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Modern Suite in Takayma, ANCHOR SITE

Süper Ev SahibiTakayama-shi, Gifu-ken, Japonya
Tüm ev · Ev sahibi: 秀行
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★Permitted House
(This house has a permission as a hotel, you do not need to worry about Japanese regulation)
★Best location
(Morning Market"5minutes"/Old town"7minutes"/Train station,Bus terminal"12minutes")
★Transfer service(Train station/Bus terminal to/from the House)
★Drink,Bread service(Coffee/Tea/Various soft drink/Fresh Bread
★Spacious Space(90㎡)
★Free car parking


1階と2階を合わせた面積はおよそ90平米。床のすべてに無垢フローリングを使用し、壁は珪藻土塗料にて仕上げてあります。また建具なども可能な限り無垢材を使用しており、室内外の至る所で自然素材が持つ特有の表情をお楽しみ頂けます。 カップルで、グループで、ファミリーで。1戸建てを貸し切り、ちょっぴり贅沢に飛騨高山の観光をお楽しみください。

The center of Takayama city, otherwise known as the ‘Little Kyoto of Hida’, is a well preserved castle town dating back to the Edo period. Located a short walk from the main attractions, ANCHOR SITE is a spacious two story home available for exclusive use by just one group per day. Other attractions such as UNESCO sanctioned Shirakawa-go and Oku Hida hot spring village are within easy driving distance.
Accommodation covers 90 square meters over two floors. The floor is finished with natural wood, and diatomite plaster is used for the walls. Wood trim inside and out accentuates the special atmosphere created by natural materials. A perfect place for couples, families or small groups to enjoy Hida-Takayama in style.

ANCHOR SITE offers free use of two floors, with a bedroom on the second floor. A spacious living space on each floor lets you to relax and enjoy the space at any time of day.


First (Ground) Floor
The high ceiling of the first floor creates an open, café-like space ordained with vintage and vintage styled fittings. A projector allows you to view TV programs or movies (DVD or Blu-ray) on a large screen.
Sit back with a good book and cup of coffee, or enjoy a chat fueled by some local sake. Use the microwave oven or toaster to fix a simple dinner (sink, plates and cutlery provided), or call for a delivered boxed meal.

---1階 設備・備品---
Facilities / Accessories
・Audio system
・Automatic coffee machine (Locally roasted coffee beans provided – approx. 2 cups per person)
・Toilet (heated seat and wash-toilet)
・Other (hand basin, DVD/Blu-Ray player, microwave oven, oven toaster, refrigerator, electric kettle, sink, air conditioner)
・Amenities (face towel)


Second Floor
The subdued tones of the living room and light colored bedroom provide a pleasant contrast to the first floor.
The slightly raised sleeping area is set up with two double futon, but can be arranged to accommodate an extra three single futon.
A dressing room and bathroom are accessed from the second floor living room. Enjoy a hot drink before bed or in the morning with the electric kettle. Two light sofas can be arranged to enjoy the space as you please.

---2階 設備・備品---
Facilities / Accessories
・Bluetooth compatible speakers
・Futon (Two double futon included). Up to three extra single futon can be added to accommodate extra guests. Arrange the futon as you please.
・Other (40-inch TV, small refrigerator, electric kettle, bath scales, hair drier, facial steamer, bath, shower, air conditioner)
・Amenities (Shampoo, hair treatment, soap, cotton buds, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels)

・Both floors have fridge, electric kettle, and Bluetooth compatible audio system to play music direct from your smartphone.
・The projector on the first floor is linked to a TV and DVD/Blu-ray player. If you would like to watch movies, please provide your own discs.
・There is a sink, microwave and cutlery on the first floor. A cooktop has not been installed for fire safety reasons, however simple meals can be prepared in the microwave. ANCHOR SITE is centrally located, with numerous eateries to enjoy nearby.

Misafir erişimi

Guest Access
・The side entrance by the first floor bathroom borders on the neighbor’s property. Please refrain from using this door.
・The store room on the second floor is for management only.
・The second floor exit is for emergencies only. Do not go outside from the second floor except in an emergency.
・Aside from the aforementioned points, please feel free to use both floors as you please.

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Oteller ve Konaklama Yerleri İş Yasası | 岐阜県飛騨保健所 | 岐阜県指令飛保第290号
Thank you for 260 reviews!

★Permitted House
(This house has a permission as a hotel, you do not need to worry about Japanese regulation)
★Best location
(Morning Market"5minutes"/Old town"7minutes"/Train station,Bus terminal"12minutes")
★Transfer service(Train station/Bus terminal to/from the House)
★Drink,Bread service(Coffee/Tea/Various soft drink/Fresh Bread
★Spacious Space…
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Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken, Japonya

ANCHOR SITEは主に地元の方が歩く、商店街に位置しています。そのため、静かなことが多い一方で、駅やバスターミナル、古い街並や朝市、コンビニや飲食店まですべてが徒歩圏内にあります。

Ev sahibi: 秀行

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Thank you so much for finding this accommodation called ANCHOR SITE. My name is TAGA. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
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If you have any problems or questions during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact management. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.
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  • Poliçe numarası: Oteller ve Konaklama Yerleri İş Yasası | 岐阜県飛騨保健所 | 岐阜県指令飛保第290号
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