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◇Stay Inside a Work of Art, Experience Tokyo's Vibrant Creative Scene◇
Each room is designed and built by a local Japanese artists and a team of architects, textile designers, and carpenters.

Part of the profit is shared back to the artists to support them.

The bar, gallery, and rooftop lounge inside the cozy complex hosts a number of events year-round, and allows the guests to interact with the community in a social setting.

We are the BnA (Bed & Art Project), a community art x hospitality project in Japan. Search us online, you can read more about us :)

BnA is an ambitious art hospitality project that aims to support Japanese artists while providing a unique and unforgettable experience of "staying in an art piece" in Japan.

Many of the most talented contemporary artists in Japan are unable to make a living through their art alone. This is partially because in Japan, purchasing and displaying art in one’s home is not a common practice.

For this reason, the increasing number of visiting art enthusiasts quickly realize, much to their disappointment, that small private galleries featuring the work of rising Japanese artists are few and far between in Tokyo.

In an effort to ease the burdens of both Japanese artists and art aficionados visiting Japan, BnA designed a mutually beneficial ecosystem within which the two can interact. This system was brought to life in the form of independent art hotel rooms, where artists receive a share of the profits from each room booking, and visitors get the chance to live inside a functional work of art.

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Suginami-ku bölgesinde 7 gece

11 Ara 2022 - 18 Ara 2022

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Suginami-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japonya

Koenji is dubbed the "Bushwick of Tokyo". Birth place of Japan's punk scene in the 70s, vintage clothes capital of Japan, and a neighborhood with full of character.
It's situated conveniently, just 6 minutes from Shinjuku, the very center of Tokyo, but still maintains it's very local feel.
The area is peppered with music venues and small eateries and is active till early morning!

Ev sahibi: BnA

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The Bed & Art Project was born out of the simple desire to make creative works from Tokyo’s vibrant art communities more accessible to a global audience.

Guests are invited to stay in a modern, evolving gallery, created in collaboration with up and coming Tokyo artists.

All art and goods in the room can be purchased with proceeds going directly to the artists and our BnA Art Fund.

[Problem statement]
1. Japan is home to extremely creative and talented art communities, yet they remain scattered and hidden away, making their art virtually inaccessible to visitors.

2. Purchasing art and owning art has never been a big part of Japanese culture. Making a living as an artist in Japan is extremely difficult and very rare.

[How do we solve this?]
Tokyo BnA Project aims to become a platform where visitors and the local creative community can interact deeply through hospitality.

Profits from the project is shared to contributing artists as well as a dedicated BnA Art Fund that is set up to host events promoting Japanese art to the world.

Development and Operations:
Yu Tazawa, Yuto Maeda
This duo builds and operates unique hospitality projects around Japan.

Design & Curation:
Keigo Fukugaki
Architect & Designer working on various innovative projects around the world. Founder of Makeshift.

[Current Exhibition]
Permanent Wall Murals:
Jon Jon Green
Hideyuki Katsumata

[Temporary exhibits]
Ayako Hishinuma
Nigamushi Tsuyoshi
The Bed & Art Project was born out of the simple desire to make creative works from Tokyo’s vibrant art communities more accessible to a global audience.

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We'll be operating the bar/cafe on the 1st floor, so come hang out, we'll introduce you to the Koenj scene!
  • Poliçe numarası: Oteller ve Konaklama Yerleri İş Yasası | 杉並区杉並保健所 | 27杉保衛環第673号
  • Dil: English, 日本語
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