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Tarihi Alan
“During World War II, Anne Frank hid from Nazi persecution with her family and four other people in hidden rooms at the rear of the 17th-century canal house, known as the Secret Annex (Dutch: Achterhuis). She did not survive the war but her wartime diary was published in 1947. Ten years later the Anne Frank Foundation was established to protect the property from developers who wanted to demolish the block. The museum opened on 3 May 1960. It preserves the hiding place, has a permanent exhibition on the life and times of Anne Frank, and has an exhibition space about all forms of persecution and discrimination. In 2013 and 2014, the museum had 1.2 million visitors and was the 3rd most visited museum in the Netherlands, after the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.”
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“The famous Dam Square! Go shopping or visit different tourist attractions, there is a lot to do here! ”
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“Super relax cafe/restaurant to hang out. They even have a fire place and their own little beach. Beautiful view of Amsterdam”
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“One of the best parks of Amsterdam. Lots of nice cafe’s, tearooms and even a known nightclub called Pacific. ”
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“an excellent organic farmers market held on Saturdays at the Nordermarkt from 09h - 16h. The wild mushroom stall is wonderful and Le Perron sells great bread. The place to go for picnic supplies before you hire a boat and picnic on the canals”
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“beautiful architect and a film museum with a cafe, easily accessible by a ferry from Amsterdam Central Station. ”
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“The Jordaan is a district in the citycenter of Amsterdam, known for its beautiful houses, nice restaurants and original shops. When in Amsterdam, it is a must to stroll through the little streets and canals. On the many bridges over the canals, you can take beautiful pictures and see why Amsterdam is called the Venice of the North.”
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Science Museum
“Perched atop the entrance to the IJ Tunnel is this unmissable slanted-roof green-copper building, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and almost surrounded by water. Its rooftop square has great views and water- and wind-operated hands-on exhibits. Inside, everything is interactive, with four floors of investigative mayhem kids of all ages will enjoy. Experiment with lifting yourself up via a pulley, making bubbles, building structures, dividing light into colours, racing your shadow, watching a chain-reaction display and discovering the teenage mind.”
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“Not just another parc! A parc with good food and drinks. Perfect spot for a bbq (in the summer) or a stroll.”
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Büyük Mağaza
“Great department store, oldest in The Netherlands. Tip: use the free bathrooms! ”
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“Reachable via a couple of pedestrian/bike bridges from the NEMO Science Museum, this cool, laid-back waterside cafe is built from recycled materials and has a fantastic leafy beer garden. Join the arty crowd enjoying the sunshine at brightly coloured picnic tables under the trees. If the weather's no good, cosy into a vintage armchair by the fire inside.”
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“Apple pie of cafe Winkel 43 is to die for... best in whole Amsterdam! Taste it and scrap it from your bucketlist! ”
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“feel the wind blowing thru your hair and take the free NDSM ferry (behind Central station) with amazing views of the Harbor to this old industrial now arty scene area full with bars , restaurants ,market and crazy festival nightlife....”
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“The Royal Palace is placed at the King's disposal and is active use by the Dutch Royal House. It is open for visitors most of the year. You are more than welcome to discover the rich history and interior of this magnificent building in the heart of Amsterdam. The Palace is closed during royal events. A free audio guide is available in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.”
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“Bar and restaurant with the best view of Amsterdam. If you are very brave you can sit on the swing on top of the tower”
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Bağımsız Filmler Gösteren Sinema Salonu
“classic movie theater good vibes end better movies than the big movie theaters ”
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