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Brooklyn bölgesindeki en iyi mağazalar

Thrift / Vintage Store
“Beacons Closet is the BEST one-stop shop to go crazy thrifting. This is their main location (and largest/ in Williamsburg). They also have two smaller locations: in Bushwick - 23 Bogart St and in the city: 10 W 13th St. They also take/ buy clothes for trade if you want to lighten your load. ”
Yerel halktan 163 kişi öneriyor
Record Shop
“Live music. Record store by day, music venue by night. They have nightly live music with up and coming artists. ”
Yerel halktan 77 kişi öneriyor
Flea Market
“Artist Flea Market with a creative and arty spirit. Jewelry, accessories, vintage clothes. Also two other locations in Manhattan.”
Yerel halktan 126 kişi öneriyor
Thrift / Vintage Store
“Local Vintage Shop with interesting statement pieces to take home with you!”
Yerel halktan 97 kişi öneriyor
Büyük Mağaza
“Upscale department store for apparel, accessories & cosmetics. Most carry furniture & home goods.”
Yerel halktan 46 kişi öneriyor
Jewelry Store
“Find the perfect gift. Local jewelry designers working with conflict free gold and stones. ”
Yerel halktan 84 kişi öneriyor
Balık Pazarı
“Reasonably priced, ultra high quality fish spot. You can also buy fresh fish to cook at home here.”
Yerel halktan 48 kişi öneriyor
Thrift / Vintage Store
“My favorite thrift store of all time. A tad costly since for the curation, but what they have is just too good. ”
Yerel halktan 58 kişi öneriyor
Thrift / Vintage Store
“This is bar none, the largest vintage clothing store in Brooklyn. The prices and selection are great!”
Yerel halktan 49 kişi öneriyor
Gurme Dükkanı
“Good for basics. A decent selection of organic foods, and plenty of snacks.”
Yerel halktan 53 kişi öneriyor
Thrift / Vintage Store
“Huge Thrift Shop. Large variety of clothing. Don't forget to check out their basement floor, there's a section only for Floral "Hawaiian" Shirts!!”
Yerel halktan 42 kişi öneriyor
Thrift / Vintage Store
“Very cool, well-run vintage store that has everything from clothes to decorations. Highly recommended!”
Yerel halktan 12 kişi öneriyor
Giyim Mağazası
“Known as the "Japanese Gap" because of their wearable, versatile line of clothes at affordable prices. Limited retail stores in the USA so this is worth a visit. ”
Yerel halktan 35 kişi öneriyor
Thrift / Vintage Store
“Trend-on, well displayed and organized vintage and designer second-hand boutique. Always like to stop in here to browse the shoe selection and racks when I have time. ”
Yerel halktan 33 kişi öneriyor
Giyim Mağazası
“Clothing, jewelry, accessories, skin stuff, candles, gifts.. the BEST shop. Always so fun going in there. ”
Yerel halktan 34 kişi öneriyor
Thrift / Vintage Store
“Great secondhand / vintage shop. You can find some amazing deals here. Like a DVF dress for $40 bucks - yes please.”
Yerel halktan 52 kişi öneriyor