the ocean as you wander its tree-canopied avenues. There's also crazy golf for the kids.”
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“This pleasantly leafy park is known simply as ‘Cordoaria’. Check out the four haunting sculptures by Spanish sculptor Juan Muñoz. The romantic, narrow lanes that run north from the Cordoaria are the domain of Porto’s hippest bars. Rua Campo dos Mártires da Pátria”
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“Little park, popular with old men playing cards and domino, nice for a little rest on a bench in the sun”
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“Closest Metro station coming straight from the Airport but you have also São Bento, Bolhão and Aliados a few minutes walking distance.”
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Gözlem Yeri
“The terrace of an uninhabited house that was once used as a military base to protect the city from sieges, now its only propose is giving you an epic view over Porto. By Amass. Cook.”
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Liman / Marina
“You Can RENT a BIKE, a CAR, KAYAC, do a SAILING COURSE or just take a BEER”
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“Ocean view, nice to take a coffee or a beer during the day or for the sunset. ”
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