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Is a charming bright and cozy roof top house with ocean view, set among tropical vegetation. With all the commodities as in your house, features 1studio and 1 suite with kitchen and coking facilities, 3 king size beds, bathroom and small pool.

La Secreta - Lounge & Luna is a charming roof top house located just a few walking minutes from Mazunte beach.
Set among a natural environment surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, it is your own house in the ocean.
The decoration is based in wood and natural materials from the region of Oaxaca.
There is a fully independent studio with 2 king size bed, and a private terrace overlooking the ocean, a fully equipped kitchenette, (with fridge, stove, coffee machine, blender). The bathroom has a shower and space enough to all your toiletries.
The second room/studio is located in the floor under, featuring a king size bed. It has a separate kitchen with all coking facilities and an outside bathroom overlooking the tropical vegetation. This property shares an outside eating and sitting area, and a small tank or swimming pool overlooking the ocean.
It is the perfect place for a family gathering or group of friends.

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Mazunte, Oaxaca, Meksika

The locations is very central, just 5 minutes walking distance from Mazunte beach, close enough to all sights but far enough to indulge the silence.
Within walking distance you have the beach, plenty of restaurants and bars, also some spots where you can have Yoga classes.
The locations is the perfect combination between the centre and an peaceful natural environment.

Ev sahibi: La Secreta Caprichosa Casa Petit Ho

  1. Temmuz 2015 tarihinde katıldı.
  • 333 Değerlendirme
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  • Süper Ev Sahibi
La Secreta caprichosa está conformada por 6 lofts, cada uno con su espacios, su cocineta y su baño privado, por lo cual se puede rentar cada habitación por separado, o bien toda la secreta en su conjunto, en la que apretaditos, caben hasta 18 personas. La Secreta está a pie a unos cinco minutos de playa, así como del pueblo, restaurantes, cafeterías y tiendas de alimentos. Contamos con Wi-Fi y dos estacionamientos; con servicio de limpieza y una terraza común a donde se puede hacer yoga, tiene también hamacas, bancas y una mesa grande. Los precios varían de temporada alta, media y baja y tenemos descuentos para estancias más largas. // La Secreta has 6 lofts, each one with its spaces, its kitchenette and its private bathroom. You can rent each room separately, or all of them with space for 16 or 18ten. La Secreta is on foot, about five minutes from the beach, as well as the town, restaurants, coffee shops and food stores. / We have Wi-Fi and two parking spaces; we have cleaning service and a common terrace where you can do yoga, it also has hammocks, benches and a large table. The prices vary from high, medium and low season, and we offer discounts for longer stays.
La Secreta caprichosa está conformada por 6 lofts, cada uno con su espacios, su cocineta y su baño privado, por lo cual se puede rentar cada habitación por separado, o bien toda la…

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Do not hesitate to contact us to plan an unforgettable vacation, we await for you with joy and love. To get here, look for Calle Armadillo on the right side of the Andador el Rinconcito walking forward to the ocean, be aware, it is before the climb to Punta Cometa. The Armadillo streat is uphill on the right hand side that has bamboo next to the Mayaguel pizzeria and a tiny restaurant called Palapa Punta Cometa. El Armadillo street begins with river stones and then it is og earth. By the way, there is a delicious restaurant in this Street.
At almost the very end, (before a steep climb with two cement car rails), on the right hand side, you will see La Secreta. It has two entrances, on the right is the Tlao and the Selva staris, and on the left, at the end of our property, on the other side, the entrance for the Barca de Viento, Estudio, Nautilus and Luna.

In case you come with a car and the two parking lots are already occupied, for a modest price of 50 pesos the neighbor rents you her space.

Due to my daughter's study, we moved to the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, for which my assistance is written and by telephone.

Marisol, Arnulfo and Lorena are in charge of La Secreta, however, they do not live in Mazunte, they arrive at 9 and leave at 5, in this part of he day you can contact them. If you arrive later than 5 or on Sunday, we ask you to let us know so that they or somebody else, wait for you.

At the end, if you give them a tip, they will be happy, in Mexiko we use to tip for the service .

They a will explaining the rules and keep La Secret under control.

Don't forget the keys inside the room, for example, after 5 o'clock, because then we will be in trouble. As well remember to shut down the ventilator and lights when you eave the room.

I am Eva Bodenstedt, I arrived in Mazunte in 2000 and I stayed here, therefore, each of the cabins at La Secreta are like a house, a loft made with immense love and dedication.
When I decided to rent part of it, I called it La caprichosa, but they all became confused, so I called it La Secreta Caprichosa, in Airbnb "La Casa Petit Hotel La Secreta Caprichosa.

We have 6 rooms and a large common terrace that, since the Covid, is restricted for no more than three people at the same time.
Four of the rooms have their own terrace (Luna-Nautilus-Estudio-Selva), two of them (La Barca de Viento and El Tlao) do not have a terrace, so they have priority to use the main terrace.

Each one of the rooms has its own magic, and they are all different. The most private are La Luna and La Selva. The largest Nautilus and Barca, the smallest, the Tlao.

Nautilus and Tlao have their bathroom outside the room, all but the Nautilus have their kitchen inside.

La Secreta is made with love, dedication and ingenuity, and you can feel this in each of the spaces.

The large terrace is used a lot for yoga (you can even rent the entire Secret to do a Yoga retreat of no more than 18 people). The terrace has two hammocks, a large table to work, we have the called "Acapulco" chairs from where you cam watch the sea behind the vegetation, which in summer is dense, in autumn beautiful, actually in very state of the year is interesting .
In La Secreta we recycles the water from the showers and the sinks, -also the one in the kitchen, so we ask you to take care of what you dispose in it, use the compost better-. Because of this, the gardens and trees are always green - unless they drop their leaves.

After the dry weather, (around April-May-June, the trees are an interesting X-ray of their bare branches of leaves), when the first rain falls, the leaves are born with the most diaphanous and intense green that I have ever seen. In winter there are dolphins, and many whales and mantarays in the sea and the sunrises are beautiful because the sun comes out of the sea, this can be seen from La Luna and La selva and from the terrace.

Our location allows us to walk -not for so long-, to Punta Cometa and Mermejita to see there also glamorous sunsets.

The prices of each room are different and vary by high, medium and low season. At Christmas and Easter the prices range from 100 Dolars per night at the Nautilus to 50 at the Tlao, for example, and in the middle season between 80-85 and Tlao 45. La Luna and La Selva have a price that ranges between 75 in high season, at 45 in low season. El Estudio and La Barca between 70 and 50-45 . For long periods, there are considerable discounts, including cleaning service, wi-fi, but not parking.

We have good Wi-Fi that only goes down when it goes down throughout the region. Is strong.

Rinconcito beach is no more than a five minute walk away. In that street, Andador Rinconcito there are shops, cafes, toys, mezcalerías, and arriving at the Rinconcito, many restaurants. Likewise, on the opposite side to the sea, there is the town with its food stores, many organic, and in principle, in Mazunte you get everything.

As well, we let you know that the price of the rooms and cabins does not include the cleaning of the kitchen dishes, the washing of utensils, plates, cups, pans, etc. The compost and waste need to be properly separated and washed, otherwise they generate nasty bugs until Monday, when the garbage is taken out of la Secreta and the town.
We entrust you very much to take this into consideration for those who live in garbage dumps, for their health and the entire planet; please wash all packaging, tetrapack or pet before throwing it away, otherwise we add to the creation of strong diseases.

In case you want to stay for more than five nights, we give a discounts and we also rent, except in high seasons like Christmas and Easter, for long periods.

Do not hesitate to contact us to plan an unforgettable vacation, we await for you with joy and love. To get here, look for Calle Armadillo on the right side of the Andador…

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