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Top recommendations from locals

“A must see attraction in downtown Memphis that tells the history of the civil rights movement in the US.”
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“This is a world-class, award-winning zoo with natural habitats and a wide variety of species. The zoo entrance is about a mile’s stroll through Overton Park from the bungalow. Early mornings, when walking along the path behind the zoo, you may hear the chillingly haunting sound of the wolves howling in concert. ”
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“Graceland welcomes over 500,000 visitors each year, is one of the five most visited home tours in the United States, and is the most famous home in America after The White House. In 1991, Graceland was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2006, it was designated a National Historic Landmark.”
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Dog Run
“Overton Park has just about it all. Urban forest, check. Golf course, check. Award winning zoo, check. Levitt Shell with it's free concert series, check. Ample opportunities to exercise everything, from your muscles, to your mind, and your canines. Supported by the Overton Park Conservancy, you don't want to miss Overton Park if you are any bit outdoors inclined, right in the heart of the city. ”
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Barbekü Mekanı
“My recommendation for best BBQ in Memphis. There's one downtown also, right by the Civil Rights Museum. Get the ribs (dry not wet) and thank me later.”
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Diğer Gece Hayatı
“Overton Square is a multi-block entertainment and dining district in Midtown Memphis which includes theaters, restaurants, art, music and more.”
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“Over 60 years ago in the small community of Mason, Tennessee, Napoleon “Na” Vanderbilt created something amazing – fried chicken that could unite a community. In an era of divisive racial attitudes the residents of Mason found that they could all – black and white – agree on how much they loved Na’s fried chicken. Such an amazing feat did not occur overnight. After experimenting for several years in a local tavern, Na and his wife, Ms. Maggie, began selling their chicken, sandwiched between two slices of white bread, out of the back door of the tavern. As demand grew, Na and Maggie were encouraged by local residents to build a freestanding restaurant. Unfortunately, the Vanderbilt’s were of modest means and could not afford such an expansion; however, generous, chicken loving locals offered to supply them with the materials necessary to build their own restaurant. Na, a skilled carpenter, built the restaurant on a piece of land he and Ms. Maggie owned on Highway 70 in Mason. Maggie’s Short Orders opened its doors in 1973. The building still stands today and still serves Na and Maggie’s amazing fried chicken.”
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Sporting Goods Shop
“While you're downtown you can experience shopping and local foods from Memphis. You can go solo or with a group.”
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Record Shop
“I can't make a list and not include Beale. The history is incredible. Now it's mostly neon and bars. Lots of bars, restaurants, and live music that they think tourists would like. I go maybe once or twice a year. You can have an open container on the street and I think they serve til 5 or 6 AM. It's fun to walk with a drink in your hand. LOTS of great souvenir shops.”
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Sanat Müzesi
“This small but wonderful Art Gallery and Museum is a must-see! The restaurant is just delightful for lunch and has an expansive view that reminds me a little tiny Tavern on the Green. ”
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“The famous Peabody ducks!! If you have kids they will really love seeing the ducks. The hotel is gorgeous and you can sit and have a fancy evening cocktail. Rooftop parties also!”
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“More than just a city park, it's a huge, wide open green space where people go for lake activities, dog walking, frisbee golf, picnics, and tons of other stuff. There is also a resident herd of buffalo.”
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“ Our tour guide was energetic, funny, and really gave us an appreciation of Memphis music and the roots of rock ‘n’ roll. Highly recommended! ”
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Müzik Mekanı
“Always great music from musicians from all around the United States. Good food and good times.”
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Barbekü Mekanı
“A Memphis favorite and one of the oldest barbecue joints around. You don’t want to miss this!”
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Kahvaltı Noktası
“Memphis’ oldest cafe founded in 1919 and still family-run. Historic part of downtown Memphis and still has a vintage feel. Great place for breakfast. The sweet potato pancakes are not to be missed. ”
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