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Alışveriş Merkezi
“ABC Mall is the busiest mall in Beirut. If you would like to have a coffee there you can go to Starbucks or Lina's. There is a variety of restaurants which you can try specially Leila a Lebanese food with a twist. You can shop the best brands within this mall. ”
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Tourist Information Center
“Great post-war Architecture Great place to shop Part of down-town Beirut that was re-built after the civil war that ended in 1992 Has new department store designed by Zaha Hadid”
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Government Building
“Beirut Central District is the financial center of Lebanon, as well as the historical and geographical center of its capital. Severely damaged during the 15 year long civil war (1975-1990), it’s reconstruction constitutes one of the most ambitious urban redevelopment projects anywhere in the world. Now nearing its completion and successfully enjoying a vibrant second lease of life, here are 10 sights and activities to pursue in unique juxtapositions of old and new Beirut.”
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Alışveriş Merkezi
“Shopping mall with many food options, Leila is one of their best Lebanese restaurants!”
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Alışveriş Merkezi
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Alışveriş Merkezi
“Shopping Mall that include stores (local and international brands), restaurants and diners. 10 min on foot !”
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Book Store
“Ask Adib for recommendations. He is a wealth of knowledge and this cozy shop with lovely lighting is a true gem.”
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Etkinlik Yeri
Giyim Mağazası
Alışveriş Merkezi