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“300 years ago a village was covered by a landslide...fast forward to today and the village which was unearthed is now presented to the public in this amazing cultural museum. On the way to Cape Flattery.”
  • Yerel halktan 3 kişi öneriyor
History Museum
“Excellent, award-winning museum displays artifacts from an entire coastal village that was wiped out in a mudslide. It's small, but allow at least a couple of hours. Cape Flattery is nearby. ”
  • Yerel halktan 2 kişi öneriyor
Natural Feature
“Learn and visit the Makah First Nations Tribe on your way to hike to Cape Flattery Lighthouse (get your parking pass in town first), explore this amazing First Nation Culture up close. Summer brings many opportunities to interact and participate in a proud traditional culture. This is a wonderful place to relax, explore and learn about the Northwestern most Tribe in the lower US, still practicing their native rituals today. The Neah Bay community is a very welcoming and inviting place, spend a few moments if you get the chance.”
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Point of Interest
“This is a great stop after doing the Cape Flattery Hike. Themuseum has many artifacts from the Ozette archaeological site.”
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  • Yerel halktan 2 kişi öneriyor

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