Unique 1 BR getaway w/ Panoramic View & hot tub

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Nathalie Süper Ev Sahibi
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This vibrant colorful artist & designer house invite you for a unique stay at the lake. Nested in nature, ideal for relaxing & center. Good location to explore the lake by boat or hikes and within walking distance to public dock, store and restaurants.
Nash open her home - studio and is committed to make your stay smooth and magical. We offer breakfast, food & drinks delivery to the house, workshop, portrait photo session, Mayan Ceremony, hot tub & massage.
Ask Nash for more infos.

Perch atop a rock on a maya sacred site, this boutique oasis is a scenic small two bedroom mountain lodge & art studio inspired by Santa Fé adobe architecture and featuring lush interior design drawing from the Mayan color palette. A cabin feel with wooden ceiling and central fireplace with lots of outdoor space.
And and infinity wood stove hot tub for an additional cost of 45$.
We are within walking distance to lakeshore, local market and restaurants. A perfect place to explore the lake. Surrounded by nature, panoramic view, relax and unwind in total privacy, peace and tranquility.

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Jaibalito, Sololá Department, Guatemala

Jaibalito is the smallest of the Mayan villages at lake Atitlan and the most authentic. It's a town where you will encounter women in traditional dress carrying firewood and kids playing soccer in the street: true Maya life, active with church music, barking dogs and rooster calls.

Officially a `hamlet`, there are about 150 families, totaling 1,200 inhabitants, combined with 40 foreign residents. Even though the newcomers represent a dozen countries and an interesting mix of religions, none have tried to change the Mayan character of the town. Also unique is that foreigners reside in the village, as well as in the mountains around town and along the shore of the lake. The result is an authentic experience for visitors: a little Mayan village, dotted with unique rental properties, quality food offerings and a central gathering place: the Posada Jaibalito. Visitors who choose to stay in this tiny community often realize they have been welcomed to the heart of the Mayan highlands.

Within 15 mins walk, you can find:
- El Indigo at the dock.
- Casa del Mundo, where you can hire kayaks or dine with a beautiful view.
- Posada Jaibalito, where you can dine amongst the poultry, meet Hans the owner from Germany, and swap stories with the locals.
- El Escondido, an authentic local restaurant closest to the house.

Basic groceries and food can be purchased from multiple tiendas and Posada Jaibalito.

Other activities can also be arranged upon request, such as yoga, massage, sound healing, card readings and various ceremonies and of course photo experience with Nathalie.

Walk to Santa Cruz in 30 minutes and to Tzununa in 45 mins or catch a boat which run every 20 mins in both directions at 5Q per stop.

Ev sahibi: Nathalie

Ağustos 2015 tarihinde katıldı.
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  • Süper Ev Sahibi
Hi, I am Nathalie, or Nash if you prefer, I am among the first Westerners to integrate into the charming indigenous hamlet Jaibalito, located in the highlands of the Sierra Madre in Guatemala. Accessible only by boat or footpath, Jaibalito is now known for its unique blend of indigenous locals and expats, all nestled together in a lush valley on the shores of Lake Atitlan, facing three majestic volcanoes. In 2003, with the blessing of Maya elders, I became the guardian of a sacred site, The temple of the Wind, perched on top of a rock formation above the village, with breathtaking views of the lake and the valley. Once owned by a local spiritual guide, a powerful place to experience the magic of its Maya heritage. I spent years designing and creating a unique home and refuge, so I could welcome guests with inspiring accommodations as well as unique immersive experiences and retreats. With a rich artistic background, specializing in decor, design, photography, video and painting, I enjoys the exploration of each art form separately. However my unique approach is to cross-reference and fuse mediums, giving my work an interdisciplinary quality. An integral community member at Lake Atitlan, I have been involved in numerous health, art and water projects, collaborating with indigenous groups, NGOs and government entities. I continues to foster community involvement and offers authentic avenues of immersion in Maya life to her guests. History of the house : About 20 years ago, I discovered Lake Atitlan during a Mexico road trip. This small detour changed my life. While visiting ancient sites in Mexico, I was told my father had passed away suddenly. The shock of this news made me decide to change my life and open myself up to experience a completely new culture and community at Lake Atitlan. Even though I returned to Europe, I could not fit back into my old life and kept feeling the call of the Lake. A year later I was back, with plans to stay and find my own piece of heaven. It wasn't long until I heard of a German, who settled on the north shore of the lake, in Jaibalito and who was developing projects benefiting the community. That same day I hopped on a boat to see for myself and I’ve never looked back! Once I decided on the town, I looked for a new place to call home. And sure enough: someone told me of a spiritual guide named Macario, offering fire ceremonies at an ancient site in the mountains. When I visited him at the temple of the wind, he told me that his wife was ill and could no longer get to the temple, so he had performed an intimate ceremony, asking the ancestors to help him find a new guardian to take care of this sacred site. Touched to the core at being considered for this role, I realized the significance of becoming the caretaker of such a place. I could immediately envision a future for myself in this community and considered the opportunity I was offered a true privilege and an honor. It took not only inspiration to create this mountain hideaway, but also a lot of Mayan man power, technical skill and patience. For many years now, I have been able to offer visitors a comfortable and welcoming home, decorated with love and representing my own unique style. It is a place where new lake explorers are welcomed by Mayan ancestors, and a home to be shared with family and guests in celebrations of life, renewal and continuity.
Hi, I am Nathalie, or Nash if you prefer, I am among the first Westerners to integrate into the charming indigenous hamlet Jaibalito, located in the highlands of the Sierra Madre i…

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