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ELEGANT & EXCLUSIVE LOFT *w/Large Private Balcony!

4,92(74 değerlendirme)Süper Ev SahibiQuito, Pichincha, Ekvador
Tüm çatı dairesi · Ev sahibi: Tatiana & Maria
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“Vista Los Andes” is One of a Kind

• BOUTIQUE-modern design
• AUTHENTIC Colonial touches
• CENTRAL location
• PRIVATE Balcony

Your inspired home-base when in Quito.

We are 1 of 6 exclusive & fully-furnished apartments within Casa LunaLoma, a lovingly restored 100 yr old Colonial Home, 5 min from Quito's Historic Center, Iconic Landmarks, Churches & Museums.

Other units available for booking in this house. Perfect for large groups.

***Important Note : Due to Covid 19, we have implemented new safety regulations according to Ecuadorian Authorities for cleaning and check-in. Please see house rules for details.****

Loft “Vista Los Andes” or “View of the Andes” was inspired by the incredible view available within our private balcony of the Andes mountain range.

“Vista Los Andes" is an Inspiring, fully furnished, modern-colonial apartment located on the second floor of "Casa LunaLoma" (The MoonHill House), a charming and beautifully restored 3 stories high House. This 100yr old grand colonial house is located in the heart of "La Loma Grande" (the Big Hill) a colorful and traditional residential neighborhood adjacent to Quito's Historic Center. This house was the original home of the Cascante-Lopez family and its 9 children and for 80 years it has remained family owned. Today it houses a collection of 7 unique apartments, each one with its own personality and special qualities, yet all exuding the same welcoming warmth and charm.

Apartment “Vista Los Andes” is a cultured traveler’s haven and a complete apartment. It features modern amenities with a most special mix of distinctively curated design touches that integrate local Ecuadorian culture, world culture, and our very own Cascante-Lopez family culture. It is a light-filled suite with high vaulted ceilings, full kitchen, cozy living room with fireplace, an inspired writer’s loft with a full library and an exclusive private balcony with a privileged view to “El Panecillo” and the “Virgen de Quito”. Vista Los Andes exudes Inspiration and much care. One of our most special apartments.

“Vista Los Andes" is the perfect place for the adventurer couples, families, solo explorers, friends and business travelers that appreciate the arts & world culture, design esthetics, boutique designer touches and are seeking for complete amenities yet still with an immersive cultural experience. This is the perfect fit. Our apartment is designed to elegantly integrate classic colonial architectural elements with modern amenities and be stylistically woven together by a mix of colonial-modern style with world art and vintage travel as a theme.

Our Loft is also a great place for writers, artist, photographers, designer travelers looking for a calm, retreat-like space that is recharging, home-like and comfortable while providing them with tranquility & inspiration. Our apartment’s upper loft holds a writer’s/traveler's studio and a full and very unique library that once belonged to my dear uncle who is an international scholar and world traveler. This along with the warmth of its classic wood burning chimney and skylights make it highly inspiring unit.

Our apartment is over 1,440 sq. ft and is spacious enough for 2-5 travelers to feel right at home.

Below please find more detailed description of “Vista Los Andes"

Accessing the Unit:

As “Vista Los Andes” is located on the second floor of “Casa LunaLoma” accessing it will require the ability to climb through our original wooden stairways through one flight. No worries, we’ll help you with this if needed!

Entry Floor:

As you first enter our unit, you will be greeted by large panel windows that run through the south-west side of our house and beautifully drape our main hall with light. Depending on what time of the day you arrive, you should notice the light quality, one of the most beautiful features of this apartment - the Quito light that constantly ebbs and flows, glows and dims based on the ever-changing climate of our city. …so going back to our unit, to your immediate right, you will find a very small, intimate reader’s nook with a vintage chair and a small build-in library. This is a special nook, great for anyone seeking to relax and do a little reading. This chair once belonged to our grandfather, a Colonel in the Ecuadorian Army. This was his retreat chair where he read his newspaper daily, religiously. The build-in library is also very special as it holds a vivid collection of vintage world travel books as well as a condensed collection of classic Spanish literature. A lovely spot.

As you continue through its window light-filled corridor you are then greeted by both of our two bedrooms. The first one holds two twin-sized beds for two separate guests or can be combined into a single King bed. Our bedding is hotel quality cotton sheets and our down comforters were specially selected with a thick density to embrace the colds of Quito's evenings. Our mattress is very comfortable as well. Needless said, your evening will be ultra cozy! The room also has a build in closet and dresser with drawers. The second room holds a Queen sized bed. This room has direct access to its own private bathroom and shower.

Another quality of both of these rooms is their high vaulted ceilings and exposed wooden beams making the space very open and breathable. Originally, these two rooms were the Cascante-Lopez family’s main dining room. This space for many many years hosted daily family meals for 2 generations of family members! Needless said it holds great energy.

As the evenings in Quito can get very cold, the apartment comes equipped with 2 space heaters as well as extra blankest for your cozy usage.

As you proceed the corridor you’ll then encounter our main kitchen which at your arrival, our kitchen will warmly welcome you with some goodies which we always provide to our guest to include: Medium size bottles of our most iconic local mineral water called "Guitig" (A must-try), local Ecuadorian ground coffee, local Tea and crackers.
(We know how it is to finally arrive at home-base from the long trip and walk up two flights!)

Our kitchen is a cook-ready! It is pretty complete with all the essentials for meal preparation: Electric stove, fridge, coffee maker, microwave, tea kettle, pots, pans and cooking utensils. Whether you are doing a light morning coffee prep or if you want to fully venture into doing a more immersive cooking, the kitchen is ready. Many of our guest purchase items from the local "Tienditas" (mini-markets) to prepare their meals. Also, let us know if you have any special requests for foods to be stocked in the fridge prior to your arrival, we are happy to help with that at an additional charge. Here you will also find a table perfect for intimate breakfasst and dinners. It can accommodate up to 3 people (photo only shows 2 chairs).

As you proceed within this hall you will find our second (and Main) Bathroom. It has a full shower with hot water and a very charming little window that leads to an inner outdoor wall.

As you continue within our window light-filled hall, you then enter our main living room. A lovely exposed high ceiling room that greets you with a central classic wood burning fireplace and two facing couches, ready for a relaxing Quito evening drinking your warmest beverage cozily. It also has a small nook and small built-in mini library with some great books to discover. This room also holds a smart TV you can hook to your Netflix in case a little binge watching is in the works for the evening.

What also makes this room so unique is two main features: it’s access to the upper studio loft and it’s direct access to a full balcony!

Starting with our loft! In our main living room, you’ll find a set of modern wooden stairs, beautifully crafted that will lead you to our studio, a writer’s loft. This small upper room is one of the most magic places in this house. It holds a great library of English, French and of course, Spanish literature, along with travel books and vintage electronics! This is just a small sliver of one of my uncle’s personal library. He was a great scholar and world traveler. This loft also has a build in desk and is a great place for those looking for a place to think and get inspired in. Above you, you will find a beautiful large skylight window that also creates another extraordinary and inspiring experience. This room can also serve as a third bedroom in the case that a 5th guest needs stay. We can set up a small bed here for an additional cost. Let us know.

As we head back downstairs again, our Living room has access to a very special and very private outdoor patio/balcony. The view from here is stunning and very privileged as it faces directly our most iconic city statue “La Virgen del Panecillo” Our famous winged Virgin Mary statue that oversees our city of Quito. This view is lovely both during the day and evening. Here you will find a table that seats 4 people and is great for either your morning coffee or a warm evening nightcap.

Our apartment has free fiber optic internet connection with WiFi enabled access throughout the house, so you remain connected.

Overall, Our Apartment Loft “ Vista Los Andes" is an excellent choice apartment with a lot of style, character and beautifully curated design touches and exclusive features. It's perfect if you are looking for a home away from home that allows you to relax, get inspired, disconnect while still experiencing a unique and memorable taste of Quito and still being central to all that Old Town Quito has to offer. Most certainly it will make your experience of Quito, that much more special.

Misafir erişimi
As part of your stay, in addition to your own private terrace, you will have access to our common areas such as our geranium-filled courtyard. A peaceful, inner patio with a beautiful and traditional colonial water fountain at its center and a unique horizontal, deep inset window that perfectly frames a panoramic view of Old Town Quito, "El Panecillo" and our "Virgen de Quito". That's one thing to note and not miss! This is the perfect place to sit back, relax with the trickling of the water, pick up your favorite novel and chill from your day with a "Canelazo" or cup of wine :)

Casa LunaLoma also has a small balcony on its third floor with an equally stunning and unobstructed view of "El Panecillo" which can be accessed through its stairways, though the private balcony beats it :)

Casa LunaLoma has one private parking spot available upon special request and for an additional daily cost. Let us know if this is of interest.

Also, for our units, we have a washer and dryer accessible for all of our guest on the bottom floor of the house. This is free of charge.

Dikkat edilecek diğer şeyler
• LATE CHECK IN - We offer the service of late check-in. Most flights arriving from US to Quito usually come in at midnight. Please be aware that if your flight arrives at this time we will require that your booking extends itself to the previous day.

• TRAVELING IN GROUPS - If you are traveling with other groups or parties and are looking for additional apartments where you can maintain your group together yet have independence as you travel, check out our other apartments within Casa LunaLoma at:


• TAXI PICK UP - We offer reliable taxi pick up service recommendations. This is a separate charge payable directly to the driver.

• CITY SOUNDS - In regard to sounds, Barrio La Loma Grande is a breathing, living local neighborhood and even though it is not within the hustle/bustle of the Historic Core and is relatively quiet, it still breathes with local city sounds of daily commerce. One sound you may hear in the morning that may wake you up fairly early on some weekdays (and potentially make you chuckle!) is the Gas Man selling and delivering gas tanks. He drives around our city's street selling blue cooking gas tanks while playing a loud (very funny jingle) that alerts local residents to come out and buy the gas... just don't be surprised.
We're located in a fully residential neighborhood, yet it is very close to the Historic Core and most particularly we are about 3 blocks away from “La Ronda” which is a very touristic and festive place that is vibrant with music generally starting around 7 pm on Thursdays trough Sunday and last until around 2 or 3 am.
Being that we are on the upper floor, it’s usually not too loud.
• CULTURAL ACTIVITIES - Check out our Face Book page as we constantly keep it updated with current cultural and art events taking place around our apartments like local concerts, musical & plays. The artistic and cultural energy within Downtown Quito is very special and some really great hidden gem of events are always taking place! Look for us in Face Book.

• CLEANING - The upkeep of our units are very important to us. For our guest with longer stays, we have Maid & cleaning service available for an extra fee. Let us know if interested.

• SAFETY - In regard to overall safety, our neighborhood is relatively safe, yet please note it is still up and coming and it is not the gentrified part of Quito, which is what gives it its unique character. We always advise to all of our guests to exercise common sense when walking within ANY area of Quito, in particular, Old Town Quito.

As far as safety goes for our own house, Casa LunaLoma features multiple levels of door entry security starting from our Main door, to our Wrought Iron door and of course, locked entry for each individual unit.
“Vista Los Andes” is One of a Kind

• BOUTIQUE-modern design
• AUTHENTIC Colonial touches
• CENTRAL location
• PRIVATE Balcony

Your inspired home-base when in Quito.

We are 1 of 6 exclusive & fully-furnished apartments within Casa LunaLoma, a lovingly restored 100 yr old Colonial Home, 5 min from Qui…
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Quito, Pichincha, Ekvador

Casa LunaLoma is located in Barrio/neighborhood "La Loma Grande" (the Big Hill), a classic colonial residential neighborhood where many locals live and are adjacent to the historic city center core.

Our neighborhood also distinguishes itself by facing "El Panecillo" (Small Hill) a beautiful hill once called by the Inca's "Shungo Loma" which means "Heart of the Hill" and now holds one of the most iconic landmarks in Quito "La Virgen de Quito" our winged statue of Mother Mary who oversees and protects our city and our Casita.

We are also just minutes away walking distance from the must-visit spots in Old Town Quito like:

• Plaza de Iglesia de Santo Domingo y Plaza Grande
• Plaza San Francisco
• Plaza de la Independencia
• Presidential Palace
• "La Compañia" Church and all other churches
• San Francisco Art Museums
• "Calle La Ronda", only a brief 5 minute walk away, this is a very popular and iconic, pedestrian-only classic colonial street with a lot of heritage and history from Quito's past. Now it holds a very eclectic scene with great restaurants, cafe's and shops during the day and a very vibrant nightlife scene with great pubs, bars, and local street artists. It's a definite must to check it out both during the day and evenings!

What also makes our neighborhood unique is that it is not within the full hustle, bustle of the more touristic areas and it is amidst locals. You will find that within the immediate streets there is quite a bit of foot traffic, yet mainly made up of local merchants serving locals. Within our most immediate surroundings you will find various little businesses that cater to locals, from street food vendors to holes in the wall eateries (of course, eat at your own discretion! :) As well as mini "Tienditas" (Mini stores) where you can buy your daily essentials for cooking and living and local fruits. If you are interested in living like a local, you may feel right at home.

As well, our local Firestation is around the corner from us. They are very friendly and always welcome guest who want to say hello!
Casa LunaLoma is located in Barrio/neighborhood "La Loma Grande" (the Big Hill), a classic colonial residential neighborhood where many locals live and are adjacent to the historic city center core.…

Ev sahibi: Tatiana & Maria

Temmuz 2016 tarihinde katıldı.
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Hello, we are Tatiana and Maria! Daughter & Mother! We are originally from Quito, Ecuador, but now we live in Los Angeles, CA. Our family owns Casa LunaLoma, a beautifully restored 100-year-old colonial house in the heart of Old Town Quito and the house that raised my Mother and her 8 siblings. Needless to say, it's a very special home which our family has now opened its doors to welcome guest visiting Ecuador. About us? ...we are passionate for El Centro Colonial of Quito, urban revitalization, social impact work, ecotourism and design. Please feel free to reach out to us and connect if you are new to Quito and are looking for pointers and recommendations!
Hello, we are Tatiana and Maria! Daughter & Mother! We are originally from Quito, Ecuador, but now we live in Los Angeles, CA. Our family owns Casa LunaLoma, a beautifully restored…
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  • Esteban
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Throughout your stay, feel free to reach out to myself via Airbnb (as I live in the US) or Esteban, my cousin who also co-owns and manages Casa LunaLoma and lives in Quito and will be always available locally. Esteban has great recommendations for all of our guests as they plan out their local trips within and out of Quito. Feel free to ask him for any help you may need!

We are here to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as we can. We are so proud of our Casa LunaLoma and being able to share what Ecuador has to offer.
Throughout your stay, feel free to reach out to myself via Airbnb (as I live in the US) or Esteban, my cousin who also co-owns and manages Casa LunaLoma and lives in Quito and will…
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