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“The Empire State Building is a skyscraper located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street, in New York City, United States. Its name derives from the nickname of the State of New York The Empire State Building is located on the west side of Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, between 33rd and 34th Streets”
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“Lady Liberty!! You can't leave New York without giving her a visit. Make sure you buy your tickets online or at the Battery Fort. You will meet people along the way trying to sell you tickets at 'reduced' fares...STAY AWAY. A free way to see her is by taking the Staten Island ferry...but you won't stop on the island. ”
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“Memorial fountains, One world trade observatory (overpriced! book on groupon to save a bit), Occulus”
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“Make sure to go to the actual museum too! One of the best museums I've been too, and it is free after 5pm on Tuesdays. Go at 4:30pm to get tickets if you do decide to do the free entry.”
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“One of the most iconic Brooklyn plazas, make sure to take a picture with the beautiful "Soldiers' and Sailors'" arch. From here, you can walk across the street to Prospect Park, or a few minutes to the Brooklyn Museum or the Botanical Garden.”
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“interesting to look at, this building is a very curious architecture marvel. ”
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“At the heart of lower Manhattan. This is the Freedom tower and the 911 museum are right there. This is where you end up if you take the WTC PATH train into the city. From here you can grab other subway lines or walk to the Wall Street area, Battery Park, City Hall and if you're adventurous walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn. There is a walking/biking path on the water that you can take all the way up the west side of the city on the Hudson. Very scenic. You can rent City Bikes here and many other places as a fun way to get around.”
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“The bull is located at the financial district and it is an icon for the financial world. It is a forceful allegory of market optimism, don't forget to grab that bull by the..... (u will see....)”
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“Beautiful grounds and architecture, full of history! Lots of tours and special events.”
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“The brick and marble Roman Catholic church, which opened in 1879. Many celebs got married here, one that comes to mind for me is the Latin actress TALIA.”
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“Bar none, this is my favorite place in NY. You have to take a ferry to get there, but it's like a bike and walk only version of NYC. You get all the views, there are great activities (on weekends), and it offers stunning NYC views!”
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“The Cathedral of St. Patrick is a decorated Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral church in the United States and a prominent landmark of New York City.”
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“"One World Observatory, at the top of One World Trade Center. Discover An Experience Above at the Freedom Tower in New York City."”
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Tarihi Alan
“Thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster musical, the life and times of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton have renewed awareness. You can visit Hamilton’s New York home (from 1802 until his death two years later) for free. Read the New York Times review here.”
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“Empty Sky is the official New Jersey September 11 memorial to the state's victims of the September 11 attacks on the United States. It is located in Liberty State Park in Jersey City at the mouth of Hudson River across from the World Trade Center site.”
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Tarihi Alan
“So close and kind of interesting. Very pretty views of the Hudson River. A good place to begin a walk through Riverside Park.”
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