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Skytree Japanese style room/Airport Directly II

Tüm kat · Ev sahibi: 宅東zaito
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【Near Skytree,Metro Direct to Airport】
Our homestay just near the Metro ▶Oshiage Station(★Skytree,Tokyo New Landmark) only 5min by walk ; 1 stop to Sensoji Temple.
Oshiage ▶ Akihabara,Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, metro 15-30 min
Oshiage ▶ Airport HND/NRT, 50-70 min by metro directly

【Japanese design, Comfortable Stay】
[Omeshicha] is a newly renovated, equipped with AC, WIFI, Private bathroom and toilet ,mini refrigerator/induction cooker/water boiler /hair dryer/towel etc..

—Entire Room details—
ー 35 m²
ー without elevator, Need to climb 48 steps
ー Private bathroom
ー Private Toilet (electric washlet)
ー Non-smoking
ー Free WIFI

— Bedroom area details—
ー A/C
ー Two double Japaness tatami mattresses(1.4*2m)
ー 110V sockets
ー Plug (with USB socket)
ー Mini Refrigerator
ー Induction cooker
(kindly Reminder: kitchenware and tableware are not provided as the space constraints )
— Life necessities details—(Plz understand that we only supply a limited amount of these during Covid-19)
ー Shampoo 、 Conditioner, Body Wash
ー Toothpaste, for environmental protection, we do not provide toothbrushes ~
ー Bath towels 、 Hairdryer, hand washing 、 Toilet paper

— Public area details —
ー Microwave oven
ー Entrance : luggage scale, luggage free storage
ー 2nd floor: microwave oven
ー Rooftop: washing machine, washing powder
*We provide a comprehensive “GUIDEBOOK” that details where the important and interesting locations in the neighborhood (kindly go through it after checking in).
*If you still have questions before sending a booking request, I will happily answer them. Feel free to book, you don't need to ask if the dates are available as my guest calendar is automatically updated.

Misafir erişimi
Guests have access to the shared balcony on the 5th floor. And the luggage could be deposited in the designated area on the 1st floor.

Dikkat edilecek diğer şeyler
- In the event of any contents of fittings and fixtures being lost or damaged during your stay, through any act or omission, costs for repairing will be charged.

- Please do not throw anything except toilet paper into the toilet. If the toilet is clogged because you flush the wrong stuff, costs for repairing such damage will be charged.

- Please do not dye your hair when you are staying with us. If the dye stains on bed linens, towels, etc are unremovable, costs for repairing such damage will be charged.

- For us to verify your identity, please send us your ID card or anything alike before you check-in.

- QUIET HOURS: 10:00 p.m. to 9 a.m. If you are aware of a disruptive guest, feel free to contact us immediately.

- Smoking is not permitted.

- Rubbish should be placed in the bins provided according to the directions on the wall. And then please throw your bags of rubbish in the big white box outside the building.

- We assume no liability for lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged valuables or belongings.

- Please do not bring your pets along.

- Please switch off the power of the electricity when not using.

- Please do not take towels and other stuff that we provide when leaving.

- Please change your shoes when entering the room.

- Early check-in is offered based on availability. Please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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【Near Skytree,Metro Direct to Airport】
Our homestay just near the Metro ▶Oshiage Station(★Skytree,Tokyo New Landmark) only 5min by walk ; 1 stop to Sensoji Temple.
Oshiage ▶ Akihabara,Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, metro 15-30 min
Oshiage ▶ Airport HND/NRT, 50-70 min by metro directly

【Japanese design, Comfortable Stay】
[Omeshicha] is a newly renovated, equipped with AC, WIFI, Private bathro…
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Sumida City, Tōkyō-to, Japonya

★Perfect Life Facilities
ZAITO ▶ Papasu (Drugstore) ,1 min by walk;
ZAITO ▶ LAWSON 100 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable market, 2 min by walk;
ZAITO ▶ Drying store, about 260 meters, 3 min by walk;
ZAITO ▶ 24-hour convenience store 7-11, next to Oshiage Station Exit B1, 4 min by walk;
ZAITO ▶Skytree Town (Sightseeing, Mall, supermarket, restaurant, shopping etc.,),you can also watch the fireworks show here in summer,about 650m, 8-10min by walk.

★ Multipule Delicious Restaurants
ZAITO ▶ Yakiniku Kei (Tabelog score 3.38), about 120m, 1min by walk;
ZAITO ▶ ソウル市場 (Tabelog score 3.23), about 120m, 1 min by walk;
ZAITO ▶ Marui 満留井, about 200m, 2 min by walk;
ZAITO ▶ Takesue Tokyo premium Ramen (Tabelog score 3.80), about 600m, 5min by walk;
ZAITO ▶Fukuwa Sushi , about 450m,6 min by walk;
ZAITO ▶Skytree Mall, more than 300 Restaurants ,about 600m,8-10 min by walk;

Ev sahibi: 宅東zaito

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【 WEIXIN /LINE: zaitochina】 PS. 24:00-10:00有联系不到我们的可能性(不小心睡着了...Zzzzz),所以有问题的话,请务必提前告知哦。 大家好!我们是一群热爱旅游,更热爱东京的的一个团队,叫做宅东。我们从日本民宿法正式颁布开始,便在东京开启了合法民宿房东之旅!我们经营的大多数民宿都位于东京新地标——Skytree晴空塔附近。我们的房源很多,您可以点房东主页查看心仪的房间~ 我们会中文和英文,但只懂些皮毛的日语(正在学习中!)。如果您对我们的房源有任何疑问,欢迎随时给我们留言,我们会在第一时间解答您的困惑。 Hey guys, we are TEAM ZAITO. We love traveling and also enjoy making new friends from different cultures. Most of our apartments are within walking distance from Tokyo Skytree. As a host, we know we still have a lot of growing and learning and work to do, but we will strive to offer you the best service so that you can have a five-star experience in Tokyo. More importantly, we welcome your precious advice of course! If you are interested in booking our place, please feel free to leave us a message, we’d be glad to help : )
【 WEIXIN /LINE: zaitochina】 PS. 24:00-10:00有联系不到我们的可能性(不小心睡着了...Zzzzz),所以有问题的话,请务必提前告知哦。 大家好!我们是一群热爱旅游,更热爱东京的的一个团队,叫做宅东。我们从日本民宿法正式颁布开始,便在东京开启了合法民宿房东之旅!我们经营的大多数民宿都位于东京新地标——Skytree晴空…
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I won't be in the apartment, and you can contact me on airbnb whenever you need us.
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  • Dil: 中文 (简体), English
  • Yanıt oranı: 100%
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