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Kokteyl Barı
“This is probably my favorite drinking spot in Harlem. It's a cute little bar, with great staff and great patrons. Always a good time going here.”
  • Yerel halktan 50 kişi öneriyor
Kahve Dükkanı
“Not my cup of tea, but for those who need the caffeine rush, you don't have to go far.”
  • Yerel halktan 31 kişi öneriyor
Amerikan Restoranı
“Great place to grab dinner (or drinks). The front section is a casual bar. Walk to the back section for a quieter, more intimate dinner. Great place to take a date. Get the French Onion Soup Dumplings. If they give you a fork, ask for a small spoon. You'll be able to pick the dumplings up easier and get all the soup. Lobster Roll is very good.”
  • Yerel halktan 20 kişi öneriyor
“O'Hara's is a sports bar, and there are TVs everywhere that are always showing games. We went here to watch the Super Bowl a few years ago, and it was a lot of fun. But they also have seating and a full menu, and the food is surprisingly good. It's also open very late (way past midnight) if you're up then and are looking for a place to go.”
  • Yerel halktan 8 kişi öneriyor
Yeni Amerikan Restoranı
“Great spot for brunch, dinner and happy hour. Cute and laid-back with a definitively 90s nostalgia vibe.”
  • Yerel halktan 51 kişi öneriyor
“An iconic bridge in NYC. There are often crowds of people , especially in good weather, so get there early. ”
  • Yerel halktan 23 kişi öneriyor
Semt Barı
“Home of the famous pickleback shot. It is a famous spot and they have mini golf in the back :) ”
  • Yerel halktan 54 kişi öneriyor
Kokteyl Barı
“Great Pub with all your favorites with a great Draft selection. If there is a buzzy game on, this will be the place to watch it while enjoy some good grub and drink.”
  • Yerel halktan 50 kişi öneriyor
Sandviç Mekânı
“Small spot drawing big crowds for smoked meat sandwiches & other Montreal-style Jewish deli staples.”
  • Yerel halktan 55 kişi öneriyor
Latin Amerikan Restoranı
“One of the best Dominican restaurants in the neighborhood Extremely inexpensive and they give you a lot of food.”
  • Yerel halktan 59 kişi öneriyor
“Lovely coffee shop with gorgeous plants and green walls. Great to hang out or do some work too. Yummy brunch options.”
  • Yerel halktan 43 kişi öneriyor
Cultural Center
“this is a really wild botanical garden with some deliciously weird buildings scattered about.”
  • Yerel halktan 37 kişi öneriyor
İtalyan Restoranı
“Just like nona and mama used to make but even better You will get fat fast ”
  • Yerel halktan 54 kişi öneriyor
Kokteyl Barı
“Intimate wine bar offering Mediterranean-style tapas, specialty cocktails & a short list of beers. ”
  • Yerel halktan 44 kişi öneriyor
“Closest most reliable pharmacy in the area in case of emergency. Beauty supplies, toiletries, etc.”
  • Yerel halktan 32 kişi öneriyor
Deniz Ürünleri Restoranı
“Upscale fish restaurant famous for its luxury yachtlike interior & hopping bar scene. ”
  • Yerel halktan 45 kişi öneriyor