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Available for 1 or 2 peoples.
There is a single bed and a sofa bed in a western-style room.

We have high speed wifi in our room and a pocket wifi too.

We welcome both business use and travel use.

It's also equipped with high-speed wifi, so it's perfect for remote work and has plenty of living space.

Each room is equipped with a hand soap, disinfectant, mask and air treatment system to remove the COVID-19 .

We try to be as safe as we can.

You can use a small  western style room in a private room.
The living-dining room and kitchen sometimes share with our family.

However, we can reserve it for a while, so please consult with us.

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横浜市, 神奈川県, Japonya

"It will be on the second floor of Monja and Okonomiyaki in Shiota shrine approach.In addition to the affordable taste of Shimomachi Monja and Okonomiyaki, there will be a coin laundry, convenience store and supermarket just a few minutes walk away, and I will introduce recommended restaurants and rice ball shops."
"It is a small house in a quiet residential area a little outside the station, but I would like to support my husband and children who love to travel as much as possible."

Ev sahibi: Yukari

  1. Nisan 2015 tarihinde katıldı.
  • 339 Değerlendirme
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  • Süper Ev Sahibi
Welcome to our house‼︎ 1.自己紹介 はじめまして、管理人のヒロナカユカリと申します。この度は数あるリスティングの中から、訪問ありがとうございます(^ ^) 横浜に住んで8年、生まれも育ちも、横浜の旦那さんと8才の娘と一緒に横浜ライフを楽しんでいます。 地域に愛され30年、父と母がお好み焼きともんじゃ焼き店を営んでいるので、こちらでももリーズナブルに楽しめます。 私達家族は、旅が大好きです。旅での出会いも大切にしております。Airbnbを通して、沢山の出会いや交流を楽しみにしております。 趣味は旅行、サーフィン、ホディーボードスノーボード、料理やパーティー、美酒、美食が大好きです。是非、一緒に楽しみましょう。 Introduction How do you do, I'm Yukari Hironaka. I liveinYokohama,7years.Both the birth and the breeding live with a daughter becoming 6 years old with the master of Yokohama.Father and Mother run an okonomiyaki and Monjayaki (website hidden)'s very delicious and cheap. We love trips.Therefore I began Airbnb. My hobby is surfing,snowboard,eatting . 2.ロケーション 駅から少し離れていますが、静かな住宅街です。 出来る限り車で最寄り駅や空港までお迎えいたします。 近くには、24時間オープンのコンビニエンスストア、美味しい和食、蕎麦、中華、焼鳥屋、焼肉店、駅前には、沢山のレストランやスーパー、パン屋、カフェ、ショッピングモールがあります。ガイドブックには掲載されていないお店を教えます。 Location It is a quiet residential area. We will pick you up to the nearest station or Haneda airport as much as possible. Our area have local restrant.Please ask us recomend restrant and shop. 3.土地について 下町情緒があふれるあたたかい土地です。昔ながらの銭湯や駄菓子屋もあり、昭和にタイムスリップできます。 It is warm land filled with the old downtown atmosphere .There is the traditional public bath and cheap candy shop and comes with a thyme slip in the Showa era. 4.近くのオススメ ガイドブックに載っていないレストランやスポットを案内します。 キリンビール工場、横浜中華街、赤レンガ倉庫、みなとみらい、少し行くと鎌倉、逗子、横須賀、江ノ島、湘南も1時間程で行け、自然散策、マリンスポーツにもオススメです。 A late-night flight supports. Please talk before that you can take staying, the visitor from the foreign countries to and from JR Tsurumi Station, Keikyu-Tsurumi Station by car more than 2 days. At ‼︎ home guiding a restaurant, the spot that do not appear in a guidebook, let's do a home-cooked meal and the home party. Go to Kamakura, Zushi, Yokosuka, Enoshima, Shonan in approximately one hour when I go to Kirin Brewery factory, Yokohama Chinatown, a red brick warehouse, Minato Mirai, a little and is recommended for nature walk, Malin sports. 5.サービス 個室、布団、キッチン、冷蔵庫、調理器具、調味料など利用できます。 Servise There are a private room, futon, a sofabed, a kitchen, a refrigerator, a kitchen utensil, seasoning. There are the rental of yukata, the dressing service, too.
Welcome to our house‼︎ 1.自己紹介 はじめまして、管理人のヒロナカユカリと申します。この度は数あるリスティングの中から、訪問ありがとうございます(^ ^) 横浜に住んで8年、生まれも育ちも、横浜の旦那さんと8才の娘と一緒に横浜ライフを楽しんでいます。 地域に愛され30年、父と母がお好み焼きともんじゃ焼き店を営んでいるので、こちらでも…

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Please consult with us on late night flights.  I can pick us up at the airport by car.
After arriving, we will pick you up at JR Tsurumi Station and Keikyu Tsurumi Station as much as possible. We will show you restaurants and spots that are not listed in the pickup guide book, so when we can have dinner together, let's do it.
You can drink coffee, tea and green tea as ours are served free of charge.
Please consult with us on late night flights.  I can pick us up at the airport by car.
After arriving, we will pick you up at JR Tsurumi Station and Keikyu Tsurumi Station as…

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  • Dil: English, 日本語
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