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Tarihi Alan
“Definitely worth a visit, if not for the spectacular views of the sea then for the detailed history of each tomb. ”
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Tarihi Alan
“The inclusion of the Kato Paphos Archaeological site in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1980”
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Tarihi Alan
“Beautiful preserved mosaics dating from the third to the fifth century A.D.”
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Tarihi Alan
“Ruins of the medieval fortress of Saranta Kolones, which lie in close vicinity to Paphos’ port, are part of the Paphos District Archaeological Park, one of the most popular dig sites in Paphos. Once an important citadel that protected the ancient city from assailants, it currently recounts vast and eventful, centuries-old history of Paphos. The Saranta Kolones Castle (Forty Columns Castle) took its name from a large number of granite pillars placed all around it, which supposedly stood on an ancient trade square hundreds of years ago.”
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Tarihi Alan
“The famous 'Tombs of the Kings' form part of the Archaeological Park of Kato Pafos ”
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