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Gurme Dükkanı
“To the east of Piazza Maggiore, the grid of streets around Via Clavature (Street of Locksmiths) sits on what was once Roman Bologna. Known as the Quadrilatero, this compact district is a great place for a wander with its market stalls, happening cafes and lavishly stocked gourmet delis. Bring some tortellini home!”
  • Yerel halktan 34 kişi öneriyor
Bağımsız Filmler Gösteren Sinema Salonu
“the only movie theater in town with a nice original language movie program. (in itlay we dub everything). three rooms.”
  • Yerel halktan 47 kişi öneriyor
“The park has been opened on the 6th July 1879 by the city who bought the land that was part of an ancient Convent. The project made by Ernesto Baldo Bertone di Sambuy is a typical English landscape garden, similar to Parco Sempione in Milan. Here you can find Le Serre dei Giarini Margherita a place to hang out, drink, eat and listen some music. It is very nice. ”
  • Yerel halktan 33 kişi öneriyor
Şarap Barı
“Camera a Sud is a quite place where you can have wine or good cocktails and if you wanna eat they have food as well :)”
  • Yerel halktan 33 kişi öneriyor
“Past and future, challenges and successes, vision and determination: the Ducati Museum is a journey through the legendary 90-year history of the Company, renowned across the world for its style, performance and the search for perfection. ”
  • Yerel halktan 31 kişi öneriyor
“Amazing, traditional Modenese cuisine at a reasonable price. Open for lunches during the week, and both lunch and dinner on weekends. ”
  • Yerel halktan 16 kişi öneriyor
“The story thought the little mysterious alley of the jewish ghetto La storia attraverso i piccoli e misteriosi vicoli del Ghetto ebraico ”
  • Yerel halktan 20 kişi öneriyor
Alışveriş Merkezi
“Rinnovato recentemente , valido acquisti di ogni tipo e per fast food apprezzati.”
  • Yerel halktan 9 kişi öneriyor
“The biggest green area in Modena with jogging paths and stretching dedicated slots”
  • Yerel halktan 12 kişi öneriyor
“Of great historical and cultural importance as a memory to tragic events towards the end of the Second World War.”
  • Yerel halktan 13 kişi öneriyor
“Inside the beautiful Church of Santa Maria della Vita (founded in the second half of the 13th century) a true masterpiece of the Italian sculpture can be seen: it was modeled by Niccolò dell'Arca in the second half of the 15th century and it depicts a Lamentation over the Dead Christ. You will be impressed by this piece of art.”
  • Yerel halktan 41 kişi öneriyor
“This is the very heart of University of Bologna. Main departments are located here. ”
  • Yerel halktan 23 kişi öneriyor
Point of Interest
“Spectacular, unique, magical castle, once home to the eccentric Count Mattei, inventor or Electro-homeopathy. Painstakingly restored, the agglomeration of halls, rooms, towers, courtyards, stairways and turrets is amazing! ”
  • Yerel halktan 7 kişi öneriyor
Tarihi Alan
“The Albergati family had its building in Via Saragozza, on the way out of Via Nosadella. They were a wealthy family in the 17th century and the splendor of this palace testifies that. Nowadays, the palace hosts prestigious art expositions in aways welcomed by locals and tourists.”
  • Yerel halktan 11 kişi öneriyor
“Trek or bike along the roman "highway" up to Florence. Nice relaxing place. Visit the celtic town of Monterenzio.”
  • Yerel halktan 9 kişi öneriyor
Alışveriş Merkezi
“High fashion stores (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari ..) and certainly the highest prices in the city.”
  • Yerel halktan 21 kişi öneriyor