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Nowhere but Sajima[Pets allowed]

Tüm villa · Ev sahibi: Michiyo
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"Nowhere but Sajima" is a seaside resort condominium that rents an entire house on a weekly basis. Built to float on the sea of ​​Sajima, all rooms have ocean views, so you can enjoy a dynamic sea look!
It is a luxurious location overlooking Mt. Fuji and Enoshima on a sunny day.
★ Reservations are accepted from Friday (entrance) to the following Thursday (exit).
★ Up to 2 dogs are allowed (12,942 yen / animal) * Please inform us in advance.

Standing in the living room on the second floor, the clear blue sea spreads at your feet. You can see Fuji and Enoshima on a sunny day!
We recommend that you spend a little luxury sitting on the sofa!

Dikkat edilecek diğer şeyler
【Hotel register】
Please send us of PASSPORT photo page of all member to before use.
As submission of guest information is required, we ask for your cooperation.

【STAYCATION Lease Agreement (Terms of Use) 】

STAYCATION Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Lessor") and the lessee described at the end of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the Lessee") hereby conclude the following agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") on the conditions associated with the lease of the facilities operated by the Lessor (hereinafter referred to as the "Property") or the services provided by the Lessor through lease of the Property (hereinafter referred to as the "Services"). The Lessee must agree to the contents set forth in this Agreement in full in order to use the Services, and the Lessee shall be deemed as having agreed to the contents set forth in this Agreement upon using the Services.

[Points acknowledged by the Lessee leasing the Property]
The purpose of the Services is to allow the Lessee to enjoy the unique lifestyle of a vacation home owner during the Property lease period. In other words, the Lessor does not intend to provide the Lessee with the level of hospitality that could be expected from a hotel. Of course, the Lessor will endeavor to prepare the Property so that the Lessee can enjoy a comfortable stay, however it should be noted that insects and small animals can sometimes enter the Property. In this case, the Lessor will not send a staff member to exterminate the insects or small animals, as would be expected in a hotel.
It should also be noted that the Lessor is unable to provide immediate repairs in the event windows, etc. are broken as a result of natural disasters such as typhoons; the Lessee will be required to deal with such circumstances on the Lessee’s own responsibility. While impossible to enumerate each and every potential situation, in principle the Lessee will be required to carry out all tasks that a vacation home owner would be required to do. Please consider the Property as a rental real estate property.
The Lessee may experience inconvenience as a result of broken or faulty fixtures and equipment, etc. in the Property. Please note that it may take time to make repairs, or repairs may even be impossible, in this case. As the Lessor does not have any similar properties available to lease, the Lessor may be unable to immediately prepare a substitute room for the Lessee. No refund will be issued in either case.
Please apply to lease the Property after reading and fully understanding the above.
*Please note that cleaning services will not be provided during the Lessee’s stay in the Property.

1. Purpose and Type of Lease
1.1. The purpose or type of lease for the Property under the Terms shall be a lease agreement for the purpose of temporary use. You who are the Lessee may not lease the Property for any other purpose. Furthermore, if you receive the Services, it shall be necessary to register to become a STAYCATION member.
1.2. The Property is different from a hotel or inn, etc., and the Property becomes that which is leased to the Lessee as a base for temporary living. The Lessee should get along with its neighbors and lease the Property with the duty of care of a good manager so as not to cause trouble.
1.3. Unless otherwise permitted by the Lessor, leasing or subleasing the Property or transferring to any third party the lease rights of the Property held by the Lessee is prohibited.
1.4. The Property shall be vacated at the end of the lease term. No renewal of the contract or extension of the lease period will be permitted. In the case of continued use, a new application has to be made, and it shall require entering into a lease agreement.

2. Establishment of the Agreement
2.1. The Agreement shall be established at the time when you apply to use the Property upon accepting the Terms and the Lessor receives payment of the fee within the time period determined separately by the Lessor. If the Lessor is unable to confirm the payment of the fee, the application for lease shall be canceled.
2.2. The full amount of the fee shall be paid in a lump sum in advance. If payment of the fee shall be made by bank transfer, and if the Lessor gives a refund to the Lessee due to a cancellation, etc. of the reservation for the lease, the transfer fees shall be borne by the Lessee.
2.3. Changes and cancellations of the lease of the Property and cancellation fees shall be as set forth in the page of each Property ("Facility") within the website.
2.4. When there are any changes of the Lessee’s registration information, the Lessee shall provide materials without delay according to the method prescribed by the Lessor.
2.5. The Lessee shall manage and store the Lessee’s password and user ID on the Lessee’s own responsibility, and shall not make available, lend, assign, change the ownership of, or otherwise sell them to any third party.
2.6. The Lessee shall be liable for any damage arising from the Lessee’s inadequate management, the Lessee’s fault of use, third party’s use, etc. with respect to the Lessee’s password and user ID, and the Lessor shall assume no liability.
2.7. When the Lessee’s password and user ID is stolen, or when it is found that it is used by any third party, the Lessee shall immediately notify the Lessor to that effect, and follow the instructions given by the Lessor.

3. Terms of Use
3.1. The Lessee may, during the effective period of the Agreement, use the Services according to a manner prescribed by the Lessor within the purposes of the Terms and to the extent the Lessee does not violate the Terms.
3.2. When there is bad weather such as typhoons or a natural disaster such as earthquakes, there may be no choice but to refuse to lease the Property. When otherwise the Lessor determines that the Property is unusable or when the Property is damaged or destroyed, etc., the Agreement shall be terminated immediately, and the Lessor shall refund to the Lessee the portion of the fee equivalent to the number of days that the Property is not able to be leased.、
3.3. A computer, software or any other equipment, a communication circuit and other communication environments required for the supply of the Services at the time of the Lessee’s reservation, etc. shall be prepared and maintained by the Lessee at the Lessee’s cost and on the Lessee’s responsibility.
3.4. The Lessee shall, depending on the Lessee’s use circumstances of the Services, take measures for security practices such as prevention of viral infection and prevention of unauthorized access and divulging of information at the Lessee’s cost and on the Lessee’s responsibility.
3.5. Please understand in advance that there will be no handling whatsoever of communication and inquiries from third persons from viewpoint of protecting the Lessee’s privacy.
3.6 Non-Japanese citizens will be required to provide a copy of their passport upon check in.

4. Management of Property
4.1. The Property is a leasehold property and our staff is not resident in each accommodation. During the period of use, the Lessee shall be responsible for the maintenance and management, and cleanliness of the Property.
4.2. Utility expenses : After checking out, actual expenses will be subtracted from the security deposit.
4.3. When leasing the Property, the Lessee shall comply with the rules of use of the Property, the relevant laws and regulations, and the rules of a town council, local community, management association, etc.
4.4. If, during the lease of the Property, there is any tort or any act similar thereto, or any act that is a nuisance to the neighborhood, or if the Property is significantly damaged to the point that the owner of the property suspends the lease, the Lessee may not be allowed to lease any property handled by the Lessor in the future.
4.5. If the Property is used for the purpose of a seminar, event, party, selling of goods, etc., it shall be necessary to submit to the Lessor in advance those materials such as the proposal and product manual, etc. Please understand in advance that in this case, if the Lessor determines that such contents, etc. are inappropriate, or improper, etc., the lease may be denied even after an application has been made or after payment has been made. Furthermore, if the Lessee does not submit the materials above by the specified deadline, or if it is found that the Property had been used for the purpose of a seminar, event, selling of goods, etc. after such use was made of the Property, the Lessee will immediately terminate the Agreement and the use of the Property will be suspended. In this case, the deposit received by the Lessor may be appropriated as part of the penalty and shall not be refunded to the Lessee. Furthermore, the Lessee shall not be compensated for any damage incurred as a result thereof.
4.6. No persons other than the persons listed at the time of application may enter the property (including the premises). If any persons other than those listed enter the property, an additional fee will be charged. Please note that a penalty will apply if the Lessee allows guests to visit the Property without the approval of the Lessor.
4.7. If the Lessee causes any damage such as soiling, breakage, harm, loss, or a malfunction to the Property or the equipment or fixtures attached to the Property, the Lessee shall be billed for the restoration costs. In addition, if it is found that such damage has been caused due to the Lessee’s intentional or negligent act, the Lessee shall be liable for damage resulting from the Lessee’s act.
4.8. Adding an extension, remodeling, transfer, or renovation of the Property or altering the design, or installing any structure on the premises of the Property is strictly prohibited.
4.9. If at the Lessee’s own convenience the Lessee terminate the use of the Property prior to the expiration of the lease term of the Property, or reduces the lease term, the Lessor shall not refund the fee received from the Lessee
4.10. The Property is being leased as a resort villa to the public and at the same time is up for sale, so the Property reserved may not be available if it is sold. Please understand in advance that in such case a different Property will be arranged or the fee will be refunded. In addition, the contract for the owner's property (property not owned by the Lessor) may also need to be canceled due to the owner's convenience or other circumstances. Please understand in advance that in such case it shall be handled by changing the Property to be leased or refunding the fee.

5. Deposit
5.1. In addition to the fee, the Lessee will need to submit a repair deposit or credit card number registration. The repair deposit and the penalty are regularly 50,000 yen, but there are exceptions according to the plan.
5.2. In case the deposit has been appropriated to other expenses borne by the Lessee with respect to the lease thus far, and if the Lessee has appropriated the deposit as part of the penalty arising from a breach of prohibited matters, the deposit may be proportionately increased upon the next time of use.
5.3. The deposit received by the Lessor may be appropriated to other expenses borne by you under the Terms. In addition, in the case of a breach of the [Prohibited Matters] in 11 and the [Cancellation and Compensation for Damage, etc.] in 14, This repair deposit shall be appropriated as part of the penalty and not refunded. In the case of credit card number registration, the Lessor will charge the claim to the credit card, and will paid. The deposit shall be refunded within 14 days after vacating the Property, provided that it is confirmed after vacating the Property that such deposit was not appropriated due to a state equal to a normal state of use, and that there was no breach of the Agreement, and furthermore provided that the aforementioned details are not applicable. Such deposit will not bear interest. The transfer (remittance) fee at the time of refund shall be borne by the Lessor only through a domestic financial institution. (In the case of a refund through a foreign financial institution and to overseas, the transfer (remittance) fee shall be borne by the Lessee.)

6. Vacating of the Property
6.1. If the Lessee does not vacate the Property immediately after the expiration of the term of the Agreement, the Lessee shall pay as damages an amount equivalent to double the fee from the expiration date of the term of the Agreement until the date the Lessee completes vacating the Property.
6.2. Fixtures, fittings, food, and other valuables, etc. left in the Property by the Lessee shall be disposed of by the Lessor at will. If it costs for the disposal, it shall be billed to the Lessee.
7. Entering of the Property
The property manager hired by the Lessor may enter the Property when it is determined that the Lessor needs to enter the Property due to an emergency, not being able to reach you, to make repairs, or to conduct inspections, etc.

8. Pictures, etc. taken on the Property
Except in the case of personal use, it is forbidden to use pictures and video, etc. taken on the Property to duplicate them, or effect public transmission of them (including making them transmittable) on a website, blog, SNS, image/video posting site, bulletin board, etc. without the permission of the Lessor.

9. Rescheduling and Cancellation of Reservation
In the case of rescheduling or canceling a reservation, you shall follow the cancellation policy published for each Facility on the website. In case of canceling without notice, we will charge the total amount of your booking. Rescheduling or canceling a reservation prior to the date on which cancellation fees occur shall be free of charge. Rescheduling after the date on which cancellation fees occur shall require cancellation fees over an entire period of reservation. In addition, any transfer fees associated with a refund shall be borne by the Lessee. (Any transfer fees associated with the refund of monies shall be borne by the Lessee). Furthermore, the Lessor reserves the right to cancel this Agreement after the screening process.

10. Option Services
For optional items of individual types of tour and treatment, including, without limitation, a wedding party, catering, water sports, and nature walks, the Lessee shall directly contract with the professional provider of each service. In this case, the Lessor shall only make introductions, and even if any accident, injury, etc., occurs, the Lessor shall not be liable whatsoever including the refunding of the usage fee. Each of the Lessees shall use it at the Lessee’s own risk.

11. Prohibited Matters
11.1. The Lessee may not:
(1) smoke and/or use fire on the premises except as otherwise permitted by the Lessor;
   (We may be confiscated the full amount of deposit, when we found smoking and/or cigarette butts in the facility except the place where we permit otherwise.)
(2) manufacture and/or store guns, knives, or hazardous substances, etc., that could explode or ignite;
(3) receive a complaint from the neighborhood by breaching the rules of a town council, a local community, etc.;
(4) eat and drink, barbecue, or otherwise do other things similar thereto outdoors, or on the terrace or balcony, unless otherwise permitted by the Lessor,
(5) make lots of noise outdoors at any time of the day or night;
(6) make loud noise, turn the sound up too loud on the TV, stereo, etc., or play musical instruments, leading to risky behavior or annoying to the neighborhood; make loud noise by a banquet, alcohol, etc.; shine extremely bright lights outside after dark and leave the lights on inside unnecessarily after midnight;
(7) commit acts that are liable to color the Property by using paints, coatings, or hair dyes;
(8) use the Property as an office for anti-social forces and allow anti-social forces to come and go on the Property;
(9) add an extension, remodel, relocate, or alter the design, or install any structure on the premises of the Property, and make a copy of the keys or change the locks to the entrance (front entrance);
(10) use the Property with pets (including the case in which your friends or acquaintances with pets visit you);
(11) bring in and rear animals (including insects and living things similar thereto);
(12) conduct sales and soliciting activities such as multi-level marketing, adult entertainment, and motivational seminars;
(13) commit acts that infringe on intellectual property rights, image rights, privacy rights, honor, or other rights or interests of the Lessor or other users, outside SNS operators or any other third party (including acts that bring about such infringement problems directly or indirectly);
(14) commit criminal acts or other acts that is offensive to public order and morals;
(15) falsify information available with respect to the Services;
(16) commit acts that are liable to prevent the operation of the Services;
(17) commit acts that direct other members or third parties to other websites by using the website;
(18) commit other acts that, in the Lessor’s opinion, are inappropriate when using the Property or Services;
(19) have a person who was or is likely to be diagnosed as infection enter the Property; or
(20)park on the road.
(21) Entering restricted areas or using prohibited furnishings as indicated by signage on premises.

11.2. When the Lessor determines at its own direction that the Lessee’s acts with respect to the Services correspond or is likely to correspond to the prohibited matters above, the Lessor shall, without giving prior written notice to you, delete information concerning the Property immediately, in whole or in part, reserve payment of the usage fee of the Facility, and otherwise take measures that the Lessor deems necessary. The Lessor shall assume no liability for any damage incurred by the Lessee arising from the measures taken by the Lessor under these provisions.

12. Termination, Suspension, etc. of the Services
12.1. The Lessor may suspend and terminate use of the Services in whole or in part without prior notification or demand in the case that:
(1) the Lessee violates any of the provisions of the Terms;
(2) it is found that registration information is fabricated;
(3) the Lessee uses or intends to use the Services for the purpose or in the manner that cause or is likely to cause damage to the Lessor, other customers, outside SNS operators, or any other third party;
(4) the Lessee disturbs the operation of the Services for any reasons whatsoever;
(5) the Lessee makes an inspection and maintenance of a computer system pertaining to the Services periodically or in emergency;
(6) the Services cannot be operated due to force majeure, including, but not limited to, a fire, power outrage, and natural disaster;
(7) it becomes difficult to provide the Services resulting from the disorder of building equipment required for the provision of the Services; or
(8) The Lessor otherwise determines that it is necessary to terminate and suspend the Services.
12.2. The Lessor shall assume no liability for any damage incurred by the Lessee arising from any act made by the Lessor under this Section.

13. No liability
13.1. The Lessor shall assume no liability for any damage incurred by the Lessee or the Lessee’s accompanying persons due to an accident, injury, theft, or other reasons not attributable to the Lessor in the vicinity of the Property, in the room, or in the parking lot.
13.2. The Lessor shall not be liable whatsoever for any trouble arising from or in connection with the Internet connection in the Property (including a bad connection).
※ There is no Internet access depending on the Property.

14. Cancellation and Compensation for Damage
14.1. The Lessee shall compensate the Lessor for the costs required to restore the Property to its original condition due to the Lessee’s intentional or negligent acts or improper use of the Property, equipment, or fixtures of the Property and for damage incurred by the Lessor, such as compensation for being closed during the period of construction to restore the Property to its original condition.
14.2. If the Lessee breaches obligations set forth in the Terms, or if the Lessee commits any of the acts listed in the prohibited matters when leasing the Property, the Agreement shall be cancelled immediately, and the Lessee shall terminate the lease of the Property immediately and vacate the Property. In this case, the Lessor shall not refund any of the fees received from the Lessee. Furthermore, repair deposits shall be appropriated as part of the penalty and shall not refunded. In the case of credit card number registration, the Lessor will charge the Lessee to a credit card and will paid.
14.3. During the performance of the Terms, and so long as the Lessee incurs damage arising from the intentional or negligent acts of the Lessor, the Lessor shall compensate for damage directly incurred by the Lessee, and otherwise the Lessor shall be released from liability.
14.4 The Lessor will only accept complaints concerning the Property directly from the Lessee (the party to this Agreement)
14.5 STAYCATION shall not be held responsible for any loss or theft on the premises.
14.6 STAYCATION is not responsible for illnesses or injuries suffered by guests during their stay unless the cause is directly attributable to conditions on the property.

15. Services and Changes of the Terms
15.1. The Lessor may terminate the provision of the Terms at its convenience.
15.2. The contents of the Terms are subject to change without prior notice to the Lessee. In this case, the Lessee shall be bound by the Terms after the change. Prior to entering the Property, please be sure to confirm and understand the Terms, and use the Property.

16. Original and Governing Law
The Terms written in Japanese shall be the original text thereof, and the Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

17. Jurisdiction
Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with the Terms shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court in the first instance.

*The following are terms and conditions only for users at pet-friendly facilities.
Agreement for Dog Stay
For the dog stay, I agree to keep the following items to stay in STAYCATION’S accommodation.

1. Please adhere strictly to the number and size of each facility, and other animal is unacceptable.
2. The dog must be trained not to disturb other people.
The dog must be trained for toilet, not to bark often, not to destroy our facility
3. The dog must have a rabies vaccination and viral and epidemic vaccination (a multiple
vaccination of more than five.) At the beginning of the stay, it must be at least 2 weeks since
the vaccination and no more than 1 year.
4. Send the copy to the contact desk for the proof -the vaccination.
5. The dog is not the dog for dogfight. The dog has to be small-size dog or medium-size dog.
6. The dog must be older than 4 months.
7. The dog must be done the flea and tick control.
8. If the dog is female, it should be past more than 4 weeks after the first menstruation. There
is no possibility to have menstruation during the stay and be sure the dog is not pregnant.

1. As for the space where dogs can use, please strictly follow the designated location for each facility.
2. Pay attention to the dog at the corkscrew stair.
3. Not to leave the dog alone in the house.
4. Clean the dog’s leg at the entrance when back to the house. Not to use the towel for the dog.
5. Keep the dog from the beds, sofa, chairs, tables, and closet.
6. Pay attention not to destroy our facility ‒furniture, equipment, plant, and others. If there
is destruction or damage I will pay the charge.
7. Not to do shampoo or trim the dog neither inside the house nor at the porch.
8. If it happens evacuation in the room or the premises, I will flush the excretion in the toilet
and clean up the place using the cleaner.
9. You are sure to use the lead when go out with the dog and bring the excretion to the home and flush it
in the toilet.
10. Not to leave the dog when you order the room cleaning.
11. I will keep any duty of the dog’s owner including animal‒protections or any law.

1. If you make a false statement or break the agreement and you make trouble or accident to the
neighbors, we refuse your accommodation. In this case the charge will not be refund to you.
2. It is your responsibility if the dog escape or get injures, or die.
3. You must pay the charge of damage if your dogs damage our equipment or the neighbor.

Aug, 2020

Aug, 2020

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"Nowhere but Sajima" is a seaside resort condominium that rents an entire house on a weekly basis. Built to float on the sea of ​​Sajima, all rooms have ocean views, so you can enjoy a dynamic sea look!
It is a luxurious location overlooking Mt. Fuji and Enoshima on a sunny day.
★ Reservations are accepted from Friday (entrance) to the following Thursday (exit).
★ Up to 2 dogs are allowed (12,942 yen /…
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Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japonya

A popular fish shop nearby sells fresh seafood from Sajima Fishing Port!
Buying local fish and cooking in the kitchen is fun!
There are also eateries, delicious bakery and ranch where you can experience dairy farming.

Ev sahibi: Michiyo

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はじめまして!Michiyoです。 私は、旅先のスーパーへ行ったり、地元の方に美味しいお店を教えてもらったり…その街に暮らすように楽しむ旅が大好きです! Airbnbを通して、多くの方々と出会えるのを楽しみにしています!
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