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“Set off for the familiar cobblestone streets of Rue Lepic where the historic Café des Deux Moulins still stands, between flower shops and memories of the curious Amélie Poulain. Though a common ground for film fans and Moulin Rouge tourists, the red booths of the interior café and its traditional French brasserie menu are a must for the experience of coffee-drinking and people-watching at a typical Parisian café. ”
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Fransız Restoranı
“Rooftop bar open during afternoons with a breathtaking view of Paris. A 15min walk from the flat.”
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Deniz Ürünleri Restoranı
“It is a typical bistro where we sing and play the accordion. It's a bit of historic Montmartre. I have a chair in my name there!”
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“This is the cutest place in Paris, outside of the crowd. Ideal for couples to get a drink, it's very romantic in the middle of Montmartre in a Hôtel Particulier which is a typical parisian house which is now a hotel, bar and restaurant. Good cocktails, a very parisian address and must-go!”
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“Central Montmartre bar, not touristic, young people from the neighborhood. It's cool, chill. The food's not incredible but great to meet friends, or take a break during the day. ”
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“Beautiful fashion industrial decorated restaurant with good prices, regarding the great food! Non touristical place :-) Great to eat or to have a drink next the studio.”
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Amerikan Restoranı
“Nice place to have a coffee, late lunch or brunch. Open from 10 am to 11pm non stop service. It's also located next the beautiful and emblematic Villa Leandre Street.”
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Fransız Restoranı
“Popular restaurant in the tradition of « bouillons parisiens » (cheap restaurants for workers in the 1900 In the mood”
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“Beautiful fashion industrial decorated restaurant with good prices, regarding the great food! Non touristical place :-) Great to eat or to have a drink next the studio.”
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Burger Restoranı
“Open every day, all day, this neighborhood brasserie has a nice menu, friendly staff and excellent cocktails. ”
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“A local vegetarian eatery, very nice for lunch even if it's crowded, victime of its own success! Nice for a coffee/tea in the afternoon also :)”
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“At the beginning of the 20th century, mythical place of the Montmartre artistic bohemian at its height, the cabaret Au Lapin Agile experienced a turbulent trajectory. Alternately inn, dance hall, cabaret, the Agile Rabbit "tells us about a time that the under twentys can't know", the tales of the bohemian and the secrets of a distant Paris. If the building that houses the Agile Rabbit was built in 1795, it was from 1860 that it became a popular guesthouse. On the heights of a rural Montmartre flourishes the peaceful village of artists planted with mills while lower down along the granting wall, pleasure and crime mingle in festive orgies. A tribute to this underwhelmed neighbourhood, the establishment was then called Au rendez-vous des voleurs and in 1869 became Le Cabaret des Assassins in reference to the walls decorated with paintings and engravings representing famous murderers such as Ravaillac or Troppmann. Around 1875, André Gill (1840-1885), a famous caricaturist from La Butte, used to the area, imagined a rabbit in a frock coat leaping from a saucepan as a sign. A legend has it that it could well be a self-portrait of the artist in a runaway rabbit, a reference to the fact that Gill, who participated in the Commune in 1871, escaped without damage. The local residents then got into the habit of naming the ringette after the Gill Rabbit, which gradually became the agile Rabbit. The original sign was stolen in 1893 and on the one that replaced it, the bug lost its green frock coat. Around 1900, the place was taken over by Frédéric Gérard (1860-1938), known as Father Frédé. A colourful character from Montmartre, an unhappy cabaret owner who had just been forced to close his establishment Le Zut following a fight that turned into a riot between the local marlous, he took with him a whole menagerie: the donkey Lolo, the bitch Friska, a monkey, a raven, white mice. Friends of painters and poets, he animates the evenings of the Agile Rabbit by singing realistic songs and romances that he accompanies on guitar. Rapins, writers, crooks, anarchists all find themselves together in a mixture of singular genres. We meet Maurice Utrillo, Georges Braque, Amadeo Modigliani... Apollinaire reads the poems from his collection Alcools. In 1905, Pablo Picasso offered a painting, the Harlequin by the glass. He represents himself as a harlequin with a glass at the counter, Frédé with the guitar at the back. This painting remained on the wall of the Agile Rabbit until 1911, when Father Frédé sold it for a few thousand francs, feeling that Picasso was beginning to be known. He should have waited. It was purchased for a few million francs in 1989 by the Metropolitan Museum of New York. The décor of the Agile Rabbit is enriched with works that unsilvered artists exchange for a meal or as a token of their appreciation. Now a true cultural institution, the Agile Rabbit welcomes artists and thugs, but Father Frédé, who would like to rebuild his reputation, is trying to keep the thugs away from his cabaret. Tensions were at their height in 1910, during an incident in which his son Totor, Victor, died from a stray bullet behind the counter. In 1913, the building, which was threatened with destruction, was bought by Aristide Bruant, a famous lyricist living opposite the Maison Rose, who left its management to Father Frédé. Until 1914, under the great acacia tree, the Agile Rabbit was the bohemian's home, but after the war, artists who preferred Montparnasse to Montmartre did not return. As the Maquis de la Butte and its village atmosphere gradually disappeared, in 1922, Aristide Bruant sold the cabaret to Paulo, to whom he had taught to sing, Frédé's son. In 1972, Paulo handed over the management to Yves Mathieu, his son-in-law, who continues the tradition today. The original lower room has been preserved and the singing evenings for a very touristic audience rely on catchy complaints rather than text songs.”
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“You probably have heard about the Moulin Rouge, but few outsiders know about its rooftop bar. Literally right behind the iconic red windmill, you can enjoy some drinks there day and night. The access is located on the left in a very narrow street. Very busy on weekends.”
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“Au Clair de Lune is an unpretentious, lively bar where the locals like to meet for an aperitif and a gossip. The long happy hour runs from 6pm to 10pm, with pints of Stella for €3.50, Leffe for €4.70 or cocktails for €5. A few old posters, orange poufs and some '70s-style tables escaped the recent renovations. We love the neon pink above the old-fashioned counter, the friendly staff who know all their regular customers by name, the hip clientele and, perhaps most of all, the rock bottom prices.”
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“Best brunch of the area, self-serve buffet for 19 euros. It can be typically a french breakfast but also with cooked meats, cheese, salad, egg... you just choose ! Come at 10 a.m to be sure to have a place.”
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Fransız Restoranı
“Authentic fresh french food. Perfect after a morning of strolling around Montmartre.”
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“ very good for berakfast nice walk from the flat crossing sacre coeur and the heart of Montmartre”
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“Consistently awarded the prize for best baguette of the year. Who am I to argue with French artisanal admin? ”
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“Typical old style Parisien bakery in the old Moulin Rouge neighborhood on your way to Sacré Cœur's basilique funicular, with quite good pâtisserie creations. Some desserts are expensive and some other not much, I recommend to try cacao / orange / figue / walnut bread, croissants aux amandes.”
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“Reeeeeaaaaaly nice croissant. Just saying. definitely worth the nice walk through Montmartre. And they do great bread ans pastries also.”
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Tatlı Dükkanı
“Patisserie : "Les meilleures tartes et quiches artisanales du quartier...mais aussi les meilleurs cookies même les américains viennent faire leurs provisions" "the best pie of the district ! but also the best cookies even americans people come for provisions !"”
  • Yerel halktan 48 kişi öneriyor
“Tout est bon, Everything is good : bread, sandwiches, cakes and cookies, viennoiseries, and soups in the winter. The best bakery in Montmartre.”
  • Yerel halktan 28 kişi öneriyor
“BEST BRUNCH EVER ! All you can eat for less than 25€, homemade food (it's really the best!)”
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Kahvaltı Noktası
“Le Pain Quotidien is a table d'hote restaurant where you can enjoy healthy recipes around organic leavened bread, at all times of the day: breakfast, lunch, brunch, afternoon tea, aperitif and dinner. The restaurant offers organic and seasonal ingredients as soon as possible. Enjoy a warm and friendly time between colleagues, family or friends by joining us around our common table. Sale on site and take away, privatization and caterer.”
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