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Corte Madera Bölgesinde Gezip Görme

Fransız Restoranı
“The onion soup, the pate, the cone of pomme frites, the hamburger, the steak tartare, the fondue, the trout almondine, the niçoise and lyonnaise salads, the beef bourguignon, the profiteroles! Great bar scene with both early and late happy hours. Patio is perfect when the weather is nice. Continuous service during that lull between lunch and dinner everywhere else. We love that we can grab a bite at 3:30pm!”
  • Yerel halktan 27 kişi öneriyor
Bağımsız Filmler Gösteren Sinema Salonu
“Our local movie theatre shows a repertory of popular and indie movies as well the Met HD Opera, the National Theatre of London, the Bolshoi Ballet, documentaries of great composers and many film festivals. The popcorn is made with coconut oil and topped with real butter. Beer and wine is served. ”
  • Yerel halktan 14 kişi öneriyor
Burrito Mekânı
“I always order their plate of al pastor pork with refried beans, rice, salad tortillas and guacamole. Then I load up on their condiments-4 kinds of fresh salsa, jalapeños and hot carrots, and cooling radishes. Their burritos are massive. ”
  • Yerel halktan 4 kişi öneriyor
  • Yerel halktan 1 kişi öneriyor