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“Da Nang city is a charming little town that surrounded by mountains and ocean. Each mountain has its own remarkable beauty that takes travellers' breath away. Having been riding my motorcyle over these mountains offers me an opportunity to write down my thoughts to share with you all, hopefully, it might bring some insightful suggestions to those who are planning to visit Da Nang. Hai Van - the name means where you travel the cloud meets the ocean. The twisting 21 km pass traverses the Anamite Mountains and offer many incredible views overlooking Da Nang city from the height of 1,400m above sea level. The roads are not bumpy yet sharpy at some corners, be steady and stay focused. At the beginning of the pass, it started inclining gradually and Da Nang   slowly appears before your eyes. Since I traveled when it was quite early, a cover of thin fog rising beyond the sea surface made the view mysterious and unbeatable. Take a quick stop at the 2 nd curve by roadside juice shops, you can have an epic panoramic shot of the day and observe the winding paths that you will ride up there later. A hidden beach below with golden sand and crystal clear water side by side an old railways, altogther create something peaceful and calm - a typical Vietnamese countryside look. Back to winding path you will find a sadlooking pine tree stands out by the road where local youngsters often stop for a vintage shot, magnificent background of the city will not dissapoint you. Anytime, I come here, I like to jump on huge rocks that scrumble to the ocean to enjoy the incredible landscape sight that this place has to offer - truly amazing experience. One of a nice spot for relaxing and taking some Vietnamese coffee is the first cafe 200m ahead of the road. Dont forget to pick the backyard seats, you will be amazed by the way it looks toward the city. At the same time, you can find out Monkey Mountain is just 1 ocean away from here and it is just as beautiful as Hai Van Pass from distance - perhaps some ideas for the next journey. After the first U-turn, you will approach to some historical sites of Hai Van Pass. Historically, the pass is a great stretagic importance as it provides natural boundary to seperate Northern and Central Regions nowadays 2 provinces. Indeed, war remnants such as former U.S bunkers can be seen from there, on the old walls, evidence of rampage shootings still remain. Lets take your chance walking into an old defending concrete block, via narrow windows apart of history would display in front of your eyes - a view of a soldier in his watch. Cruishing down the hills, cool breeze will blow thru your hairs. Keep an eye out for cow wandering along the route, you will never know where they are  from but lazily sunbathing in the middle of the roads sometimes - what a nice drive with many things to see and experience. You cannot check out the pass without stopping by Langco Village, an picturesque beach town. Cranes fly above your head, blue water lays down underneath your eyes, the fisherman's village adds gorgeous background to this unmissable view - great place for your photographs. Your journey is just not finished yet, take your first left turn you will enter the most scenic route by the pearl farm lake in the area. This route will satisfy the thrist of beauty of even the most picky guy because of its spectacular view, mountain scenery blended with flat-water lake and local fishing boats are so much charming and all you can feel is peace and calm, time to break ”
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“A bunker hill from war times its now an abandoned, easy accessible pine forest with awesome views of the Perfume River and Hues hinterland. Good to squeeze in for a pitstop along the way towards the royal tombs”
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Tarihi Alan
“Nam Giao Esplanade Nam Giao Esplanade is located about 4km south of Hue City. Nam Giao Esplanade is an open-air monument. It was built based on the dogma of heaven fate of Confucianism and has architecture of both the religious and political significance of Oriental feudalism. The Esplanade construction was commenced on 25th March, 1806. At the beginning of 1807, Gia Long terraces had its first God worship ceremonies there. ”
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Tarihi Alan
“Nam Giao esplanade gets the highest vote. The emperors under feudalism usually regarded as “Thiên Tử” – meaning the sons of Heaven. Therefore, in order to express their own respect to Father God, they usually organized annual offering ceremonies to worship. This is the reason why Nam Giao Esplanade was established by the king Gia Long after being crowned, in the village named Duong Xuan ,located in the south of the city of Hue. This esplanade is specifically designed to symbolize the oriental theory of 3 factors: Man, Heaven and Earth ”
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