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The Breathing Hotel Tokyo Süper Ev Sahibi
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Welcome to The Breathing Hotel Tokyo!
Shinjuku station-新宿-Ikebukuro station-池袋-are just 2 stops from Takadanobaba Station (3~5min by train)
30 seconds walk to the nearby convenience store.
※As a countermeasure for new coronavirus infectious diseases, we are carrying out thorough sterilization.
[About the hotel]
The Breathing Hotel Tokyo is a large hotel with 185 guest rooms. The operating company has been selected as an official partner of airbnb,
so please book it with confidence.

Recently, some furniture has been replaced and renewal open!
You will love it:)

★Free wifi★
High speed home wifi provided.

This house is an "ENTIRE HOUSE".
You can use all the spaces.
It is not a share room!
You will be the ONLY GUESTS when you stay.

★ Facilities ★
-double bed*1
-single-sized futon*1
-semi-double bed*1
-Bathroom (shampoo & body soap)
-Air conditioner (cooler / heater)
-Hair Dryer
-Kettle, mug, plate, spoon, fork, chopsticks
-IH stove
-TV set
-Clean bath towel / face towel
-Iron / Ironing board
-Washing machine / dryer (charged) is located in the common area of the building (3.4 floor elevator hall)

★Room space★
1~2 guests; spacious enough
3 guests: might feel a bit tight.
For 3 people, additional linen will be provided, please enter the exact number of people

Check-in: From 3pm to 11pm.
* Check-in is only from 15:00. Early check-in is not possible.
* Luggage cannot be stored in the manager's room.

Check-out: Please by 10 am on the day
* Luggage cannot be stored. Please use a coin locker at the station.

★ Notice ★
Furniture and layout may be slightly different from the photos post on airbnb, but the home appliances and equipment
are provided as listed, please don't worry about it.

★There is another room in the building, I think you will like it!★

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Shinjuku City, Tōkyō, Japonya

About Shinjuku
Shinjuku is one of the biggest cities in Tokyo. Great spot for shopping, sightseeing, drinking, night life and etc. Moreover, Shinjuku is the most popular area for tourists. Shinjuku is the best location to stay for a Tokyo trip with easy access to any area in Tokyo. Trains like JR lines and Tokyo METRO subway lines will take you literally anywhere.

In Shinjuku, there are;
・Kabuki-Cho – any kind of night life you can enjoy
・Shinjuku National Gyoen Park – Japanese traditonal style garden
・Isetan Department Store – shopping mall with luxury and latest fashion brand stores.
・Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office - Free observation deck at 202m high. You can see Mt.Fuji on sunny days.

----- For more details !!! -----
【Please have a look at the guidebook on my listing page to see my best recommended restaurants, bars and shops nearby the apartment.】

I'm sure you will love it and enjoy the stay in Tokyo.
I would love to help you with ANYTHING before/during and even after your stay to make your trip an even more wonderful one.
If you need any further information, feel free to ask me! :)

Ev sahibi: The Breathing Hotel Tokyo

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こんにちは、The Breathing Hotel Tokyo です 当ホテルは、多数の法人様のご利用実績もございます全185室の大型ホテルです。運営会社は、airbnb公式パートナーにも選ばれておりますので、安心してご利用ください。 駅の雑踏から離れた閑静な場所。 旅の疲れ、仕事の疲れ、息が詰まるようなことも多いけど、 ここに泊まるとなんだか心が元気になって、 次の日の朝、深呼吸して「今日も1日がんばろう。」と思える。 いつもより足取りが軽くなる。 呼吸する喜びを感じるホテル 呼吸することのように、いつも身近にあるホテル The Breathing Hotel Tokyoで 生き生きとした1日のはじまりをお迎えください Hello, this is The Breathing Hotel Tokyo Our hotel is a large hotel with 185 rooms, which has been used by many corporations. The operating company is also selected as an official partner of airbnb, so please feel free to make the reservation. A quiet place away from the crowds at the station. I often get tired of traveling, tired of work, and suffocated, Sometimes I feel tired from traveling, I feel tired from work, and I am suffocated, but staying here makes my heart feel better, and on the next morning, take a deep breath and say, "I'll do my best today." I think. And the gait becomes lighter than usual. A hotel where you can feel the joy of breathing A hotel that is always close to you, like breathing Please welcome the beginning of a wonderful day at The Breathing Hotel Tokyo
こんにちは、The Breathing Hotel Tokyo です 当ホテルは、多数の法人様のご利用実績もございます全185室の大型ホテルです。運営会社は、airbnb公式パートナーにも選ばれておりますので、安心してご利用ください。 駅の雑踏から離れた閑静な場所。 旅の疲れ、仕事の疲れ、息が詰まるようなことも多いけど、 ここに泊まるとな…

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there is a staff in the management room on the first floor from 10:00 to 19:00.
If you need anything,please let me know.I will help you ASAP.

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