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“The museum is internationally recognised for its collection of European art, considered the finest in Latin America and all Southern Hemisphere. It also houses an emphatic assemblage of Brazilian art, prints and drawings, as well as smaller collections of African and Asian art, antiquities, decorative arts, and others, amounting to more than 8,000 pieces. MASP also has one of the largest art libraries in the country. The entire collection has been named by Brazil's Institute of History and Art to the Brazilian National Heritage list.”
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Alışveriş Merkezi
“The 2.8-kilometer long Avenida Paulista is located between the Center (the "old" city) and the West (the "modern" city) and almost predictably, the avenue looks like a perfect blend between the old and modern faces of São Paulo, with historical architecture coexisting with glass skyscrapers. The avenue is crowded day and night, with people from all ages, social classes, ethnical backgrounds, etc… In the avenue itself and in the streets surrounding it, one can find many shop galleries, restaurants, food courts, pubs, cafe's, cinemas, theaters and cultural centers, from all price ranges. But Paulista is much more than just a touristic attraction or an entertainment/shopping area. ”
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“metrô para diversas regiões da cidade. metro to many different parts of the city.”
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İtalyan Restoranı
“Trattoria offering weighs & pay antipasti, decorated with cheese & wine hanging from the ceiling.”
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Alışveriş Merkezi
“Instalado na Avenida Paulista, sua área de entretenimento oferece teatro e cinema. Em gastronomia, reúne alguns dos mais prestigiados restaurantes de São Paulo, entre eles, Andiamo, Almanara e Outback. Horário de funcionamento: LOJAS Segunda à sábado: 10h às 22h. Domingos e feriados: 14h às 20h. GASTRONOMIA Praça de Alimentação - Segunda à domingo: 11h às 22h. Andiamo, Almanara e Johny Rockets - Segunda à domingo: 11h às 23h. Outback - Domingo à quinta: 11h às 23h | Sexta e sábado: 11h à 00h. LAZER Segunda à domingos: 11h às 22h. Installed at Paulista Avenue, your entertainment area offers theater and cinema. In gastronomy, it brings together some of the most prestigious restaurants in São Paulo; among them, Andiamo, Almanara and Outback. Opening hours: STORES Monday to Saturday: 10h to 22h. Sundays and Holidays: 14h to 20h. GASTRONOMY Food Court - Monday to Sunday: 11h to 22h. Andiamo, Almanara and Johny Rockets - Monday to Sunday: 11h to 23h. Outback - Sunday to Thursday: 11h to 23h | Friday and Saturday: 11h to 00h. RECREATION Monday to Sunday: 11h to 22h.”
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Alışveriş Merkezi
“There are many nice stores. A Great Supermarket Master - Opened from Mon-Fri 8:00am to 10:00 pm”
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Diğer Gece Hayatı
“ Rua Augusta is a good place also at night to have a drink. Many bars, restaurants. Friday nights are specially hot, full of all kind of people, a real fun!”
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“Estadão is the iconic 24/7 boteco of São Paulo where you'll get cold beer, fresh fruit juices, cheap and tasty eats and mixed crowds at any hour of the day.”
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Bağımsız Filmler Gösteren Sinema Salonu
“Great alternative movie theatre famous for screening European Art Films. Has a delicious French bakery and bistro.”
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Alışveriş Merkezi
“Próximo à Avenida Paulista, o Shopping Pátio Paulista é um dos principais centros de compras da região. Lojas, praça de alimentação e cinemas estão presentes no shopping. Próximo de casa.”
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Cultural Center
“Centro oficial da cultura japonesa em São Paulo, tem uma biblioteca incrível, exposições super diferentes de artistas importantes e um café muito charmoso.”
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Cultural Center
“Centre for Brazilian literature, with poetry readings, talks, workshops, etc.”
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“Located at the exit of the Vergueiro Metro, the São Paulo Cultural Center, better known as Centro Cultural Vergueiro, is one of the main cultural and leisure centers of the city. The project, created from the need to extend the Mário de Andrade Library, was inaugurated on May 13, 1982 and currently has a set of libraries, a suspended garden, rooms for theater, music and other activities Social, educational and community.”
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Kozmetik Mağazası
“O shopping é composto por 234 lojas distribuídas em cinco pisos. Possui hoje sete salas de cinema da Rede Cinemark e duas da Playarte. Conta ainda com um espaço com variadas opções de serviços como loja de cópias, lotérica, oficina de costura e sapatos, loja de câmbio, podologia e salões de beleza. Horário de funcionamento: LOJAS Segunda à Sábado: 10h00 às 22h00. Domingos e Feriados: 14h00 às 20h00. GASTRONOMIA E LAZER Segunda à Sábado: 10h00 às 23h00. Domingos e Feriados: 10h00 às 23h00. The mall consists of 234 stores spread over five floors. Now it has seven Cinemark's cinema and two of Playarte. There is also a space with various kind of service that includes print shop, lottery, sewing workshop and shoes, currency exchange, podiatry and beauty salons. Opening hours: STORES Monday to Saturday: 10h00 to 22h00. Sundays and holidays: 14h00 to 20h00. GASTRONOMY AND RECREATION Monday to Saturday: 10h00 to 23h00. Sundays and holidays: 10h00 to 23h00.”
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Gözlem Yeri
“Nice view from the roof top, where you also can have a cup of coffee or tea, snacks or a glass of wine $”
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“Teatro com grandes montagens da Broadway. No momento, apresenta "O Fantasma da Ópera"”
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