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Minneapolis bölgesindeki en iyi barlar

Sanat Müzesi
“The Walker is Minneapolis’ contemporary art museum. It also hosts an outdoor sculpture garden as well as mini golf in the warmer months. Don’t miss the iconic Cheery and Spoon!”
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Sanat Müzesi
“The Minneapolis Institute of Arts boasts an impressive selection of Impressionist paintings. Originally constructed in 1915, the Institute has been amazing gallery-goers with its substantial collection of over 85,000 pieces of American and European artists' works for roughly a century. Works on display here range from those by such legends as Matisse and Kandinsky to Picasso and Rodin. In addition to American and European paintings, there is also an excellent Asian collection. With free admission, there is no excuse not to check it out.”
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“Nature paths and the falls make this a great place for a quick visit, or a longer event. ”
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“Check out the Endless Bridge for awesome views of the Mississippi and St. Anthony Main in the warmer months. Theater options for your cultural event enjoyment. And a neat little gift shop if you're just wandering through!”
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Baseball Stadium
“Minnesota Twins baseball. If you like good baseball - sit on the third baseline and see the city of Minneapolis framed by this fantastic outdoor stadium.”
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Football Stadium
“This is the first downtown Minneapolis stop and also where you can choose to ride the Green Line into St Paul or the Blue Line into Bloomington for the airport or MOA. Plenty of room to wait in comfort for whatever train you need. Usually it's very clean and well maintained.”
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Natural Feature
“Lake Calhoun is in a lively neighborhood near downtown and worth a visit. You can walk around the lake and enjoy nature and city atmosphere. People do all sorts of summer and winter activities in Lake Calhoun. It is very happening and you can see people there all year round. It is a favorite urban lake for Minnesotans. ”
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“Great walking and sightseeing downtown Minneapolis and The Mississippi River. ”
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Müzik Mekanı
“One of the original venues of Prince, Suburbs and many other iconic Mpls artists. ”
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Heykel Bahçesi
“A beautiful place to walk, sit on a park bench or have a picnic and just take in the sculptures and the skyline.”
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History Museum
“This National Historic Landmark has an entertaining museum for both adults & kids. The museum store has something for history buffs, cooking connoisseurs, and everyone in between. Explore the Mississippi river front, dine at Bushel & Peck, and check out the observation deck for some of the best views in the city!”
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Bira imalathanesi
“An absolute must if you are in the area. This is truly the best place to grab a beer, both because of the quality of their food and beer selection, but also because this is the most impressive beer hall around ($33 million facility).”
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Yemek Bölümü
“Great variety of food options, from middle eastern fare to pub food to delightful baked goods. Great shopping as well!”
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“Target Center is across the street from First Avenue, the birthplace of many of the great musicians from Minnesota; including Prince, Jimmy Jam, Shiela E, Morris Davis; Janet Jackson came here to capture the sound she made famous with Terrie Lewis and Jimmy Jam.”
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“Home of the famous Juicy Lucy. Just down the block from the Cedar House, Matt's is a nationally acclaimed, family-friendly dive bar that offers one of the best burgers you'll find! Serving until 11 p. m. this is a good place for a bite to eat after a late arrival at the airport. ”
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“Public lake surrounded by Minneapolis' finest mansions. An architectural treat!!”
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