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Metropolitan City of Milan bölgesinde yapılacak şeyler

Şehri, yerel halkın gözünden keşfedin. Yapılacak en iyi şeyleri, yemek yenecek en iyi yerleri bulun ve burada yaşayan insanlardan paha biçilmez tavsiyeler alın.

Sanat Galerisi
“You love contemporary arts and you want to see the works of some emerging artist? You do not have to miss the chance to Visit Fondazione Prada so! After a morning at Fondazione stop in Via Ripamonti for a Piadina!”
Yerel halktan 125 kişi öneriyor
“Apart from the museum, this is a street full of life , surrounded by fashion stores and cafés”
Yerel halktan 86 kişi öneriyor
Sanat Müzesi
“The Milan Triennale housed in the Palazzo dell'Arte is an international cultural institution that produces exhibitions, conferences and events in art, design, architecture, fashion, cinema, communication and society. It organizes exhibitions of great visibility and attention such as those dedicated to contemporary art, to architects and designers of national and international renown, to the great designers who have changed taste and customs, to social themes. Since 2007, it has been home to the Triennale Design Museum, a museum that is changing, attentive to the history and the entire system of design (businesses, production districts, territory, research, publishing and training). Since 2011 it has hosted the Teatro dell'Arte, one of the most significant in the Milanese panorama, a new point of reference for cultural projects and performing arts.”
Yerel halktan 130 kişi öneriyor
Opera House
“One of the most famous opera theatre. The best artists worldwide perform here.”
Yerel halktan 69 kişi öneriyor
“The Villa is stunning itself, but it often offers interesting art exhibitions inside. All around are also worth visiting the gardens of the royal family, the rose garden and the pond.”
Yerel halktan 48 kişi öneriyor
Tatlı Dükkanı
“Upscale glamourous shopping, many fashion designers have high-end boutiques here.”
Yerel halktan 167 kişi öneriyor
“The famous Monza track where the Italian Grand Prix is held every year in the beginning of September”
Yerel halktan 47 kişi öneriyor
Anıt / Kent Simgesi
“An amazing historic gate to admire as well as a great location where to socialize, drink, and eat specially on weekends.”
Yerel halktan 148 kişi öneriyor
Caz Kulübü
“Iconic jazz club, less than 500 meters away it's a very popular spot so tickets must be bought in advance ! ”
Yerel halktan 150 kişi öneriyor
Opera House
“Sumptuous 18th century theater, famous for its Italian opera and ballet, with museum and music library.”
Yerel halktan 113 kişi öneriyor
Büyük Mağaza
“'La Rinascente' Roof top dining space in Piazza duomo where you can enjoy Milan from above having an Italian Aperitivo. www.rinascente.it/rinascente/it”
Yerel halktan 90 kişi öneriyor
Sanat Müzesi
“The Cenacle is a wall fresco obtained with a dry mixed technique on plaster by Leonardo da Vinci, dating back to 1495-1498 and preserved in the ex-Renaissance refectory of the convent adjacent to the sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.”
Yerel halktan 81 kişi öneriyor
“This is a brand new modern area of Milan. It was done building not more than 3/4 years ago. It's a beautiful square, elevated from the ground, placed between some skyscrapers that surround it. It was designed by the famous Italian architect Gae Aulenti.”
Yerel halktan 138 kişi öneriyor
Bira imalathanesi
“Typical English-style pub with wood-paneled walls and various objects, specializing in craft beers.”
Yerel halktan 126 kişi öneriyor
“One of the most ancient churches in Milan, it was built by St. Ambrose in 379–386, in an area where numerous martyrs of the Roman persecutions had been buried. The first name of the church was in fact Basilica Martyrum. The church is mostly built in brickwork of different origins and colors, with parts of stone and white plastering. The current Romanesque church was begun around 1080.”
Yerel halktan 122 kişi öneriyor
“Beautiful and huge, you can walk, run in the morning and loose yourself in the nature.”
Yerel halktan 28 kişi öneriyor