3min to JR stn#NearUenoEasyAccess#Max7(4F)


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You can walk from my house to Uguisudani Station within 3mins.Since the station is operated by JR Yamanote line and Tohoku line so you can reach Yokohama, Shinjuku,Yoyogi,Ueno,Akihabara,Ueno and Shibuya without transfer so it is very convenient .Near the station is the many restaurants, convenience store and more
please feel free to contact us anytime you have any questions. We will try to respond as much as you wish, so thank you.

-3 mins walk to Uguisudani Station.
-My house is capable to accommodate up to 7 people which 3 double bed and 1 sofa bed.
-Sukiya,Lawson,Family Mart,Supermarket,Mcdonald,Smile Drugstore, Doutor Coffee,Matsuya,Gyoza restaurant,Izakaya,Ramen restaurant all are within walking distance.
-There is a HALAL restaurant 'HALAL SAKURA' .A Japanese restaurant where Muslim people can eat safely. (8mins from the room/5mins from the station)
-All furniture and electrical appliances are all brand new
-We also provide a hairdryer, Refrigerator, microwave, washing machine and wifi in the apartment, definitely suitable either short term and long term.
-Route access in picture with explanation from Uguisudani Station will also be provided to guest after reservation confirmed

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Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japonya

Take a short walk from the bustling transport hub of Ueno Station and find yourself in a cultural and recreational haven. The expansive park that sits next to the station houses many museums, a large boating pond, a shrine with a pagoda and a large zoo—home to the two-tone mascot of the area, the panda. The park is the focus of attention in April as the many cherry trees burst into bloom. Follow the train tracks of the Yamanote Line towards neighboring Okachimachi Station to experience Ameyoko—the bustling shopping street where the distinctive calls of market sellers can be heard selling everything and anything from clothes, spices, cosmetics and fresh fish.
Beginning its existence as a center of postwar black-market activity, Akihabara later became the showcase of Japanese tech, jam-packed with shops selling all kinds of electronics and IT to the world. More recently, it has also become the cultural home to the diehard fans of gaming, manga and anime—the otaku. The area is an urban temple for worshippers of Japanese subcultures with pop idols, and cosplayers. Stroll Akihabara's avenues for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience.
Akihabara Electric Town—affectionately known as Akiba—is worldly famous for its densely packed buildings crammed full of anime, manga, and game paraphernalia. It's a must-go spot for visitors to Japan who want to bask in geeky otaku culture. Located in the heart of Tokyo, Akihabara Station is easily accessible via the JR Yamanote Line.
When you've finally arrived at the heart of geekdom in Japan, you'll want to get your bearings. Head out of the "Electric Town" exit from JR Akihabara Station, and you'll be greeted by a red and yellow building called Radio Kaikan. Explore its nine floors filled with anime-related shops, including more than a few figure shops. If that doesn't sate your anime needs, head northeast to Mandarake—a monolithic retail chain packed to the brim with manga, game, and anime collectibles. Each floor is dedicated to a particular genre, so take your time perusing through their immense selection.
If retro games are more your thing, visit the legendary Super Potato, located down the street from Mandarake. Watch out for its hard-to-spot stairwell entrance—starting on the second floor, it occupies several floors dedicated to various retro gaming machines. Spend a few coins at the top floor, which has a full retro arcade.
To experience something totally unique, visit Club Mogra on the northern outskirts of Akihabara. Go on a weekend night to catch an anime song club night, where hordes of otaku and clubgoers come together for all-night dance parties. Door prices range from 2,000-3,000 yen on weekends, and you must be over 18 to enter. Recommended events are Elemog, Anison Matrix, and Xi-lium.

Ev sahibi: 靖幸

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- I may not be able to meet guest directly because I have a job. I'd be glad that if we could meet in person and have a coffee together (if time allows).
-Let me know if there’s anything else necessary! I'd be more than happy to prepare everything you need as much as I can.
-You will be able to contact me for further assistance during your stays. My contact information is included in the guest instruction to you once the reservation is confirmed.
-If you have any question, feel free to contact me at any time (I can respond in English, Chinese, Japanese)
- I may not be able to meet guest directly because I have a job. I'd be glad that if we could meet in person and have a coffee together (if time allows).
-Let me know if there…
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