Warm & Sunny in Port of Spain #3

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OLD Port of Spain home. Room with king size bed. The bed has a mosquito net. Shared shower & toilet. Use of garden, verandah, sitting room kitchen. Free WiFi. Convenient for city and Carnival. NO AIR CONDITION. ELECTRIC FANS provided throughout. Close to dining, nightlife, and public transport. Suitable for couples, solo adventurers, and business travelers. There are no scenic views. Check in times are flexible to accommodate your flight arrival as long as you tell me your flight number :)

The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago - As of Friday 1st July 2022 PCR or Antigen Test will NO LONGER be required for entry to Trinidad & Tobago. Mask MUST still be worn.

Please note: Carnival 2023 is scheduled for February 20th & 21st. I will not be opening the bookings for that period until I am sure that a real Carnival will be going ahead which will probably be when the mas bands launch their costumes around July/August 2022. Please note that I cater for those coming for the full Carnival experience and have a minimum stay of two weeks for Carnival.

As of 14th January 2016 the nearby power station has been decommissioned. Yippee!
August 2021 - Demolition has finally started. So far there has been very little disruption in the area. No significant noise or dust. It is only fair that you know that if you book with me, it is possible that your stay may coincide with demolition or construction over the road. Ho hum…. This is Trinidad! They are only allowed to make noise from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. So far there has been very little disturbance but no doubt that will change.
I love my country but we are a mess! There is always something being pulled down or put up somewhere around the city!
My way of dealing with it is to go bird watching for the day or go and lay on the beach for the day if I’m not working.

UPDATE: 6th December 2019
Whether you are staying with me or someone else in Trinidad, please make sure you READ the information in your "Itinerary" link. Make sure you have a note of your hosts' name, address and phone number for immigration purposes. Last night my visitor came close to being put on the next plane out. He failed to make a note of my details. He had no internet access as most people don't on arrival. Do not rely on your phone. Write it old school on a piece of paper. Two plane loads of people were dealt with before an Immigration Officer got around to calling me. The Immigration Officers are not interested in hearing excuses. They just act. Please note my visitor was a white American male. There is no entitlement here :)
ALSO - Do not rely on the "Get Directions" button on Airbnb. It uses G----e maps which are notoriously bad in T&T. In my case it will send you to an office in the wrong street. So I emphasize again. Read the instructions in the "Itinerary" link.

So read on to find out about “Warm & Sunny in Port of Spain :)
This is a large bedroom in an old and tired house with wooden floors throughout most of the house and large airy rooms. If you are coming to Trinidad for work we are ideally located within walking distance for access to meetings in the city centre, Hyatt, Radisson or the government Parliament and offices on the waterfront. If you are coming for a holiday this is a small country so no where is far but the traffic can be horrendous!
This location is about convenience not beauty as this is possibly the ugliest street in town!
Port of Spain is on the sea, so looking at a map, visitors might expect a more scenic location. However Port of Spain has no beaches and is very much a modern high rise city. The view from my home is the neighbours and the power station. There are no scenic views. To get scenic views within the city you have to stay in the Hyatt, Radisson etc. As a location it is perfect for moving around the city without having to resort to taxis. I am sorry that I can not provide beautiful views :(
I also have other rooms available which are not always listed on Airbnb so if your group is larger than two people please ask. I may be able to accommodate you :)
Also, if you use amazon and you are coming from the USA feel free to ask if I need anything :) I am always needing something, usually for my camera :)

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Port of Spain, Trinidad ve Tobago

We are in easy walking distance to Ariapita Avenue (locally just called The Avenue) which is home to several bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, and street food locations. We are also in walking distance of the Water Taxi to San Fernando and the Tobago Ferry.
Please note: There are no scenic views. The view is that of an ordinary Port of Spain street... the neighbours and the power station. From the kitchen window you can see the Radisson and the Hyatt

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I am a Certified Tour Guide specialising in Birding, Kayaking, Camping, Historical & General Sightseeing Tours. I charge US$15 per hour except for day trips to Maracas Beach for which I charge US$50 even if you want to stay for ten hours :) The cost of kayaking or camping trips are variable depending on where we go. Kayaking starts at US$60 per person and camping trips start at US$150 per person. If I am already booked for tours during your stay and there is room in the vehicle you will be welcomed to join the tour with the agreement of the primary client. Or I can connect you with one of my fellow Certified Tour Guides if I am not available.
Aside from that my aim is to make your visit as enjoyable as possible! This is afterall a party nation :)
I am a Certified Tour Guide specialising in Birding, Kayaking, Camping, Historical & General Sightseeing Tours. I charge US$15 per hour except for day trips to Maracas Beach for wh…

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