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Alışveriş Merkezi
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Büyük Mağaza
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“You can get here by 8-minute walk from your stay. The entrance fee is 510 yen for adults and 250 yen for children. It runs from 10 am to 10 pm. You can bring your own swimming suits or easily rent one here. Everything (shampoo, rinse, etc) is ready except towels so you can bring the towels from your room. But please don't forget to bring the towels back. :)”
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Amusement Park
“由布岳の南麓に広がるなだらかな高原地帯の一角にある「城島高原パーク」は、約100万坪の敷地に遊園地の他、優雅なホテル、18ホールの本格的なゴルフ場があるリゾートスポットです。 絶叫アトラクションやほのぼの系の乗り物など、30種類以上のアトラクションが揃い、家族みんなが楽しめます。 また、九州最大級の屋外アイススケート、春には桜が咲き誇るなど、四季を通じて楽しむことができます。”
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Hot Spring
“You can get here within 10 minutes by walk. Costs you 100 yen to use. It’s a beautiful onsen with around 100 year old history. The outside of the building is truly beautiful, so please enjoy taking pictures of it in the day and night. :)”
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“別府市中心街から少し足を延ばした、別府湾臨海に位置する「うみたまご」。ここに飼育展示されている海の生き物は、およそ500種。海の生き物だけでなく、海に近い立地を生かした美しい景色や、美術館を思わせる建物・照明など、見どころの多い水族館です。 Umitamago Go on walk to centre of Beppu city, ‘Umitamago’ is located on Beppu Bay. There are 500types of marine creature. Not only marine creature, but also there is very beautiful scenery near the sea, Art museum inside aquarium.”
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Sublocality Level 3
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“大分県立美術館OPAM 世界的な建築家・坂 茂氏が設計。全面ガラス張りの建物の上部には、大分の伝統工芸である竹工芸をイメージさせるデザインが施されている。 伝統とモダンが融合する、出会いと五感のミュージアム。広いアトリウムや、カフェ、ライブラリ、ミュージアムショップなども設置されている。 Oita Prefectural Art Museum The Oita Prefectural Art Museum, built in 2015 and known as OPAM, shows off its treasures in supremely organic, accessible and well-lit ways. Its seamless integration between everyday life and art was devised by world-renowned architect Shigeru Ban, and the structure is often referred to as the Museum of Encounters and of the Five Senses.”
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Point of Interest
“昭和32年に建設され、高さ約100m、地上55mの高さに展望台があり、360度のパノラマが楽しめる。 Beppu tower Beppu tower was built on1957, 100m in height, 55m on the groundsurface of observation deck, enjoy 360° panorama here.”
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Sublocality Level 2
“a monkey enters a hot spring in a mountain where a group of japanese apes lives. it fun”
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