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New York bölgesinde gezinme

“No matter what time, even at night, this archway invites all artists and tourists alike! Sit around the fountain, go to Pommes Frites and bring back some french fries to eat as you people watch. Or even go for an iced coffee, or just stop through. NYU students are around, as are artists who will engage with you and ask you to go out of your comfort zone and participate in something new! ”
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Güney / Soul Food Restoranı
“Headlined by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, Red Rooster celebrates the roots of American cuisine and the diversity of the neighborhood with its soul food menu. The restaurant, which opened in 2010, is named after the now-shuttered legendary Harlem speakeasy. Red Rooster has its own speakeasy (Ginny’s Supper Club), tucked in the basement, where visitors can enjoy dishes such as cornbread slick with apple butter and waffles crowned with fried chicken, all while listening to local musicians.”
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State / Provincial Park
“From the park, you can see the back of the Statue of Liberty. It is a great place to take the ferry to the Statue because it’s less busy than the New York side. Parking for the ferry cost 7 dollars a day, but parking for the park. The park offers stunning views of New York’s skyline and New York harbor!”
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“This place is amazing! They serve a full food menu, drinks, and gourmet popcorn during the movie. Never have to leave your seat!”
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“Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre (34 ha) park on the Brooklyn side of the East River in New York City. Designed by landscape architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, the park is located on a 1.3-mile (2.1 km) former industrial waterfront from Atlantic Avenue in the south, under the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and past the Brooklyn Bridge, to Jay Street north of the Manhattan Bridge. The site includes Brooklyn Piers 1–6, the historic Fulton Ferry Landing, and the preexisting Empire–Fulton Ferry and Main Street Parks. The park also includes Empire Stores and the Tobacco Warehouse, two Civil War-era structures. The park is part of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, a series of parks and bike paths around Brooklyn.”
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“Place where the New Yorkers receive the New Year. You have to go and feel the energy.”
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Sanat Müzesi
“Amazing art exhibits here and has a beautiful terrace on the top floor for a view of Chelsea.”
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Deli / Bodega
“This place is a tourist trap, but for good reason. If you go after midnight it does slow down and you can the best pastrami sandwich of your life. ”
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“This legendary theater has played an integral role in the emergence and popularity of jazz, swing, R&B, gospel, blues and soul, and is one of the top things to do in New York. Opening its doors in 1914, the Apollo Theater first introduced its famous Amateur Nights in 1934. Influential artists including James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr, Billie Holiday and Lauryn Hill began their road to stardom on Apollo’s stage.”
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Bovling Salonu
“a bit corporate and over-priced, but they have solid bookings here. Also just a very cozy place to bowl! Williamsburg”
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Opera House
“Lively theater hosting a range of programming including film screenings, plays & concerts.”
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Yeni Amerikan Restoranı
“Neighborhood favorite right next to the park. Brunch is a competitive sport here ”
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“Just north of the loft is Union Square, Park. Head to the Square on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays for the Union Square farmers market where local farmers gather to sell their goods. If you can’t find what you need at the farmers market, Union Square is also home to a large Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s.”
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Güney / Soul Food Restoranı
“Very good Food Great Customer Service Great atmosphere Not a far travel ”
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Alışveriş Merkezi
“Shopping mall with wide variety of stores, extensive food court, movie theater, and car rental.”
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Gurme Dükkanı
“When visiting Flatiron building, this is a place to have some coffee or food :) I would not recommend restaurants inside, just grad some pizza or a sandwich..”
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