Easy Livin' Studio-1 mile to beach+Outdoor Lounge

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Take it easy at this unique and tranquil getaway. Easy entry with no steps to contend with! Large outdoor shaded area located right off your studio with couch, firepit, and outdoor shower!
Make your stay at the beach convenient and worry free!

Your own private suite with a large outdoor patio with couch, hammock chairs & firepit to relax & soak up the salty fresh air! Outdoor shower for easy clean up after a much needed day at the beach! All the conveniences located in your space to make a quick snack (mini fridge/freezer, microwave, kcup machine, plates, cups, utensils, coffee, creamer, sugar, etc!) Freshen up in your large indoor shower with toiletries provided, hair dryer, iron/board, indoor desk/dining space for two, & a comfortable bed for a good nights rest with SmartTV in bedroom! Our goal is to make it easy for you to getaway -bring your clothes, personal necessities and we hope to provide you with the rest for a super enjoyable carefree stay!
NOTE - The upper level is a two bedroom one bath with full kitchen, dining and living room available for rent separately! Please inquire with your host if you are interested in renting this space as well.

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Kill Devil Hills bölgesinde 7 gece

22 Oca 2023 - 29 Oca 2023

25 değerlendirmede 5 yıldız üzerinden 4,68 yıldız

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Kill Devil Hills, Kuzey Carolina, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri

Kill Devil Hills is the oldest official town on the Outer Banks, and arguably, one of its most popular destinations. Located in the middle of the central Outer Banks and bordered by miles of attractions, activities, shops, and restaurants, (and not to mention miles of ocean,) Kill Devil Hills offers vacationers a world of things to do and see.
At the top of the "Hills," the Wright Brothers National Memorial overlooks the town, and at night, the soft flood lights surrounding the base of the memorial can be spotted in the distance from most any point within the town's limits. During the day, Kill Devil Hills really heats up with lots of fun both on and off the ocean, and plenty of entertainment for beach visitors. Essentially, for a packedg-Outer Banks vacation that has plenty of amenities and action, Kill Devil Hills is a perfect vacation destination.

Kill Devil Hills Attractions:
Wright Brothers National Memorial - The Wright Brothers Memorial is a tremendously popular attraction for Outer Banks vacationers of all areas, and is open year round, generally from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. depending on the season. Visitors can explore the reconstructed 1903 camp buildings where the Wright Brothers tinkered with their machinery, a visitors' center and original museum with a life-sized replica of the historic first airplane, and the Centennial pavilion which pays homage to achievements in flight since the Wright brothers first flew along the Outer Banks. Operated by the National Park Service, a small fee is required to access the Memorial grounds, but aviation lovers consider it an absolute "Must See" on their travels to the Outer Banks.
Avalon Fishing Pier - For a small fee, visitors can fish this 700 ft. long pier. The pier house features a snack bar, tackle & bait, and beer.

The Beach - The beach is still Kill Devil Hills #1 attraction. Like all central Outer Banks towns, kill Devils Hills has its own set of local beach rules and regulations, including no dogs on the beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. In addition, glass and bonfires are not allowed on the beaches, and driving on the beach is only allowed during the off-season months of October through March. Bear in mind, however, that these rules are in place to ensure everyone can enjoy the miles of oceanfront, and there's plenty of fun to be had both on and off the sand. There's no major beach boardwalk in Kill Devil Hills, but a quick hop over the dunes, and visitors can be right on the beach road to refresh with a soda or an ice cream from one of the area's many beachside shops. Here's what you need to know when visiting the beach:
Dogs are not permitted on the beach between May 15 and September 15, from 9am to 6pm unless they are a service animal. Dogs are otherwise permitted on the beach, controlled by a handler with a leash.
Fireworks and beach bonfires are not permitted in Kill Devil Hills.
Beer is allowed on the beach. Wine and liquor are not officially permitted. Please drink responsibly.
Metal detecting is allowed.
Red flags = no swimming. When you see red flags flying, dangerous conditions are present and swimming is prohibited.
It is illegal to walk on the dunes, and it is also illegal to pick live sea oats growing on the beaches.
Fill in any holes you dig. Holes in the sand can be a hazard.
Be mindful of Noise. Most communities consider a violation of the noise ordinance to be any sound that can be heard from inside a nearby residence, and any load noise after approximately 11:00 p.m.

No glass on the beach. Be mindful of glass bottles. Alcohol is allowed on all beaches, but if at all possible, stick to cans and plastic to save future beach-goers from any bare foot injuries.
Surf fishing is allowed. A fishing license is required in North Carolina and can be obtained before your vacation via the NC Marine Fisheries and Wildlife website, or a fishing license can be purchased at most any tackle shop on the Outer Banks.
4x4 Driving on the Beach - Driving on the beach is permitted October 1 - April 30 through designated access points. Vehicles must have current safety inspection, registration, insurance and license plate. Obtain a beach driving permit either from the Town of Kill Devil Hills or the Town of Nags Head. Through a reciprocal program, each town recognizes the beach driving permit issued by the other.
Dining and shopping options are in no short supply either, and hungry visitors will find they have their choice between fast food and fine dining, small locally owned shops and national chains, quick bites and four course meals. These shops and restaurants are located throughout the town, either along the beach road in decades-old buildings or historic original coast guard stations, or on the bypass in beachy shopping centers and modern plazas. With many amenities within walking distance, Kill Devil Hills vacationers will find they don't have to travel too far to enjoy the highlights of the Outer Banks; shopping and dining scene.

Beach accesses with free parking, listed from north to south, are found at the following locations:

Avalon Drive
5th Street
3rd Street
2nd Street
1st Street
Asheville Drive
Prospect Ave
Glenmere Ave
Woodmere Ave
Ferris Ave
Raleigh Ave
Carlow Ave
Sutton Ave
Pinehurst Ave
Ocean Bay Blvd
Carlton Abe
Oregon Ave (handicapped parking only)
Clark Street
Martin Street
Atlantic Street
8th Street

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MERHABA! 2013 yılında Ellicott City, MD'den Outer Banks'e taşındım. Virginia Tech'te Egzersiz ve Sağlık Promosyonu'na odaklanarak İnsan Beslenme, Yiyecek ve Egzersiz eğitimi okudum ve bu bilgiyi OBX'teki tek klasik Pilates Stüdyosu'nda Pilates Eğitmeni olarak her gün çalışmaya sundum! Eğitimime ek olarak, iş ve girişimci ruha olan sevgim beni AirBNB'ye yönlendirdi! Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'ndeki yerlerde birden fazla mekâna yardımcı ev sahipliği yapıyorum ve AirBNB'nin Profesyonel Yönlendiricisi olarak insanlara kendi başlarına veya yardımla nasıl ev sahipliği yapacaklarını öğretmekten büyük keyif alıyorum. Yerel kilisede bir kurs verdim - AirBNB ile Finansal Özgürlük Yolu - SEYAHAT etmeyi SEVİYORUM - bu nedenle ABD'deki veya Uluslararası olarak KENDİ şehrinizde bir kurs vermemi istiyorsanız bize ulaşın!

Beni çok mutlu eden şeyler:
1. K9 Medusa, kediler Oli & BB, yakın arkadaşlarım ve ailem, müşterilerim ve misafirlerimle ilişkilerim!
2. Su (tüm büyük su kütlelerine atıfta bulunarak... içecek değil!;)
3. Plaj yürüyüşleri ve Podcast'ler!
4. Meditasyon
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6. Teklifler!

Bir Air Elçisi olarak, her misafire ve potansiyel yeni ev sahibine minnettarım, yazışıyorum! Gelecek aylarda ve yıllarda SİZİ, sevdiklerinizi ve çok daha fazlasını ağırlamayı sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum. Gerçekten sevgiyle yapılacak bir iş! Kendi mekânınızda ev sahipliği yapma konusunda yardıma ihtiyacınız olursa size bu konuda DA yardımcı olmaktan memnuniyet duyarım!

İlham veren seyahat teklifleri:

~ İyi bir seyahatseverin sabit bir planı yoktur ve gelmek gibi bir niyeti yoktur.

~ Seyahat ettikten sonra, yolculuk asla sona ermez, ancak en sessiz odalarda defalarca oynanır, bu da akıl asla yolculuktan ayrılamaz.
Pat Conroy

~Tüm yolculuklarda seyahatseverin farkında olmadığı gizli destinasyonlar vardır.
Martin Buber

~İki yol bir ormana daldı ve ben - daha az seyahat eden birini aldım ve bu büyük bir fark yarattı.
Robert Frost

~ Mutluluğun gidilecek bir yer değil, seyahat etmenin bir yolu olduğunu unutmayın.
Roy M. Goodman

~ Her zaman yanınızda taşıyabileceğiniz her şeye sahip olun: dilleri bilin, ülkeler bilin, insanları tanıyın. Unutmayın seyahat çantanız olsun.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

~Hepimiz bu dünyanın vahşi doğasında gezginleriz ve seyahatlerimizde bulabildiğimiz en iyi şey dürüst bir arkadaşımız.
Robert Louis Stevenson

~Deneyim, seyahat — Bunlar kendi başına bir eğitim.

~yavaş yavaş, biri uzaklara seyahat ediyor.
J. R. R. Tolkien

~ Kendinizle tanışacak kadar uzağa seyahat edin!
Joseph Campbell

MERHABA! 2013 yılında Ellicott City, MD'den Outer Banks'e taşındım. Virginia Tech'te Egzersiz ve Sağlık Promosyonu'na odaklanarak İnsan Beslenme, Yiyecek ve Egzersiz eğitimi okudum…

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