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Alışveriş Merkezi
“The famous outdoor mall in Honolulu which is the 7th largest outdoor mall in the country. You can spend a day here easily, then take a sunset sail from the yacht harbor across the street.”
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Cultural Center
“Located on the North Shore side of the Island. Visiting this attraction can last up to 8 hours”
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“Diamond Head is a short distance from Polynesian Hostel and offers amazing views of Waikiki and the South Shore of Oahu. ”
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“Beautiful beach. No bathrooms, showers, lifeguards, nor parking lot though.”
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Natural Feature
“Best snorkeling (closed tuesdays) Kona brewery for lunch or pack a picnic lunch. ”
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“Discover Hawai‘i’s history and living culture, learn about Polynesian wayfinding, and experience the thrill of an erupting volcano—only at Bishop Museum.”
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“Check out early in the morning or later afternoon to avoid getting too hot, its a safari out there! Snack bar offers treat to cool down such as Shave Ice & Dip'n'Dots Ice Cream.”
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Hawaii Restoranı
“General Ambience and a good buffet with good prices as well as a regular menu ”
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Performans Sanatları Salonu
“Great for Shopping very close from Waikiki only 15 minutes to drive Great Food lots of Shops like Ross &Burberry Chanel Armani and Very good dinner at Tanaka of Tokyo .”
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General Travel
“Great place to spend the day, activities and beach super close. Movie tours, horseback riding, good burgers!!”
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Amerikan Restoranı
“Actually not my favorite, but lots of people love it. It is very close to the cottage, offers fresh baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, plate lunches, salads and more. The layout is awful, you have to wait in line to order while people have to squeeze by you to get into the shop to get their drinks and other items before squeezing back past you to get to the back of the line. Still it is like a right of passage on the North Shore and their malsadas are delicious.”
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Sanat Müzesi
“10 minute walk away! Great art pieces from history from local and international artists!”
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“One of the best beaches on the island. Lots of water activities, like kayaking, surfing, canoeing...”
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Travel Agency
“ This still-active naval base is known for the 1941 attack by Japan that brought the U.S. into WWII.”
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Bira imalathanesi
“Famous beach town on Oahu, known for it's beaches, nightlife, and entertainment. ”
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Surf Spot
“WAIMEA BAY AND VALLEY TRAIL My most favorite Beach because I love the sandy beaches and shore line the best. There are lots of different choices on where to spread your beach towel or blanket or chair. Many times I stay down towards The Rock for live entertainment:) Waimea Valley has a trail and a farmers market and beautiful and stunning peacocks. The old historic Sts. Peter & Paul Mission is up on the hill. ”
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