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The Rainforest Yurt - An Elven Sanctuary

Yurt · Ev sahibi: Tal And Nao
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Tal And Nao Süper Ev Sahibi
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During this uncertain period, you can rest assured that we practice the highest cleaning standards at all times, especially during the pandemic. Surfaces are sanitized, all linens and towels are washed in hot soapy water, and we wear masks and gloves while cleaning.

Living in the forest during this time of turmoil and confusion, we feel blessed, and are honored to share our good fortune with those who are in need of a safe-haven to reconnect and recharge.

Our vision for the Rainforest Yurt was to create a space that blurs the sharp, hard line between "outdoor" and "indoor," encouraging a stronger, more continuous connection with nature. Is it possible to create a space in which in-doors does not mean out-of-nature? We hope so, and certainly tried. Countless indoor plants, an open design with simple, natural earth tones, exposed beams, and vast windows to forest and sky reflect the woodland just beyond the doorstep. The broad sweeping deck, this in-between space, not precisely in, and not precisely out, overlooks the forest, further promoting the Yurt's air of of boundary dissolution. Alongside nature, literature, and especially Tolkien's Lord of the Rings has been a great inspiration in creating this space. We hope that lovers of stories and nature will feel at home here.

The Rainforest Yurt is situated on the edge of the woodland surrounding our our homestead--6 acres of gardens, fir-wood, and bee-pasture. Originally a canvas yurt, we have recently built a wooden frame and roof around it to better insulate and protect it from the elements. Unlike most yurts in the west-coast climate, in which temperature regulation is an issue in both Winter and Summer, the Rainforest Yurt is warm and cozy in Winter, and in the Summer it remains cool and ventilated, which saves a great deal of energy-waste and pollution.

Much care has been taken to reduce the Yurt's environmental footprint, both during its construction, and in its regular utility functions. A green-builder well known in the Comox Valley oversaw the project, so if you care for the environment, you can rest assured that the Yurt was constructed with the highest environmental standard and integrity.

The Yurt is almost entirely off-grid, with only electricity being supplied by Hydro-power (and we are hoping to install solar panels in the near future to make the Yurt fully self-sufficient). Heating (both water and space) is fuelled by propane, with water-heating being on demand to save unnecessary energy-waste.

The toilet is a cutting-edge composting model, and all waste, both solid and liquid, eventually finds its way as soil amendment for the gardens and orchards. If you have had negative experiences with older generation composting toilets, you will be amazed with how hygienic and smell-free modern composting toilets are.

With vast windows and skylights, the Yurt maximizes natural light exposure to such an extent that light is not needed during most days. Dozens of house-plants continuously filter the air and adorn the space, so even while indoors you will still feel in touch with the surrounding nature. While laying on your bed in the master-bedroom, located at the edge of the forest, look to your side--through the four windows surrounding the bed you will see the forest as if standing it its midst. Look up and you will see the stars and canopies of trees through the skylight.

A hand carved Elven-inspired spiral staircase leads up to a sleeping loft surrounded by intricately carved railings, also of Elven design. Since the main space and the master bedroom and separated by a door, there is privacy to be had in the loft even though it is in the midst of the space.

The kitchen is fully equipped and furnished, with a high-standard gas range and oven, and a brand new full-size fridge. A handmade live-edge island bar provides additional counter space for prepping and entertaining, in addition to the standard countertop, custom-made with concrete. A Maple-wood dining room table makes the Yurt a wonderful gathering space for family and friends.


"And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. Myth turned to thin air."

None who walk this Earth remember. But the oceans remember. The mountains remember. The gnarliest ancients of the dark wood remember. And above all else—the stars remember. They remember the Elder race that once dwelt upon this ancient land—bright voices still echo within their far depths.

Now, within this relic of the elder ages you may dwell, so that you, too, might remember that long forgotten morn of this world. Those purer times. Times when the stars hung closer, and every night fair voices rose in songs of praise for their most beloved light.

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Courtenay, İngiliz Kolombiyası, Kanada

Ev sahibi: Tal And Nao

Ocak 2012 tarihinde katıldı.
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  • Süper Ev Sahibi
Homesteader and beekeeper.
Tal And Nao, bir Süper Ev Sahibidir
Süper Ev Sahipleri, misafirlere harika bir konaklama deneyimi sunmaya kararlı, deneyimli ve yüksek puanlı ev sahipleridir.
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