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If you are requesting to book, make sure that your AIRBNB profile is complete with a current profile pic and a description telling me a little bit about your self. This is a private home, not just a rental, the connections I make through Airbnb are part of the whole experience for me.
The Funk House, circa 1912 is in the historical district of Avondale/Riverside-within it's walls The Magic Room has evolved into a small cozy room with a magical nostalgic feeling to it...more info below...

I call this room the Magic Room as it gives the spell of a nostalgic past with calming qualities. It is perfect for the single traveler, the bed is a most comfortable-with an extra long twin Tempurpedic mattress, adorned with soft linens and comfy covers. There is a mini fridge tucked away in the closet and a coffee or tea station with provided coffee, tea, sugar and creamer. You will be sharing a full bath (across the hall) with me and one other guest. The bathroom has a big claw foot tub with a hand held shower, there is no stand-up shower.

Please take the time to read the below info if requesting to stay for more than a week, I want to be sure that each guest has a clear understanding of the place before they decide book. When accepting a request for long term guest, there is a lot for me to consider, including the number of other guest in the house as well as what I have going on in my personal life.

A little bit about the magic room it is a private upstairs bedroom, with a very comfy single bed, one closet, two dressers, and a mini fridge. although there is room for your belongings as a long term guests, I must mention there is not room for extra storage, I only say this because in the past people have brought extra furniture, kitchen goods, appliances and extra linens. You would be sharing the bath across the hall with me and one other guest. The bathroom does not have a stand up shower, it is a claw foot tub with a handheld shower.

I also have a garage apartment in the back that usually is occupied-sometimes they become a part of the whole house, sometimes they are more private.

Long Term Guest-guests that stay here for a month or more become a part of the Funk House in a different way then someone staying for a few days, it is more like being a roommate than a guest, although we treat everyone, including ourselves, as "a guest". At all times we try to be considerate of others-we share food-but also have an awareness-replacing what we use and letting the person know "hey, i ate the whole bag of candy, getting you another bag tonight" and honest.
We cleanup after ourselves-in the kitchen we wash our dishes and put dishes away after meals, cleaning the stove, keeping it clean and ready for the next person to use. Everyone shares in taking out the trash, recycling, composting and cleaning out the fridge- we don't leave our things laying around, we 'try' (mine is a mess right now) keep our rooms tidy and clean, no dirty dishes or empty food containers in the room, mostly because I have a fear of roaches!
We share a bathroom and try to keep our personal belongs put away, (keeping them to a minimum as to not clutter) we help keep the bathroom clean (I don't have a maid), wiping down the floor, cleaning the sink and marble vanity, toilet and tub occasionally...being aware.
I consider my house to be very communal, meaning we all live here and take part in the responsibilities of maintaining the household.
Sounds like a lot but we are pretty super relaxed, everything is meant to keep everyone happy and comfortable!
Note:There is no heating or ac downstairs, it can get a little warm in the summer and a little chilly in the winter.
If you like a smoke, please feel free to enjoy in any of the outside areas.
Having company or overnight guest is VERY limited and will be discussed before hand, this is due to the number of people staying in the house, there being a shared bathroom and etc.

Basically, I accept people that are considerate of others, open to communication, well rounded adults, without issues, no drama, good work ethics and etc.
Let me know if you have any questions or would like to share more about yourself.
thanks for listening,

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Easy going and energetic, I love exploring the world around me, working around the house to create new spaces, whether it be indoors or out; I love the connections I have made through airbnb, this makes sharing my home such a pleasure! Professionally, I am a visual artist and have been in business as a photographer for 15 years.
Easy going and energetic, I love exploring the world around me, working around the house to create new spaces, whether it be indoors or out; I love the connections I have made thro…

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