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W-9 formunu doldururken sıkça yapılan hatalar

For US Citizens and Tax Resident Hosts (“US Hosts”), Airbnb periodically compares the name and TIN (Taxpayer Information Number) combination provided on the Host’s Form W-9 (i.e. the “Full Name” field and the “US tax ID number” field) using IRS TIN matching databases. If we receive any discrepancies in these fields, it’s considered an invalid response and, we’ll issue you a TIN Mismatch notification. We do this to prevent any filing issues which may impact your tax filings, and to prevent any further enforcement action(s) that the IRS may require us to take.

If the IRS notifies us that the name and/or TIN reported on the filed Form 1099 is incorrect, we may have to pause your payouts, block your calendar, and/or begin withholding tax as required by US tax rules. Accordingly, it’ is in yours and Airbnb’s best interest to respond promptly to any TIN Mismatch notification you receive from us.

Please read on below for common tax form errors that can lead to a TIN Mismatch and guidance on how to correct these. If you believe you’re receiving a TIN Mmismatch notification from us in error, ontact our customer service team for support.

Typos and similar errors

When populating your Form W-9 “Full name” field, enter your full legal name exactly as shown on your social security card (individuals) or Form SS-4 (entities). If you need to correct your name on your social security card, you may need to contact the Social Security Administration.

Misidentified payee

Please read this paragraph carefully if you hold your listing(s) through a sole proprietorship or single member LLC.

There can be good reasons why US Hosts may operate their listing(s) through sole proprietorships or single member LLCs. But per IRS Form W-9 instructions, if you are a Host operating through sole proprietorships or a single-member LLC, you should generally enter your individual name as shown on your US tax return (e.g. Form 1040/1040A/1040EZ) in the “Full name” field of the Form W-9 you provided Airbnb. You may enter your LLC, business, trade, or “doing business as” (DBA) name in the “Business/disregarded entity name” field. Please read our Forms W-9 guide for more information. Listing your LLC, trade, or DBA name on the “Full Name” field of the W-9 will usually result in a TIN mismatch notification, as it’ is not in compliance with the IRS Form W-9 instructions.

Example Full Name Field and Taxpayer Identification Number Field Combination (Single Member LLC)

Full name: Mary Jones
Business/disregarded entity: Best Host, LLC
US tax ID number: XXX-XX-XXXX (provide Mary’s SSN not EIN of Best Host, LLC)

Need more help?

If you need further assistance, or if you believe the information you provided matches your government-issued documents, please contact us. You’ will be asked to provide a copy of your document(s) as an attachment to a customer service ticket within your Airbnb account. Never provide your personal information over the phone or by email.

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