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Fotoğraf çekimi talep ettikten sonraki süreç

After you request a photo shoot, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours to let you know if our photo services are available for your listing. If so, here’s what happens next.


We’ll match you with a photographer and email you their Airbnb profile. We interview each one to evaluate the quality and style of their work and confirm they’re verified before setting you up. We won’t provide you with their portfolio, but feel free to ask for it when they contact you.


Within a week or so, your photographer will reach out through your Airbnb inbox to schedule your shoot and exchange contact information, if necessary (Be sure to keep communication on Airbnb, however, in case any issues arise.) To ensure natural lighting, shoots are only scheduled during daylight hours. Find more tips on how to prepare.

Rescheduling and cancellations

If you need to reschedule or cancel, try to give your photographer ample notice. If the job is reassigned, or if we can’t find someone in your area, we’ll let you know.


There are a couple of reasons why our professional photo services might not available for your listing:

  • Our service isn’t offered in your area
  • Your listing has already been professionally photographed once
  • You’ve copied your professional images over from another listing
  • No nearby photographers are available at the moment, so check back later

Photographers are independently contracted, so they have the final say in choosing which assignments they accept. Even if a photographer is in your area, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a professional shoot.

In any case, never underestimate the power of taking your own high-quality photos to showcase your place.

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