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Özel oda - Măng Đen
Doğadaki GlampRose - Tent, 2 kişilik barbekü yemeğini içerir
GlampRose is a glamping resort located on top of a mountain, surrounded by a cold rock river in tropical forest. The weather is cool and the atmosphere is fresh all the year. One of thing that make this place is different than another is cloud hunting. It mean, when the weather is cold and no wind in the early morning, you can catch a cloud sea under your feet from GlampRose. If you’re a naturalist, GlampRose is a place that you can’t be missed definitely.
Gecelik $76
Özel oda - Măng Đen
Double room with garden view
About this space Come and join us with a simple and gentle life in this little town. We like to cook Vietnamese food, sometimes we are vegetarian for several days a month. Every morning, I meditate with some friends in the front garden. At night, the place would become where we started fire, and chat with our guests. Come to Tron, if you want to be alone, we won't bother you. If you want to talk, we're ready to listen.
Gecelik $17
Özel oda - Kon Plông
Single room with shared toilet
Trốn homestay is a suitable place for young people traveling alone, or freelancers who want to change their work inspiration. We have indoor and outdoor work areas. Besides, we also create an atmosphere of connection between guests. Comfortable like at home.
Gecelik $16

Kon Plông District konumunda diğer harika kiralık tatil yerleri

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