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Kinshicho Sta. 3min. 401 Pocket WiFi

Daire içinde özel oda · Ev sahibi: Naohisa
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It is a 3-minute on foot from the south exit of Kinshicho Station.

Since our room is a share house, it does not support 14-day quarantine by COVID19.

There is no window in this room.
Please make sure to check the guest room statement, instructions, additional notes, and house manual prior to booking.

Dikkat edilecek diğer şeyler
・There is no elevator. The rooms are located on 4F, 5F, 6F.
The entrance is on the 4th floor.
Please go up the stairs to the 4th floor.
This room is on the 5th floor.
・There are 17 rooms in all.
・The rooms are very small.
I think whether you actually feel smaller than the picture.
Please also assume that carry-back is placed in the hallway.
・The bedroom is a private room with a key.
All other things are shared by men and women.
・Bed size is semi-double.
・We have one pocket WiFi in each room.
It can be used when you go out.
However, it has a limit of 2GB a day.
・We are prepare a pair of towels in the room.
However, we don't change towels during the guest stay.
Please use the washing machine on the 6th floor.(Please prepare your own detergent.)
・Entrance, kitchen, washing machine, shower and toilet are all shared by men and women. Because it is shared with other guests, we keep you waiting very much.
・There is a toilet on each floor. (4, 5, 6F) The toilet on the 4th floor is a squat toilet.
・There are two shower rooms, but there is one entrance, so it can be very crowded.
・Please don't put towels and toothbrushes in common areas (shower rooms or sinks).
Please manage in your room.
There is a possibility of disposing of private items placed in the common space.
・There is a shared fridge in the kitchen.
If you want to put ingredients and drinks in the fridge, please write room number.
Expired material may be thrown away by us.
・The building is old. The shared part may be dirty by other guests. The bedroom has been renovated.
・The wall is thin, it is easy to hear the sound from other rooms and the outside. Please prepare an earplug if you are interested.
・It is located in the Red light district of Kinshicho. It is in a place where shops of the night stand.
・The same building contains Hostess bar and Thai massage shops.There are also many people at midnight. A voice is heard from the room.
・There are other guests so please be quiet at night

For the above reasons we offer very cheaply!
It's old, but cleaning is doing its best.
Those who do not have a problem by all means thank you for your reservation!

Kinshicho is a hidden downtown area.
There are many cheap and good stores.
Many places to eat until midnight.


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Sumida City, Tokyo, Japonya

There are many restaurants,bars and
Izakaya in the surroundings.

There is a Kinshi-Park on the opposite side (North entrance) of the station, and it is a sakura sightseeing spot.

There is a 24-hour supermarket (SEIYU) on the B1F of the PARCO department store on the left side of the south exit of Kinshicho Station.
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↑ 한국어
There is also a supermarket where you can buy ingredients cheaply on the B1F of the Marui department store in front of our room. (Closed at 8pm)
In addition, there is a ¥ 100 store (Seria) on the 4th floor of the Marui department store.

There is a shopping building (ARCAKIT Kinshicho) on the left side of the north exit of Kinshicho Station.
There is a very Big ¥ 100 store (DAISO) in this building.
↑ English
There is a coin laundry about 5 minutes on foot from the room.(It's a 24hr)


Ev sahibi: Naohisa

Nisan 2018 tarihinde katıldı.
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I'm there almost every day.
So sometimes I have dinner or go out for a drink with some guests.
If you ask for it, I will consider it.
  • Poliçe numarası: M130010735
  • Yanıt oranı: 100%
  • Yanıt süresi: bir saat içinde
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