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Cluj-Napoca bölgesinde gezinme

“Close to the city centre, you can find the best views of the town here. There are also some terraces and restaurants around. ”
Yerel halktan 41 kişi öneriyor
“Take a break here. You can read on a bench, ride your bike, enjoy the lake during the warm season and bird-watch. Large playground next to the Stadium. Some amazing old trees still remain from ages ago, part of the same old garden now restricted to the Botanical Garden.”
Yerel halktan 19 kişi öneriyor
Sporting Goods Shop
“Este in vecinatatea proprietatii, ai toate facilitatiile posibile. Is nearby property and you will find anyting you want.”
Yerel halktan 7 kişi öneriyor
Alışveriş Merkezi
“Vivo is big mall with a wide variety of stores , including clothes, electornics , restaurants , phone stands etc.. Very crowded on sunday, so it might be better to visit during the week.”
Yerel halktan 9 kişi öneriyor
“The botanical garden is one of the most famous in Romania having an impressive variety of plants. Furthermore it takes about 15 minutes walking from our appartment.”
Yerel halktan 26 kişi öneriyor
Tarihi Alan
“18th century Baroque building. A national gallery at the first floor. The ground floor hosts seasonal exhibitions, cultural events and art fares.”
Yerel halktan 11 kişi öneriyor
“Check their site for plays, concerts, operas, ballets, galas, balls or cultural soirees. The tickets are not expensive (except for international stars concerts), but opening nights usually sell out quite fast. Neo-baroque building from the beginning of the 20th century, designed by the same architects who also designed the Konzerthaus, Akademietheater, and Theater an der Wien (Vienna, Austria). Outdoor performances during summer (esp. June-July). ”
Yerel halktan 10 kişi öneriyor
Vejetaryen / Vegan Restoranı
“Very successful veggie/vegan restaurant. Good for sushi, pizza, all sorts! Huge and very creative menu. Just moved into new premises, a beautiful restaurant with a stylish terrace. It even has a real ancient olive tree growing through the floor! It's popular, so best to book beforehand. I love this place! Please note it is now on Strada Cardinal Iuliu Hossu. Nr 3. ”
Yerel halktan 24 kişi öneriyor
“Friendly place to have a drink or have dinner. Especially beautiful in summer nights”
Yerel halktan 11 kişi öneriyor
“Lots of restaurants, terraces, bars, the art museum, the 13th century Roman Catholic cathedral. ”
Yerel halktan 7 kişi öneriyor
“Beautiful gothic piece of architecture, standing tall right in the heart of the city! ( if you are lucky they will let you climb in the tower for a view)”
Yerel halktan 11 kişi öneriyor
Alışveriş Merkezi
“It's also really close by! and though it's not that big it has fancy restaurants, nice cafes, a few clothing stores, and a Mega Image supermarket - where you can also find international products. ”
Yerel halktan 5 kişi öneriyor
History Museum
“First open-air museum in Romania, founded in the 1930ies, featuring a number of traditional households and wooden churches, complete with indoor traditional furniture. Charming park on the outskirts of Cluj. Favorite spot for wedding photos and insta-fans. Check their website to make sure it opens during your stay in Cluj.”
Yerel halktan 12 kişi öneriyor
“Great food and drinks, local bands (some nights), very popular with locals. ”
Yerel halktan 13 kişi öneriyor
Point of Interest
“Tasty food, stunning view of the city, especially during the warm season, when the rooftop terrace is open. They serve their own beers, we love the unfiltered (is this the word for „nefiltrată”?) ones. Instaready decor.”
Yerel halktan 8 kişi öneriyor
“Beautiful in the spring, when the chestnut trees bloom, teeming with activities during the summer and autumn. Again, stunning in the autumn, when the trees' leaves turn to gentle shades of yellow, orange and red.”
Yerel halktan 7 kişi öneriyor