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“Just up the road is this Upscale movie theatre with cocktail and food service. Leather lounge seating. ”
  • Yerel halktan 42 kişi öneriyor
İçki Dükkanı
“Family friendly fun & loud pizza place with unique recipes and beer. Pizza port is also a local brewery with a detached beer garden/beer liquor store.”
  • Yerel halktan 37 kişi öneriyor
Kahve Dükkanı
“Local Leucadia coffee favorite. Take a to go Latte and walk up the hill to Beacons beach”
  • Yerel halktan 35 kişi öneriyor
Büyük Mağaza
“Go feed the whole family for an affordable amount at the outdoor food cart. Great hot dogs and whole pizzas for a bargain. If you are a member get bargain priced gas for your travels and stock up on food for your stay.”
  • Yerel halktan 23 kişi öneriyor
“This is a place which I am able to obtain discounted tickets for you and if you need transportation I am able to accommodate you with a fee to guide you to the museum of making music as well the Outlet stores and Carlsbad beach. The whole trip will be 3 hours, unless you stop for sit down lunch on your own which there is several places to choose from Karl Strauss to Ruby Diner and an open market. ”
  • Yerel halktan 21 kişi öneriyor
Liman / Marina
“All kind of water sport activities: jet ski, kayak, stand up paddle board, power boat, pontoon boat, canoe, aqua cycle, peddel boat. Just a few miles down the road.”
  • Yerel halktan 27 kişi öneriyor
Grocery or Supermarket
“Organic focused foods and produce including a decent selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free products and deli. A good selection of cheese and wines and a better price point than Lazy Acres. It's about a five minute drive.”
  • Yerel halktan 18 kişi öneriyor

Alışveriş merkezleri

Outlet Mall
“Walking distance, but also plenty of parking. Many food choices there and across the street.”
  • Yerel halktan 131 kişi öneriyor
Alışveriş Merkezi
“This is an upscale outdoor shopping mall. Well curated favorite stores. I love the atmosphere. ”
  • Yerel halktan 40 kişi öneriyor
Alışveriş Merkezi
“Complete shopping experience with movie theater, Dave & Busters and plenty of eats.”
  • Yerel halktan 19 kişi öneriyor
Alışveriş Merkezi
“Apple Store, Black & White, Jimbo's Natural Foods Market and more at The Forum Shops in Carlsbad!”
  • Yerel halktan 13 kişi öneriyor
Dişçi Muayenehanesi
  • Yerel halktan 1 kişi öneriyor
Alışveriş Merkezi
  • Yerel halktan 2 kişi öneriyor
Alışveriş Merkezi
  • Yerel halktan 2 kişi öneriyor